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#122791 I fail as a resto druid.

Posted Lothlorian on 03 April 2008 - 05:14 PM

Nothing works for me. I have tried:


In 3s, the second I pop out to heal someone I am instantly charged/stunned/feared until I am dead.  I can not get away.  That's even when I stay back 40 yards to heal (because one of my players is being FF'd) I just can't sprint away and leave them there.   They'll die.  I want to drink, but drinking is even harder now.  Eventually a rogue/warrior/lock/paladin etc is going to get to me (BoF) and keep me CC'd.  Can't park in bear because I can not heal them or myself.  All I end up being is a punching bag.

If I switch forms, I am either hamstrung again (because I have no travel bonus, I can't get away) or JoJ or intercepted.  I'm often caught in Elf form trying to switch out of CC (hamstring or CoX, etc)  I thought that I was getting bad partners who don't understand how to peel DPS off me, but it's becoming apparent that I just have no clue how to get away.

To give you an example, we fought Shaman/Warrior/Warrior group with Me, Rogue and a Hunter.  Both warriors pound the hunter to the point I have to chain cast regrowth or the hunter dies.  As soon as I pop out, both warriors and the shaman are on me.  Stun (love those maces), hamstrung, MS and windfury+heroism = dead druid in about 3 seconds. I try everything I can to get away, to use LOS, to root/cyclone/nature's grasp, etc.  Stuff gets resisted a lot too, even bash.  When we play against mirror matches, their hunter stays on me with vipers, concussive shots, traps, pet, etc.  My hunter is viper stinging their hunter and leaving the druid alone. I've got the hunter and rogue on me.  My rogue is on their druid, but the hunter is not.  Consequently I die either due to too much dps or no mana.

In 2s, I've tried warrior and warlock.  In both cases, my DPS never assisted me.  In War/Dru mirror matches, my warrior doesn't intervene or disarm and if I run their warrior right past him, NO HAMSTRINGS.  My warrior never seems to kill their druid before their warrior kills me.  Against lock/druid mirrors, their druid was never feared, but their lock kept me chain feared and drained the entire time.  My lock is sitting on their lock, while their druid is free to run around and cyclone, bash, charge, etc.   My partner says "Don't worry about my pet" yet if I don't, it dies pretty fast. I ask him "Call up the void" and he calls another felhunter (against rogue or warrior + healer teams) which promptly gets ROCKED again.  We lost every match to priest/rogue because the Lock never ONCE used CoX on the Rogue and he simply allowed the priest to mana burn me (no fears on the priest) while I am stuck trying to root/cyclone the rogue and have to chain cast heals and abolish.

Am I just getting bad partners or do I really suck this bad?

I have almost 5k arena honor in the bank because I can't seem to get past 1800.  It's a brick wall I seem to hit.  Always 1800 or close to it, but never 1850.  It has me wondering if I should just give up on resto and just go back to feral because if this is the way it's going go, I must completely fail as a druid.

I've read the 101s on how to get away.  I've practiced dueling warriors and rogues.  It's only a matter of time before they kill me.  37/0/24 was a good spec to defend myself but leaves me without swiftmend and much weaker hots. I like the spec, but losing FC and BASH leaves me fewer options to run away.  The benefit is I can cyclone/root in boomkin and not die as fast.

I'm frustrated as I've had the points to get my weapon now for almost a month yet I at every turn I am failing.  I could be quick to blame my partners, but the only common factor with them -- is me.

#125951 Leveling defence

Posted Kawklee on 07 April 2008 - 06:35 AM

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