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[EU] [H] 2.7 this season, 2.3cr ShadowPriest

05 December 2016 - 05:18 PM

Was 2702 this season as FPS (got it post feral nerfs), and I dropped playing with randoms.

Now everybody I know is sitting on safe glad or R1 and I've nobody to play with :[


I can only play Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday so I really don't expect much with this post but I thought I'd give it a try.


I'd prefer to play FPS but I'm willing to try anything that works (splay, ele, etc.)



Empuse#1335 is my tag.

7.1 Voidform nerf?

29 October 2016 - 06:33 PM

So they nerfed damage by 10% to compensate for the fact that we get Shadowform back.


However, when you pop Voidform, you lose the 10% shadowform damage and replace it with the Voidform 30%dmg, meaning Voidform now only Increases our damage by 20%, from the 30% of pre 7.1.


So damage outside Voidform is almost the same while damage in Voidform has been nerfed by 10%, right?

Shadow Priest Discussion

02 August 2016 - 11:10 AM

I wanna talk about shadow priests for 3v3 in Legion.
I'll start with PVP Talents, Normal Talents, Comps and also some general gameplay guidelines and ALSO a strange bug I found. I reported it but chances are they won't fix it rofl.

1. PVP Talents
Posted Image

1. - Medallion seems the best overall still

2. -Mind Quickness since Haste seems to be our best secondary stat

3. -I think all 3 are very viable in 3v3 here depending on what you face. I'd say Pure Shadow is going to see the most play and should be baseline, but I would go Fleeting Embrace vs dot cleaves since it heals SO much and you can pretty much line it up with every Void form.
Void Shield offers the most self healing overall but I don't see it as good as the other options in 3v3.

4. -Void Origins is what I'll go for but I am definitely going to spec Driven to MadnessT vs Dot
cleaves. It makes a huge difference.

5. -Shadow Mania seems the only viable choice for arena to me. Mind Blast has too low damage to make Psychic Link worth it imo, even with the insatnt procs. Not 100% sure.

6. -Void Shift FeelsGoodMan. Psyfiend has 10 hp and Last word DR's with other silence. Void Shift is game breaking , so obvious choice for 3v3.

2. Normal Talents

Posted Image

1. -Shadow word:Void gives you more control over your Insanity though ToF is pretty massive when it comes to executes. Note that it procs only from Damage dealt and not damage or healing, but it does increase both. Not 100% sure here but SW:Void seems nice.

2. -Body and Soul is our only mobility. It's nice in 3v3.

3. -Mind Bomb looks better than fear for a number of reasons: You don't need to be in a 8yd range to do it (which you be hard with the low mobility); You can use it to set up a fear or a polymorph or even a Mind Control; Mind Control now shares DR with Fears.

4. -You can do some really nice damage with Void Lord but the Insanity generation from Reaper of Souls makes it much better imo.

5. -Again, all 3 seem pretty OK but Shadowy Insight gives you the most Insanity overall. Sometimes I pick San'layn since it makes you deal the most Damage+Healing on the scoreboard and it's really nice vs DoT cleaves when you play Fleeting Embrace.

6. -All 3 seem good. (having choices feels weird but nice). I like Shadow Crash a bit more than Mindbender since it's more Insanity on demand which you can use either to hit Voidform, stay in Voidform longer, stop drinks, get rogues out (you need mad aiming skills and the rogue to play on min settings) and the damage is actually really good if you hit multiple targets (Protip-Vamp Embrace before you shadow crash on a Demo warlock and his 10 pets for some sick aoe heals). Mind Bender is better at keeping you in Voidform longer.

7. -Mind Spike does some really good damage and StM is maybe the best talent for PvP.... JK Legacy of the Void is the only talent I see in this tier. (Mind Spike sucks and you can't even spec StM in arena)

3. Comps
I'll need some help here since I haven't tried out many comps.

Shadow/Affliction/Resto Shaman looks the best thanks to the insane pressure, good synergy with mind bomb>Fear>Sielnce>hex and warlock decent peels.

Shadow/Demo/Resto Shaman pretty much the same, except the Demo lock has way better peels but less spread damage.

That's all I got here. Basically go with Warlocks and Resto shamans since they are the best classes in the game atm 8D

4. BASIC Gameplay

You want to DoT everything, get into Voidform and refresh your DoTs using Void Bolt. Use shadow word:Void to stay in Voidform longer.
Look for CC opportunities on healers before you hit Voidform.
You can use Mind Bomb on DPS before you use your big Void Torrent.
If you're not getting trained, Shadow Mend is probably the best off-heal in the game and I still see people not using Mind Control enough to peel.
Mind Control doesn't disconnect you anymore so #believe.

5. Prommised bug XD

I made a short video about it here:

-"Ain't no1 got time for that!"
-OK, TL;DW: If 2 priests void torrent eachother, GG you broke the game.

6. Race?

-Probably Human is still the best.
-Go Undead for bonus sexy points and Touch of the Grave is pretty JUICY actually.
-Troll does the most damage in PvE probably. Goblin is also nice cause of the 1% haste. (do they even still have that?)
-Dorf might be op if ferals and assa rogues take off, idk.

Panda master race