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#4304370 I honestly don't give a fuck how bad Mistweavers are

Posted by Mendicant on 17 December 2014 - 06:13 PM

The issue is nerfing cocoon and having blizzard give compensation elsewhere.

Making LC 1.30m CD would kill it tbh unless something else is added.
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#4260562 Role Mistweaver Monk in WoD?

Posted by Mendicant on 10 November 2014 - 09:15 PM

It's your class's turn to be shit, get over it.

To be fair aswell, even with down syndrome orb botters it was still the 2nd least repped healer.

Monks were just improved paladins, in the sense of good instants and how easy it was to CC them.
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#4242271 7.0 MW basics guide

Posted by Mendicant on 24 October 2014 - 07:55 PM

I like your perspective on lvl 100 MWs and how you list some of the options. I'll level mine but I'm not really sure what to do after. The class just feels so bare. Even if it was buffed it would still have the same 4 spells and it would be mindless gameplay. I guess one could argue that orb botters played that way anyway, but personally I was always doing 1000 things at once with old MW.

When I play my resto shaman there are so many approaches to accomplish your goal. Different talents, grounding, tremor, more instant spells, snares, roots, purge, shear. Why did Blizz remove disable from monks but on my rsham I get a free aoe snare totem that autoticks? Why do druids and pallies get a versatility buff, and WWs have 3 buffs, but MWs get nothing? Why do we not have dispel protection if we need to rely even more on hots to stay alive? It makes no sense. If I have any downtime on my rsham I can purge, on MW I just sit there or risk getting locked out with a nerfed jade lightning. Really, you can't generate soothing chi, dps, or do anything in MW downtime, which I presume won't exist anyway since we'll always be trained. It's just a shit class, maybe good for rbgs, but even then we'd get 1-shot.

Why is life cocoon on 55 seconds? It's seriously fucking stupid. Decreasing the CD on our most mongo spell doesn't improve the gameplay. I'd much rather they bring back dematerialize, it would be less mongo than that. We'll be cocooning ourselves 90% of the time anyway, same with nimble brew.

Pretty much.


Here's a great example of how disable could be used in so many different ways.

I make the joke every time I queue "WOW WHAT COMPELLING GAMEPLAY"

I'm sticking with it hoping I find another comp that I have a ton of fun with and I'm trying to stick with it, but worse comes to worse I got glad as WW so I'll just reroll specs.

I love your points, thanks Shrii!
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#4240105 7.0 MW basics guide

