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In Topic: [Guide] Demon Hunter

26 October 2016 - 07:15 AM

Read that Demon Blades will proc outside GCD (more procs). Is it even close to a good pick over Prepared/Demonic Appetite ? Thoughts?

In Topic: [Guide] Demon Hunter

22 October 2016 - 12:16 PM

I've got myself into 1850cr - 1900+ MMR with DH/Assa/Shamy. We seem to do fine versus anything but mages. Is there any tips how you guys are handling fex. RMP ? Seems like they get the best of us everytime, so far trying to tunnel Mage to oblivion but theres just too much peels/CC and everyother shit when we start to get advantage, IF we are so lucky to start off well and get the pressure running.

Also i tried out Nemesis,Chaosblades, Meta, First Blood talents for maximum singletarget damage , but feels like im barely scratching them, watched some guides on the right rotation but meh they just laugh at me when i go for them and after CD:s run out i feel like im a handicap just trolling around.

EDIT: Wtf does reversemagic remove? Dots and novas i've seen but does it actually remove Fear/Stuns/Polymorph? -TY.