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#4608799 Melee classes need damage nerfs

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 03 October 2016 - 09:32 AM

i'd rather have mages nerfed, they are way more cancer then melee cleaves. But then again i play a paladin so i'm kind of biased

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#4399452 Looking for feedback from other Arena Junkies

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 12 March 2015 - 11:24 AM

I think 90% of the people in this thread can't wrap their head around the fact that not everyone has multiple hours per day to play this game.. A lot of players only have a couple of hours each week, and therefor can't find any decent partners. Like someone else said not everyone is part of the ravencrest/outland/sylvanas circlejerk. And for these players solo queue would be a good idea, not only to be matched up with similarly skilled players. But mostly to have a easy way to validate your skill level without having to go trough LFG each time, taking ages to find partners and then not having the time to play.

Some people would like to play this game on a decent skill level without having to no-life this game for at least 6 hrs per day. Solo queue could help with that.
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#4380150 Reflection after playing both Druid and Priest

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 04 February 2015 - 05:05 PM

pretty much this
played druid for 3 days it has 630 ilvl and i'm already playing at 200 mmr higher than on my priest and played cr up to 2400 already

It's also a class thing, on my paladin i Always feel i could have done shit differently when i lose. On my mistweaver less so, since basically i just have life cocoon and a really shitty ns. Mw is a shitload better then hpala, but the amount of options you have is way more limited.
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#4371800 Healing boring this season

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 26 January 2015 - 02:03 PM

Does anyone else feel that healing 3v3 this season is extremely boring? Rdruid obviously suffers less but it still isn't that fun to play. I feel like no amount of outplaying is rewarding, that we will always be shat on for most of the match.

To make an analogy: Any non rdruid match it feels like the two healers are running a race barefoot across broken glass and there is no finish line, you just have to be less of a bitch than the other healer.

i just feel like every game as a healer is a uphill struggle. Especially when i play my paladin, coming from MoP were if you had some free time to cast you could easily pick someone up to full. Now it takes like 20 casted heals to get someone up to full, they take less damage. And i guess i like the design of WoD more. But it does make up for a very stressed pvp experience as a healer.
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#4355100 Offensive dispels are too potent

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 13 January 2015 - 10:31 AM

When i read the class forums for healing classes, the main thing that i notice is that almost every healing class is crying for dispel protection:

Mistweavers get their enveloping mists chain dispelled by good teams, which is their main healing output. (p.s. just spam dispel vs mistweavers and their healing becomes extremly SHIT)

Priests get their PW:S dispelled instantly since the trash buff nerf. (which was the main reason they were so good before the nerf)

Holy paladins utility spells stay up for pretty much 1 second before being instantly dispelled by most teams.

Druids are currently the only class with dispel protection in the form of lifebloom. (which i think is perfect since it's not extremly strong, but a nice way to cope with double dispel teams)

Shamans are a bit more resilient against offensive dispels but their totems get stomped 24/7 (This is a problem of its own).

Basically this meta you roll with a dispeller on your team or you go home. With the amount of classes that can basically spam dispel without being punished by having lower dps, i think either some kind of DR mechanic should be implemented for offensive dispels or healing classes should be given more dispel protection.

I'm of course not talking about other class imbalances and i'm perfectly aware that nerfing offensive dispels would make certain classes to bad (enh shaman for example).
But aside from that it feels so wierd (from a mw pov) that my healing feels so extremly weak vs double dispel comps, but extremly strong vs non-dispel comps. And from a Hpala pov that my utility feels sick vs non dispel comps and utter shit vs dispel comps.

From a healer PoV It makes the game less fun and less consistent to play when dispels are this potent. And i think it's a major contribution to the countercomp meta that is currently present.
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#4322079 12/27 NA 3v3 Ladder Representation Stats

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 28 December 2014 - 04:41 PM

Oke i will try to make this a bit more organized. Because posting a list with numbers is just confusing.

