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Resto Shaman LF PvP guild (RBG + Arenas)

26 December 2013 - 04:57 PM

Hey people.

Im currently looking for a pvp guild that does a good amount of RBG and arena.

Im playing my resto shaman which i have had since TBC but havent played that much since i went all out on PvE thruout TBC and WOTLK and cata.

Im all done with the PVE and dont want to raid anymore.

I miss pvping and i miss doing RBG.

I havent had the most CRAZY rating in RBG i think my higheste has been 1600 on my priest.

Im a dedicated player and i always strafe to be the best.

armory link:cant post it yet, but my characters name is: Skinkegris

Battletag: safte#2295 - Lets have a talk .

Hope to hear from you :)