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In Topic: PTR Build - AMS Nerfed by 22%

28 January 2014 - 08:50 AM

What a complete pile of nonsense, what you are saying is I should listen to you because you are correct yet you do not show me any proof that you understand DK let alone are one of the highest rated ones

By your logic, I now propose that rather than you use the glyph of anti-magic shell, you should instead use glyph of pestilence for your 3rd glyph slot because as follows, the evidence I provide shows that at least twice as many DKs that are better than you use Pestilence glyph rather than AMS glyph and you should mindlessly follow this and then argue blindly for it instead of AMS:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

In Topic: PTR Build - AMS Nerfed by 22%

27 January 2014 - 10:48 AM

this is only @ the derps above who think their reasoning is legit:

if it's a legitimate suggestion to tell ppl to respec then couldnt you just reroll? 'rets/priests can respec' do you not even see how stupid that is..? what is the diff b/w telling someone to respec to a completely different role than to tell you to reroll a better class? why ask for buffs/nerfs/fixes if the best solution to everyone's problems is to fotm/play something else? pretty sure you all knew dks were a dps/tank only class when you rolled it. maybe you should've evaluated your potential respeccing options before now knowing how blizzard can't fix one thing/class without breaking another.

just reroll warrior /topic

I didn't realize you could get an instant 90 and buy Grievous gear with honor. Ah jk you can't, but a Ret could. He's already 90 and could buy Grievous gear with honor with the 27k conquest point achievement.

So please refer to my kill yourself recommendation.

In Topic: PTR Build - AMS Nerfed by 22%

26 January 2014 - 10:42 AM

Holy fuck, DKs cry more than shadow priests.

Us rets don't even cry this much either. Pretty sure warriors in s11 cried less too.

It's really weird how many non DKs are in this thread crying about DKs. More people have cried about S5 DKs than about anything in this game and it's 4 years after the fact.

Who cares if DKs cry more than shadow priests? Shadow priests can respec. DKs can't. Who cares if DKs cry more than rets? Rets can respec. DKs can't. If you're still trying to compare your garbage snowflake hipster spec just kill yourself and save us all the trouble from having to read your opinion.

In Topic: S15 State of DKs

17 January 2014 - 08:26 AM

DKs have double warriors' parry chance. Conversion can be spammed at any time for a broken amount of healing. Warriors may have more utility and yes overall they are stronger but DKs are still one of the better melee (imo Rogue>Warrior>DK>Enhance>Ret>WW.)

Your armory, parry chance = 19.87%
Katsoura, EU Human DK parry chance = 25.43%

According to EU maths, apparently 19.87*2 = 25.43?

To the rest of the world, double 19.87 is actually 39.74. The human DK seems to be missing about 14 and a half percent worth of parry. So you're full of shit.

Conversion is so broken it prevents the DK a source of damage, lowers their RP generation while it's active while Second Wind heals for the same amount while costing no resources.

So in your opinion, DK is a top 3 melee class. Too bad there are only 3 pure melee classes in the game so every melee class is top 3.

According to arenamate.net unholy is 9th represented spec in 3v3 (2200+), being over elemenetal and enhancement shammy, mw and ww monk; feral and balance druid, shadow priest, survival hunter, retribution paladin and few other specs. It's definetly viable. :)

According to arenamate.net elemental is 10th represented spec in 3v3 (2200+), being over prot paladin, blood DK, prot warrior, guardian druid, brewmaster monk, and a few other specs. It's definitely viable :)


In Topic: So everyone was complaining that we're garbage

18 December 2013 - 06:17 PM

I was waiting for someone to realize this

Did anyone that actually posts on DK forums regularly think this? Srsly?