Posted by Mendicant on 22 October 2014 - 09:31 PM

Updated for Legion (Basic overview for MW atm)
This will probably be under construction for a few days, would just like to get talents out of the way.
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Talents
1.2 Healing
1.3 General Tips
2.0 Comps
2.1 Macros
1.0 Introduction
Hey. I'm Mendi. I like cleaves.
Level 15:
1. Mistwalk. I don't think anything else is even remotely worth taking and therefore won't discuss. This talents gives you insanely high mobility and it heals a decent amount.
Level 30:
1. Chi Torpedo - Helps you quickly cross the map to get a clutch para/sweep and thanks to the Yu'lons gift we don't need Tiger's Lust nearly as bad.
2. Tiger's Lust - I don't think this is needed unless you are against a SV hunter tbh. Chi Torpedo is better for you in every way, and most roots got pruned.
Level 45:
1. Mist wrap - Gives you an extra second on EM and keeps you mobile+able to channel around pillars.
2.Lifecycles - Rarely will you go this. If a composition is playing absurdly safe with the goal of ooming you to kill, this is the only reason you would take this.
Level 60:
Ring of Peace, Song of Chi-ji, and Leg Sweep.
All 3 of these are good and completely dependant on what comp you are playing. However, if you are playing with a caster, and/or playing on the Blade's Edge arena map,Ring of Peace should be used. It can knock melee off the side heavily relieving pressure
Level 75:
Healing Elixir - Only talent worth taking. I tried Diffuse, I feel Elixir is better in every way, shape, and form.
Level 90:
Jade Serpent Statue - Bread and butter. Consistent healing, best for longer games.
Invoke Chi-ji - Best for comps with 2-3 minute high damage CDs and AoE (AKA ferals w/ incarn or just feral teams in general.) This can relieve a lot of pressure instantly.
Level 100:
Focused Thunder - Probably the best. You can FT+RM everyone on your team in the opener and keep it rolling with Vivify
Mana Tea - Because we have instant cast EM, this could be good against rot-heavy comps that high semi-high burst where you'll have a period of spamming Vivify.
Honor Talents
Tier 1
If Orc - Relentless 100% of the time*
Not Orc - Regular trinket, possibly Adaptation depending on comp.
*-Very rare cases where Adaptation could possibly be better EG against rogue/mage possibly
Tier 2
1.Vim and Vigor - This is going to be your go to 90% of the time. The 20% increase gives you insane healing output and almost every comp in the game shouldn't be able to kill you in a timely manner.
2. Zen Focus - If you are being trained and can't handle the pressure and or can't kite well enough, this is probably better. Run of the mill Aura mastery, but honestly not that great. You do not take damage from UA dispels while benefitting from aura mastery
Tier 3
1. Yu'lon's Gift - Uhhhh. Uhhh. Dispels all snares when you roll. So good. So, so good.
Tier 4
1. Surge of Mist - Probably the only talent work taking. Way of the Crane is more for fun and Ancient MW arts is to buggy+makes you oom so fast. Instant EM best EM.
Tier 5
Chrysalis, Counteract Magic, and Dome of Mist
All 3 are top tier. Easy rule of Thumb:
1. Does the team have a magical DoT that will likely be on 2 or more people?
Counteract Magic.
2. Does the team have a purge? Will the team likely be purging often and is it more or less beneficial than the other 2?
Dome of Mists
3. If the team has no purge nor high spread damage, go Chrysalis.
Tier 6
1. Refreshing Breeze - Only talent able to be taken imo. Every team has so much cleave ability, and this is a flat increase. Both effuse and Vivify have a 1.33s cast time in arena, and vivify heals significantly more than effuse in the first place. (However, is more mana munchy)

I don't think this needs a write-up, but I will just point out this to note
Enveloping Mist - Increases healing received via the Monk [You] is +40%
Vivify - w/ Honor talent refreshes the duration of RM and heals 3 people
Essence Font - While you will almost never use this in PvP, the HoT effect allows your mastery (Which heals for ~66k in PvP) to double dip. Aka Essence font-hot applies to dps-vivify for 100k+66k+(Free 66k)
General Tips
I only have a few, however will add any suggestions below.
1. Port Placement - Remember to constantly replace your port. Make sure you can always port incase you get swapped on or find yourself about to be feared
2. Aura Mastery Vs. Unstable Affliction - While under the benefit of Aura Mastery, you take no damage from UA dispel (Which we know can easily hit 1m+ atm) so if you start falling behind you could [Thunder Focus Tea] and Revival to dispel everything and top your team off.
3. Provoke


/cast [@arenapet1/2/3] Provoke
You can taunt Mage/Hunter/X pets to break Poly/Trap./Wyvern ect.
It's easy to do and there's not reason to not be doing it.
*Against mages this is very buggy. I did a lot of test (All with pet on passive like a real mage would) And it only seems to work in the water ele is near the end cast of a waterbolt on another target BEFORE they cast poly.
Anything. Literally anything. Like seriously. Anything.
/cast [@arena1/2/3] Paralysis
/cast [@arenapet1/2/3] Provoke
/tar arena 1/2/3
/tar party 1/2
Twitch Streams to watch out for
*Copied from Nayokos thread, some may be inactive. I will underline those I know are currently active, please let me know if others are active.
Adellah -- twitch.tv/adellahx
Berreb -- twitch.tv/berrebii
Blackrick -- twitch.tv/rickblackx
Blacksteve -- twitch.tv/unchainedx
Blakexo -- twitch.tv/synthic123
Boople -- twitch.tv/booplesnootslol
Clammy -- twitch.tv/clammyqthehe
Dordrum -- twitch.tv/k0range4
Duck -- twitch.tv/duck489
Gaalon -- twitch.tv/gaalon
Jajajajacaob -- twitch.tv/jacobxtv
Jao -- twitch.tv/yojao
Kp -- twitch.tv/kpthemonk
Mendi -- twitch.tv/mendithemw
Monkzz -- twitch.tv/monkzz69
Nepho -- twitch.tv/nepho
Vampz -- twitch.tv/vampzqt
Verelea -- twitch.tv/rookere
Vinkz -- twitch.tv/vinkz1187
Wiggy -- twitch.tv/wiggychee
Nayoko -- twitch.tv/nayokotvx

