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In Topic: dec 13th windwalker nerfs

24 December 2016 - 01:39 AM



The current template should be;

Windwalker PvP Template Primary: 64%

Fists of Fury deals 87% damage in PvP

Strike of the Windlord deals 60% damage in PvP

Transfer the Power is 43% less effective (1.7% per stack, up to 17% increased damage) Serenity increases damage by 29%


Mastery: 14%

Versatility: 11%

Critical Strike: 28%

Haste: 24%



Which is roughly the same overall damage from the previous template which had 

Strike of the Windlord deals 61% damage in PvP

Fist of Fury deals 68% damage in PvP


The two changes I didn't document because I didn't have a timestamp for were; 


Transfer the Power was 3% damage per stack (which lasted for a few weeks, it was 1.6%, but I dont have the exact date it went back up)

Serenity was 24% increased damage (and I dont have the exact date it went to 29%)




If your still getting numbers consistent to what your seeing then let me know. From what I have written and what I'm wearing in game everything appears to be correct but as far as I'm aware stat increases are on a per slot basis ie. a 900 ilvl neck increases your stats by x.xx% as opposed to gaining an increase of 1% when you go from 850 -> 851 ilvl for example.


For this reason theres always going to be a margin of error (why I have sotwl listed as a 1% reduction, when in reality its more than likely smaller than 1% or the damage is unchanged).


Two of your VODs were showing 404 errors for me, the other two I watched and the template I have was consistent with what I saw in game. 


I've been extremely busy and I'm sorry it took me so long to see this despite it being linked to me sometime last week. 


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23 July 2016 - 02:55 PM

Preferred Name: Talby
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