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I am in need of help to play with DH

27 January 2017 - 10:16 PM

Hey guys. I am playing with demon hunter as disc priest. I have trouble to handle comps whose healers are mw, disc and resto druid while dps'ers are melee. 


Literally I have trouble against melee + healer and double melee comps. 


So what do you suggest us guys ? We are trying to do that dh's banish/stun into dh's stun/banish into fear into mind control. What are the weak points of disc + rogue comps, resto druid + warrior/enhancement comps? 


TL;DR Guide me guys :( I really want to have elite gear for priests. 


Edit: Here is the http://eu.battle.net...r/Zorajg/simplehttp://eu.battle.net...tor#Xaa!0012201http://eu.battle.net...tor#Xaa!0012201. I just change Clarity of Will with Divine Star against people who dispell/steal. 

Help for our 3v3 comp.

31 January 2016 - 08:31 PM

Good Evening guys,

Recently I have started to play with affli. lock and disco priest as frost dk. I am new on 3v3. Only achievement I got is 1.8 on 2s. So I need help. I am open any kind of criticism/idea.
At first, would you consider this comp. alone and then with alternative healers ? How is that comp. ? How should we play this comp. ? I need advice for going with disc. and other healers respectively.
Secondly, what are the fundamental things that I should do as death knight ?
Thirdly, where can I find detailed information to counter other comps. ? As I mentioned, I am not able to find info for 3v3. Steams are only place where I can learn my comp. ?

I hope I could tell you what I need. At the moment, I wish to get 2k on 3v3 so that I can obtain elite gear. Then continue for 2.2k and 2.4k.

Thanks in advance :)