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TidyPlates friendly Unit names

28 March 2014 - 06:47 AM

Hello again,

Quick question regarding the addon "Tidy Plates":
I was trying out Dannycarey/Hasuits setup for more reliable orbing yesterday on my Monk, tuning the addon so, that you ALWAYS see ENEMY health bars, and ONLY see the FRIENDLY health bar of your current TARGET. Example Screenshot:

Posted Image

Now my question is: Is there a way to keep my current setting, but still show the NAMES of friendly units that are NOT my current target? Not the HP bar like on my target, but only the name in green letters, like my own characters name.

Already thanks for any replies and helpful posts,

Actual tournament or fishing/scamming site?

27 March 2014 - 02:08 PM

nvm me

Monk lf 3v3 on Alliance EU

15 March 2014 - 11:04 PM

Hey guys,

it's so frustrating to play with people from tradechat, I've jumped up and down between 1900 and 2250 this season, I'm just tired of it.

So right now I'm looking for a SERIOUS, RELIABLE and GLAD-VIABLE 3s team for my Monk on Alliance EU.

What I provide:

- 2,3k exp on my Monk, playing DK/Ele/Monk mostly last season, ~2k CR atm
- 2,7k and 3x Glad on my Priest who was my main until I started playing MoP, +/-2,3 on my other alts too (Rogue+Boomkin)
- Fluent English and German, ok Spanish, but would prefer the first 2 languages
- Communicative and vocal, skype, ventrilo, TS3 and a working Microphone are obviously available
- Reliable and active ingame times, can play almost every evening/night.
- Extensive knowledge about the game, comps, matchups and strats.
- Able to take, as well as give, constructive criticism.

What I look for:

- An Ele Shaman, and an Unholy DK or Destruction Lock for 3v3
- Similar experience and CR
- Fluent English/German, voice program, working microphone
- Being vocal and being able to take/give constructive criticism
- No ragequitters, loses happen, if you lose, you talk about what went wrong and improve.
- Being ACTIVE and RELIABLE. You can be the best player in the world, if you can only play 1 hour per week, this won't work.


My goals are GLADIATOR on my alliance monk this season, rank 1 if possible. Your goals should be the same, I neither want to boost worse players, nor be boosted by superior players, which is why I'm looking for similar exp/CR. If you think you're the man/woman I'm looking for, throw me a message here on AJ, add my battle tag ingame (sart#2264) or add my Skype (Büschi Stark).

Thanks for the read, I hope to find someone fitting soon.


MW stats for S15

14 February 2014 - 04:05 PM

Ok lol, I just realized how drunk I've been when I made this post... Here is my sober edit and rephrasing:

I have several questions regarding our gearing for next season, as I love min/maxing my characters, but am quite horrible in theorycrafting myself, so I'll try to take them step by step.

Right now in S14 I was using Spirit items, with the 2nd (non-spirit) stat reforged to Crit, Int/Crit gems in red, Crit gems in yellow and Crit/Spirit gems in blue sockets, with the 432 Spirit/3% higher Crit effect meta.

My reasoning behind this was:

Even though Crit is our best throughput stat and also acts as a sort of regen stat, there will be times where you can't drink/use a lot of Mana Tea stacks at once, and the Spirit will help you bridge those phases.


1.: I know S14 ends soon, but just for the sake of knowing it now: Have I been wrong with this? Would using Crit items and refording their 2nd (non-crit) stat to spirit while keeping the same way of gemming have been better all the time?

2.: If it wasn't better already, will going Crit items reforged to Spirit be better than Spirit items reforged to Crit next season? With the higher ilvl I could imagine that the Spirit you get from reforging would already be enough to bridge the no-drinks-/no-tea-phases.

3.: Due to the way Crit works, everyone knows there will be a point at which crit becomes worse than other stats. Will we reach this point in Prideful gear? And what stat would be higher priority after reaching it? Mastery seems useless, there are already tons over tons of mastery orbs spawning right now. Haste isn't affecting our main heal (since Orbs are already GCD capped), and Hots are worthless vs teams that can dispel offensively (and let's be honest, what comp can't these days). I guess Int? I could imagine staying with crit items, reforged to spirit, but a bit more int-focused gemming.

Thanks already for your attention and any eventual replies.