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Hunter/Rsham/Boomkin advice against TSG/Feral/rogue

16 April 2014 - 07:25 AM

Hey ive been having trouble healing myself vs TSG and rogue/feral/x

what can i do to improve my chances of survival.

Basically as soon as i poke my head out, i ground war heroic throws it or just leaps and 1 shots it whatever he has..given i looked them up they are an ex glad team... dk grips/asphx and from there its a downhill battle.

I try to stay in stealth via symbi for as long as possible but my boomkin/hunter cant survive long without heals either...they just blow everything at the start wait 1 minute blow everything on me and im at ~30%. i fake cast pummel, then mind freeze, then just get hoj'd/sheared/RoP/etc. and cant survive that final bit.

is it a gear issue(534ilvl)?

Honestly im not sure what to do. We are around 2k mmr and its depressing not quite being able to hit it.

against a tsg there is nothing to fucking shear...i can never shear monks...for some reason they ALWAYS guess when im going to shear. druids/locks/mages/shamans/priests are a joke...

as for rogue/feral/x stunned until spirit link then i just get blown out of it. cloak/vanish/reopen dead game over in ~30 seconds.

our current ideas are:

-Swapping hunter to disarm pet
-Swapping windwalk for frozen power and just attempting to root a war behind a pillar
-other than that no clue.

For them its "Fuck blues get rating."