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You're Worth More Dead Than Alive (Price of the Human Body)

02 November 2014 - 03:32 AM

Pretty cool stuff

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Need Help From The Community [Burt]

18 July 2014 - 01:39 AM

Hello, Arenajunkies. I don't post here much, but hopefully some of you know and still remember me. There are quite a bit of vermin in the community and today I hope to rid us of one. This vermin is Will Shockley or better known as "Burt". Will is an avid cheater and ultimately a law breaker; from DDOS'ing to infecting the computers of children, Will has done it all. My team and I have more than enough evidence to convict Burt, but I need the communities help to get the FBI's eye swifter.

This is a post a made about Burt on the WoW community forums which contains proof of Burt's wrong doings: http://pastebin.com/zKnujsPV

This is my Skype mass message I sent out and my request to you:

Hey guys, Poppychulo here, sorry about the Skype mass message but I'm in need of a favor. I need everybody to fill out a http://ic3.gov report on "Burt" A/K/A Will Shockley. Once everything is complete message me back and I'll help you complete the form with Nmap logs, No-IP logs, database entries and much more.

My attorney and I have been resoling the situation and we've decicded to pursue Burt for harassment and conspiracy to commit computer hacking/the distribution of malware. We will not only be pursuing Will criminally, but civilly as well. As of now research is being conducted by professional computer forensic analysts to congregate the hard cold evidence against Will Shockley. With the recent takedown of No-IP and virtual restraining order from Microsoft, this is our main goal. Will has been maliciously utilizing No-IP DNS' to spread his malware.

Subpoena list for Burt:
World Of Warcraft

If everything goes as planned Burt will be behind bars or banned from the internet until 2025. Lucky for us Will incriminates himself already and openly speaks about his malware and botnets. Courtesy of my friend, ClayDavisTheGod, I can now prove Will is responsible for the influx of DDOS attacks on the League Of Legends`s game servers.

So far:
Local police have been contacted
Ic3 forms completed
FBI offical cyber terrorism report completed
Subpoena's have been requested

My attorney will be contacting Burt's legal guardian within a week.

Message to staff:
If the personal information is an issue please remove it without junking the thread in entirety.