2200 representation percentages:

Healing classes:
RestoDruid: 9.46
Priest: 7.25 (DiscPriest: 6.99 +HolyPriest: 0.26)
RestoSham: 6.73
HolyPal: 5.63
MWMonk: 3.92

DPS classes (Specs combined):
Hunter: 9.89 (SVHunter: 4.86 + BMHunter: 4.43 + MMHunter: 0.6)
Warrior: 9.04 (ArmsWarr: 6.05 + FuryWarr: 2.73 + ProtWarr: 0.26)
Paladin: 8.1 (RetPal: 8.1 + ProtPal: 0)
Rogue: 8.1 (CombatRogue: 7.25 + SubRogue: 0.85 + AssRogue: 0)
Lock: 7.59 (AffLock: 7.33 + DestroLock: 0.26 + DemoLock: 0)
DK: 7.5 (FrostDK: 6.31 + UHDK: 1.19 BloodDK: 0)
Mage: 5.12 (FrostMage: 4.86 + FireMage: 0.17 + ArcaneMage: 0.09)
Druid: 5.11 ( FeralDruid: 4.09 + BalanceDruid: 1.02 + GuardianDruid: 0)
ShadowPriest: 3.67
Shaman: 2.22 (EnhSham: 1.62 + EleSham: 0.6)
Monk: 0.68 (WWMonk: 0.51 + BMMonk: 0.17)

2400 representation percentages:

Healing Classes:

RestoDruid: 13.06
RestoSham: 9.7
HolyPal: 5.97
MWMonk: 4.48
Priest: 2.61 (DiscPriest: 2.24 + HolyPriest: 0.37)

DPS classes (Specs combined):
Rogue: 9.33 (CombatRogue: 8.21 + SubRogue: 1.12 + AssRogue: 0)
Warrior: 9.33 (ArmsWarr: 7.46 + FuryWarr: 1.87+ ProtWarr: 0)
Hunter: 8.96 (SVHunter: 4.48+ BMHunter: 3.73 + MMHunter: 0.75)
Lock: 8.21 (AffLock: 8.21 + DemoLock: 0 + DestroLock: 0)
DK: 6.34 (FrostDK: 4.85 + UHDK: 1.49 + BloodDK: 0)
Paladin: 5.97 (RetPal: 5.97 + ProtPal: 0)
Druid: 5.59 (FeralDruid: 5.22 + BalanceDruid: 0.37 + GuardianDruid: 0)
Mage: 4.48 (FrostMage: 4.48 + ArcaneMage: 0 + FireMage: 0)
ShadowPriest: 4.48
Monk: 0.75 (WWMonk: 0.75 + BMMonk: 0)
Sham: 0.75 (EnhSham:0.75 + EleSham: 0)

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#4310070 Anyone feel bored with the season already?

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 21 December 2014 - 11:13 AM

i know sac can be dispelled. but then the hunter has to go through a bunch of trash buffs and "guess" when you are going to use it to avoid his trap being sacced. So what ends up happening is a little mindgame between the hunter+pala as he tries to get traps and you try to avoid it, in the end wasting the hunters time and you are in CC less. with a priest all the hunter has to do is run at the priest to force death then gg full trap he cant do anything

as for training the pala. I agree that the priest actually cannot die in our comp ever (unless frostdk+combat) but comps like ret/hunter and feral/hunter actually destroy the monk very hard. I was watching some vods and it seems like you are CCd for about 1/5 the time my priest is and do a lot more healing, and i just don't understand how that is possible

I'm by far not as high rated as jim jim so take this as you will. But what most people don't seem to understand is that holypaladin healing is absolutely abysmal outside of our wings (3 min cd). Even tough we have 2 instants, holy shock heals for only 10k (non crit) and holy prism heals for 24k (non crit 20 second cd).
ONE penance (660% spellpower 2s channel) heals for nearly 1.5x the amount a holy prism+Holy shock does(500% spellpower in 3 seconds(2 globals)).
Therefor even if the priest gets only 2 penance ticks off you still will be healed for more in 1 global then by our 20 second instant cast AND holy shock combined. Another thing to add is If shield stays up for more then 2 seconds the chance is very high it will have absorbed more damage then our instant cast.

Furthermore the most important factor is that priests have 2 trash buffs sometimes even 3 that dispellers have to go trough wereas paladin has only 1 or none, since most of the time sacred shield or mastery gets removed instantly by damage (only a 8k absorb or something). Therefor our utility is just not protected at all, meaning it will get dispelled either instantly or extremely fast(i'm happy if my sacrafice stays on for 2 seconds, most of the time it gets dispelled before it triggers to remove the trap).

