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#4622311 2300 deaf warrior LF pvp guide!

Posted by Elixa on 26 December 2016 - 07:25 PM

Hi! I just started playing Legions now maining a new class and have been trying to find a legit 7.1 arms warrior pvp guide that's in written (not youtubes). I mean the subtitles are almost never accurate on youtubes and sometimes there won't be one at all. I tried watching Bajheera's a couple times, but still don't have a clear picture of how to warrioring it. 

I've been 2.2+ on dk/druid/sham/priest since forever so figured it was time to try something diffy and yet challenging. But atm I'm probably the world's worstest warrior so....halp? 



My warrior-http://us.battle.net...allmebae/simple

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#4584894 2.2 CR deaf player LF funzies games H/A

Posted by Elixa on 26 May 2016 - 08:47 PM

Hi again! I'm here to look for more fellow horde to play with on my 2.2 cr disc or 2k cr dk, but do have an alliance rdruid as well though I don't play it much now. I currently play with my deaf ret buddy and have achieved 2.2k 3v3 together twice. http://us.battle.net...ssypoo/advanced

Also I've had Arena Master title for a couple of years and been 2200 every season since Cata except last season due to MIA. However I still love doing 5s more than anything so add me up Maryjane#1856 if interested!
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#4552296 Resubbed deaf player LF fwends [A]

Posted by Elixa on 10 December 2015 - 08:39 PM

Hi AJ!

I just resubbed a little while ago and is now alliance where the grass was supposed to be greenier on the other side. That said, I am always looking for fun games on my rdruid except 2s which is big nono, Been 2200+ in all brackets every season since Cata but the previous season due to work. I like to run RMD/Turbo atm with nice people that doesn't mind no voice and is currently 1900 in 3s..the last time I got to 2200 was with my deaf buddies!

To get an idea of how I roll - http://i.imgur.com/a...UI5d.jpg (from the beginning of WoD)

Message me for my btag or leave yours...xoxo :)
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#4379076 Deaf 3v3 team hit 2200 with no voice

Posted by Elixa on 02 February 2015 - 09:40 PM

Posted Image
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#4379072 Deaf 3v3 team hit 2200 with no voice

Posted by Elixa on 02 February 2015 - 09:39 PM

Deaf 3s team hit 2200 at 2300 mmr just went 16-1 tho this was taken a week ago. The newly 2.2 ret and I don't hear or talk hence YOLO. I'm always looking for games like 5s - 2135 this season and 2k rbgs as well! :)Posted Image
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#4185220 Deaf player hitting 2200 in 3s

Posted by Elixa on 03 August 2014 - 06:22 PM

Hitting 2.2k 3 seasons in a row was pretty awesome for me. I ran god comp with friends for funzies, but didn't realize were doing so good for our first night of playing together at 2300 mmr and no they are not gladiators. So yeah thought I'd try this, in search of players for arena or rbgs. Over 2k-2.1k cr on 4 toons this season for both arena and rbg. Looking to play on my 2100 cr hpriest for both 3s/5s and 2040 cr dk for rbgs. 2k cr in arena as well, but prefer rbgs more on it. Maryjane#1856

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