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In Topic: Battle of Gilneas RBG Guide

22 August 2014 - 01:05 AM

I play alliance and the best i have found is to have a lock, DK, myself (DiscPriest) group up and rush WW to slow the horde down but we go to the left road while I send the rest of the team over the normal rout that hits the speed buff and around the building.

This allows for the 1 person to sit LH. The DK gets to pull people in the water back to the bank. While the lock sets up a gate first thing. I focus on a fear and entangles of anyone about to cross into the water.

This has many advantages to cause if someone pushes LH right away at the start i myself as a healer can rush over there quickly with feathers and shadow meld for a fast mount to get out of combat that I may be in(im half out of combat due to being on the far side bank of ww flag). the gate allows my DK to jump to WW at any time after pulling people and cc’ing them at the start. There are a total of 6 that go around the normal rout over the speed buff which allows plenty of dps to crash and wipe what few get to WW. The DK and I usually trap like 3-4 near the water.

Opinions and such are great any feedback might help better you or others