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5.4 Arena Switch

02 July 2013 - 03:26 PM

I had a amazing Idea, and could think of zero negatives only positive.

Have a switch to turn your rating on, or off but always have MMR active in 5.4 arenas and rbgs.  This will promote helping lower friends, or people on alts, but not have a impact on your normal play with your high partners.  

This will also allow for you to warm up before your team que's seriously or play when you come back from partying etc.  for fun.  

The level of competition would be based on your MMR, and not your rating anyhow so helping a lower friend would put him against harder competition, but would help him get higher for arena rewards etc. if you do well. While not effecting your rating.  This will promote more que'ing in RBG, and Arena. Because a lot of times people will not help their lower friends because it hurts them overall.

If you agree write on my post on forums,