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In Topic: Seeking improvement

19 November 2016 - 09:48 PM

2s is good for practice but its totally different then 3s

I see, thx for the input bro. Any good program to record your games?

In Topic: Seeking improvement

19 November 2016 - 07:40 PM

Ya, thanks for the reply, guys. Maybe I'll keep searching  on lfg and practice even more. Btw, should I be aiming straight for 3s or do I need to practice more on 2s to get more knowledge of my class and practice focus kick, etc?

In Topic: Hpaladins vs unholy dks.

15 November 2016 - 07:50 PM

Will Frost still be viable after the 10% nerf, tho?

In Topic: Best Frost DK artifact/talent paths?

06 November 2016 - 04:21 PM

This has ended up to be my personal favourite combined with 1 minute emp rune wep and compose aura or magic damage increase depending on my comp. Also root on remorseless which should be used almost off cd and 3d one should line back up with your pillar.

It seems like frost is the spec you can play around with the most and have just about as much success with anything. I know another death knight friend of mine who's around 2600 currently and he prefers playing with something like this http://us.battle.net...#dZa!1111021but personally I despite playing talons and frozen pulse as when you're playing with the hunger ingredients rune talent i find it to be even more useless but some people likes it, and I don't. I think even some try to hide what they play and it can make a big difference. I do think the build I'm playing is completely broken though and I'll tell a little bit why

Altough losing razor ice stacks can feel petty bad it's worth it because of how it can be played out. In a usual scenario when I got big dick coming up in usually make sure to have a little bit of RP so Sindragosa won't randomly fall off before you manage to start pumping damage. So you naturally use pillar of frost and remorseless winter and then proceed to use Sindragosa and empower rune weapon which will literally give you unlimited runes for the duration of it while you're spamming obliterates off gcd while having breath pump even more damage and using RP increases duration and damage of remorseless winter it all adds into a low gcd per damage done enabling you to do so much damage within little time. And I sometimes even end up having breath going for close to 20 seconds almost. And when they drop low enough you can use your last RP to shattering strikes with a frost strike for a big frost strike at the end of it all, everytime. And it's nice to have that reliable big damage at the end of it all knowing you'll always have something that can finish the job and then use your sindy as a finisher or before as you want the extra frost damage on frozen breath from your 5min cd which can hit for anything from 200-800k. Overall you should play around with everything and see what you find being the best.

Also worth mentioning blind or stun talent is optional and depends on what your comp needs.

Best of luck!

Shattering Strikes should go nice with the pvp talent Tundra Stalker, shouldn't? Idk I see people going for Chill Streak, honestly, I don't feel like doing that much dmg even when it bounces 5 times :/