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ele legion viability

01 September 2016 - 02:25 AM

Greetings fellow (elemental-)shamans,

i just dinged 110 and queued some lovely random bgs and was very underwhelmed.
Casting a "lavaBURST" for fucking 1,83 seconds just to see it hit a 2+ million hp target for max 100k dmg while getting absolutely oneshotted by faggot demon hunters made me sad.

Is this going to get any better later on with gear, honor talents, artifact, what ever the fuck, or should i specc resto asap? Maybe i got the wrong talents? Do i need ice fury?
For some reason i dont like ice fury, hammering frost shock after frost shock into a target just for damage doesn't seem right to me, am i doin it wrong?

Thanks in advance

Also, why is this "pvp stat template" doubling my stamina but reducing my shitty green gear 12% haste to a staggering 8% haste in pvp?
Why is my artifact weapon designed to "massively empower my lightning bolt" when lightning bolt hits for literally 20k dmg and is probalbly the saddest dmg spell in the game?
Why is Earthquake now a totem? Did they realize they pruned too many totems so they thought that would be a good compensation? Right now i can't eathquake into the lower center of Temple of Kotmongo if i'm standing on the edge because there is no path available.
I thought tripple chainlightning into instant earthquake was one of the most satisfiying things when playing ele, now it's a totem that doesn't work.

Maybe i'm wrong, but right now playing ele feels like joining a 10-19 warsong with your lvl 11 druid and everybody else is a lvl 19 rogue with double crusader