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#4225639 US WoW Arena Tournament Stream Discussion Thread

Posted by Mendicant on 06 October 2014 - 05:08 PM

If it wasn't painfully obvious before, it should be now - that Lock/Shaman and Mage/Druid teams run the current meta and are consistently at the top, running every tournament.

But hey, lets keep complaining about beastcleave/hunters!

Because Lock/Sham and Mage/Rdruid have to cast and use cc

hunter abilities are instant and so are monk orbs

go neck urself beastcleave scum
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#4211872 Apology to everyone

Posted by Mendicant on 18 September 2014 - 04:21 PM

so why is jah getting crucified still if its pretty obvious he wasnt a piece of the puzzle. yeah i get it posting around here covering up for his friends but who really gives a fuck, thats just words. while people want an excuse to hate jah (i wont exclude myself), he didnt enable this.

1. jake sacked up and admitted whats going on

2. wiz im sure was pushing the issue

3. the mage we all know that piloted roasty's account isn't being burned at the stake, but jah is? the real juicy drama is going after him, not jah. kinda boring flaming the guy who didn't even do the pilot. everyone knows who did it but noones dropping names (aside from fairly hilarious puns).

Oh I have a ton of video proof, I just have to get the piecez together and let it finish ryndering.
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#4207138 WoW Before and WoW now comparaison

Posted by Mendicant on 13 September 2014 - 02:08 PM

I could care less about how the pvp is currently, I don't even think it's bad compared to other seasons. Main reason I don't enjoy the game is that there's hardly anyone to play with. Not even the end of s11 or s8 was as boring as it is right now, no one queue's.. individual BG's back in the days were more active than the entire combined ladder right now.

You think so?

Maybe it's because the tourney is today for US, but last night there was a lot of 2.7-2.8 teams quing.
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#4200940 Is TR up?

Posted by Mendicant on 03 September 2014 - 02:31 AM

Read this.


Looks like players will be assigned a match VS another registered team at a certain time, they will have to both talk and confirm and report the score at the end of a match.


Otherwise, http://www.nationale...alifier2014/wow
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#4182685 Mendi - 2700 MW beast lol

Posted by Mendicant on 31 July 2014 - 05:09 AM

Posted Image

i am just making an observation

Bigmoran's entire youtube channel is quality entertainment.
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#4182103 Mendi - 2700 MW beast lol

Posted by Mendicant on 30 July 2014 - 02:46 AM

ya #1 faceroll comp blah blah blah. ya I know stupidest comp in game

Here's a few matches I recorded as a "trial" with OBS (Thanks Dannycarey & Hateform)


First is MW beast vs Priest beast.

Second match is a short clip of glinks going from 550k to 222k in a SS, causing me to over-worry and bubble. (We lost)

Third is MW beast vs WWLS

(Yes I know all those matches are "easy wins," I have other recorded matches vs godcomps, but obviously, most those are losses cuz i suck.)


Older: (These have audio)

2800 fury turbo VS KFC: https://www.youtube....9qc2jUzrHrc04gA

Old video from 5 months ago, low mw: https://www.youtube....9qc2jUzrHrc04gA

Warrior overextended: https://www.youtube....9qc2jUzrHrc04gA


is he not kalis?

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#4156799 discuss

Posted by Mendicant on 27 June 2014 - 08:03 AM

Very easy:

Extremely easy:
mistweavers that play beastcleave

woooo free r1s for everyone

OT: I played my ele for the first time yesterday, found some mates for no skype lsd and im suddenly 2400 on it
literally. first day.
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#4153523 Arena Deserter Debuff

Posted by Mendicant on 24 June 2014 - 05:55 AM

Here's the original thread, if anyone cares.

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#4117571 Make Junkie 2400+ again

Posted by Mendicant on 10 May 2014 - 09:59 PM

Make junkie 2419 :kappa:
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