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How to win 2s as SP Hpala in 7.1.5

12 February 2017 - 05:26 PM

Hi, i'm playing with a friend and we have difficulties to land kill with this comp. We lack a general and clear gameplan to land them...


What we try to do is to line up every CD every minute or so and try to blow someone in one cc chain. But it might be to easy to predict and it is working less and less.


My spec is : tof BnS Psychic scream SI MB LotV. Pvp talent are core i think , except i pick void origins.


I don't play with PI / SL because even if it is more overall damage, it's easy to counter (dispel) and i'm the only one that can get kills here, so i'd rather spec uninterruptible burst dmg than rots because they don't get people killed until high dampening.


Any idea ? Is my assessment on PI/SL wrong ? What would be a standard gameplan for this comp.


Thx for your input.

What mate for a boomkin in 2s

05 February 2017 - 09:51 PM



I'm playing with a mate that is willing to reroll a boomkin. What can i play to assist him ? I was thinking about a rogue ... but i don't know much about them, never actually met one in arena.


Any advice for the bracket would be good


thanks alot for your input :)