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Strategies for Target Call in RBG

07 May 2014 - 03:44 PM

Pardon me if some player already did simular topic before.

Yesterday i started play as Arms Warrior TC in a 1600+ RBG core. And i liked. However, there was some moments that i didn't know who were the best target to kill. Sometimes it harder to kill some target if my cc team aren't effective against enemy's healers. Sometimes enemy's dps killed our healers, then we wiped at bg.

For that reason, i would like to have some strategies/tips to be an excellent. I know i need to be faster to target one enemy. I am training for it.

What is the best? Or whats is the priority? Do we have to target enemy's target call (maybe target dk or war)? Do we have to target enemys healer and stun and cc on dps? Or do the opposite; stun and cc on healer and target the easier dps who we can kill it fast?

Besides that, nowadays i have one unholy dk, one arms warrior and one enhance shaman. Can i be TC when i play as a enhance shaman?


Blood DK in Arena 2s, is it good?

15 April 2014 - 06:59 PM

Hi. Yesterday i played Arena 2s with one WW. When i was playing as Frost DK i died too faster and the fights was so boring. I didn't like the way WW tell me to play as Frost DK. However, when i change my spec to Blood DK, we won 2 matches easier.
I think i'll play as Blood DK if i need to cap the weakly conquest points. Although it is difficult to get i nice RBG team, I like to cap that most in RBG.
What do you think about Blood DK in Arena 2s?