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In Topic: 14/14H T16 Daytime / Morning Guild LF DPS!

13 May 2014 - 06:19 AM

Isn't it relatively counter intuitive to look for PvE players on a PvP focused site?

In Topic: Psychic Scream / Shackle Undead Macro

13 May 2014 - 06:13 AM

Not even this is working:

/cast [nomod:ctrl] Psychic Scream
/cast [@mouseover, mod:ctrl] Shackle Undead

honestly I wouldnt bind them together due to one being casted(thus if you spam this macro it will just stopcasting shackle undead, but if you dont have stopcasting on psychic scream...well...I dont recommend that.

In Topic: Hunter/Rsham/Boomkin advice against TSG/Feral/rogue

16 April 2014 - 07:38 PM

Have your boomkin reroll warrior or have you hunter reroll warlock.

we didnt lose once to wld, wwld, hld, wps, PMR, Hunter/ret/x, WMD, we lost twice to a multiglad kfc team, other than that no loss to kfc's. we lost once to a LSD with 2 known players carrying another. We killed every other LSD

The issue isnt the comp, i enjoy it, im simply asking what I can do better, thus far the only real advice is by reedz.

as to rclam...did you READ my post, or was it TL;DR?

Basically as soon as i poke my head out, i ground war heroic throws it or just leaps and 1 shots it whatever he has..given i looked them up they are an ex glad team... dk grips/asphx and from there its a downhill battle.

I try to stay in stealth via symbi for as long as possible but my boomkin/hunter cant survive long without heals either...they just blow everything at the start wait 1 minute blow everything on me and im at ~30%. i fake cast pummel, then mind freeze, then just get hoj'd/sheared/RoP/etc. and cant survive that final bit.]

Trust me when I say....my dick is so far in that pillar/los, that brazzers is going to be calling soon asking me for auditions.

edit: we didnt lose to other comps too, but at this point in the game there are so many comp names that listing them all would take forever.

In Topic: Help beating KFC as Shadowcleave

10 April 2014 - 11:44 PM

you could always have your shaman try amexxicaning and running as fast as he can with healing tide up =p

other than that use gate effectively. basically the second stampede is popped have your team gate and have the dk asphyxiate the warrior during reck.

just keep pressure up while positioning yourself always able to gate/port.

fear the dps on dr(even if it breaks, just do it to relieve pressure), Shadowcleave wins in any prolonged engagement, but just keep timers on their burst and prepare for it. the idea is to keep dots up at all times as well as dk dots, and just aids them to the point where you can get a kill....

or you can just lure the mongoloid neanderthal with a stick behind a pillar and blow him up before the healer can get to him.

edit: Fizon, blood fear while good, any warrior with half a brain INSTANTLY spell reflects then attacks you on purpose. basically a.) make sure you have a /cancelaura blood fear macro, and make sure you pop it after his reflect

In Topic: War- Ret - MW Tips

10 April 2014 - 12:24 AM

ret hunter works. tunnel blue get rating. you basically decide the match in wings though. or you end up like the WoW it's hard - ret paladin video.