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Opinion on WoD, Whos Looking the best?

25 June 2014 - 07:03 PM

What Classes are looking top tier pvp and why?

WoD mark the end for Arena as we know it??

18 June 2014 - 12:18 AM

i am an old school wow player from back in the early seasons before TBC and im very concerned for the new change that is about to shock the arena world. In my opinion Blizzard has already ruined Raiding and its hard content and created a whole new generation of players who believe 60% of players should have end game content gear,achieves,mounts,titles. I believe arena and pvp as you know it is going to be structured very wrong and wow is trying to make it "fair" for 12 year old little timmy and not taking into consideration the arena players whom have put 14 seasons of effort into building how successful arena is today. Im very sad to see butt MoP is probably going to be my last season of WOW.

No PvP gear required

The Trial of the Gladiator realm also has what are called "Tournament Rules" in place. This means that gearing is a thing of the past for TotG participants. Tournament rules, like you'll find on the Tournament Realm, or Arena Pass, mean that you rock up with your character, and then grab a full set of gear either for free or for a nominal amount of gold. There's not usually (with some exceptions) any PvE gear available, and indeed the designers have mentioned that they don't intend for any to be used in TotG.

So, whether you're a seasoned multi-glad, or a player who just wants to give arena a go but doesn't want to grind out gear, you can head over to TotG and grab a full set, gem and enchant it for a cost so small as to be irrelevant, and dive straight in. You can play on TotG at any time, so if you're not pushing for rating and titles the time limitations won't concern you. It's a really great way to get started in some arenas without the gear grind. And maybe you'll decide that you do want to push rating, that you do want to step into the ladder and see how you go.

No leveling required?

One thing that's not yet clear on this content, that is doubtless being worked on as we speak, is whether it'll be like the Arena Pass or Tournament Realm in its character creation. On that realm you can either copy characters over or create a pre-made: a max-level character that you just need to customize according to your desires.

We don't even know yet whether this content will function as a separate realm, or whether it will simply be an additional game type in the normal interface, but it seems unlikely that character creation will function like the Tournament Realm. To remove the gear grind is one thing, but to remove the leveling requirement is another entirely. The Tournament Realm will still have a place, in that respect, where players who have paid up their $20 will get to build characters from templates and try out whatever they want.

What does this mean for the existing ladder?

This is a tricky question to answer accurately right now, as there are definitely some valid concerns flying around about TotG's impact on the existing ladder. As we mentioned above, the existing arena ladder is going nowhere. But it could passively suffer at the hands of TotG.

For starters, players who would otherwise have taken their first steps into arena PvP on the normal ladder could decide that they don't want to suffer through the gear grind and instead use TotG to get going. However, the gear from TotG only works in that environment, and will be as good as virtual nudity elsewhere. So if world PvP is your thing, TotG gear will be useless. If you want to participate in the normal ladder, you'll still need to gear up in the normal way.

[Hunter] 2800+ 4x Glad Rank One LF pvp guild to Transfer

06 June 2014 - 10:49 PM

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