If jim jim disagrees he can correct me.
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#4308948 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 20 December 2014 - 12:48 PM

You got a passive nature's guardian proccing on any party member dropping 35%, as a hpally you got plenty of 0,5 sec heals, and you got double sac, freedom and bop. Jimfag the only reason you find holy paladins weak is because you still dont know how to fucking fake, ye brotha you heard me, monica Zeepeye told me how you didnt bubble vs them :S

Even if you fakecast the healing output as holy paladin is so low you can almost never get teammates up to full health.. and the procc heal is a 1 second cast that heals for exactly the same amount as flash of light 24k.. so the only thing you win is 0.5 second of cast time. Not saying the saved by the light isn't a strong mechanic. But it doesn't even matter if you can't even heal your teammates up. Next to that double BoP Sac and Freedom are pmuch worthless in the current meta because all teams are running double dispel. i'd rather have them be like 2 seconds and undispellable then having them in their current state.
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#4297326 Holy paladin gear scaling

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 13 December 2014 - 03:07 PM

I don't know how to heal any warlock team without playing myself with 2 retarded classes which can out-pressure the enemy team.
How am i suppose to heal my entire team with my 24k flash of light (36k crit, yeah, less than a disc flash heal ._.) outside of my 30s "i_have_ridiculous_healing" wings, my entire dispellable toolkit and with my 2k (crit) dispellable hot every 15s?

When the melees will be nerfed, and wizards overbuff as always, goodluck to heal anything.

(My monk ask me to not use BoP anymore because mage can steal it and break all his damage with my own spell.)

Fucking beacon of light, i hate this spell :mad:

I would change the 4 part i wrote in my last post with the same effect as "Empowered seals" for ret/prot :

-2 part : The one i wrote.
-4 part : Judgement can be used on friendly target, deals no damage and buff them with "Random_Holy_Name" : Heals the target for 2% of his maximum health every 2s for 20s.

And denounce stealing crit as baseline (or with the glyph).

I'm just getting so frustrated that it takes SUCH a long time to heal someone up to full health whilst casting. It makes no sense to me that if i get to freecast for lets say 8 seconds after juking and falling down to low health i will never be enabled to heal my team up to full health. Most likely keep them hovering at their current healthpools or increase them a bit. It just sucks the casted healing output is so low it feels like i'm basically throwing nothing at them.
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#4295439 PvP Hotfixes 12/11/2014

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 12 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

Btw why are these changes not included?

Lava Burst (Elemental, Restoration) now deals 33% more damage in PvP combat.

[Still in testing.] Chaos Bolt now deals 33% more damage in PvP combat.

I mean hasn't this community be talking about difference in spell damage components for pve and pvp for years? looks like blizzard is finnaly giving in!
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#4295436 PvP Hotfixes 12/11/2014

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 12 December 2014 - 10:45 AM

Nice changes!

I really don't get all the toxic reactions to these changes they should be embraced. Yes there are still a lot of imbalances and yes there are still a lot of fotm comps. Some classes are still majorly imbalanced.
But these kind of changes are exactly what we need! A lot of relatively fast hotfixes and small changes are always better for balance then the oldschool blizzard patches: OMFGBBQ NERF HUNTERS BY 50% INCREASE SHAM DAMAGE BY 50% NERF ALL HEALS BY 20%. They lead to a new meta, but just another unbalanced one.
If you look at dota the meta constantly chages even tough changes are most of the time only about tweaking numbers.
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#4252663 Why is there no solo rated option for 3v3 and rbg?

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 04 November 2014 - 02:34 PM

I always wondered this, since tbc it bothered me that it wasn't the case. Sure we had skirmish but in the end it is just a way to burn time nothing else.

I also cannot imagine that it would be hard for blizzard to implement a system just like dungeons where 1 healer and 2 dps are required to start so you avoid double healer or triple dps stacks. If im correct they have a system like this on the arena-tournament realm which works decently enough.

Even tough there is a lot of possible inbalances it would balance itself out since everyone is exposed to the same inbalances, of course you will see more viable classes higher up the ladder (but same thing happens in regular arena where more viable comps are higher up the ladder). But even if that is the case i still think it would be more fun to play for any kind of rating then to mindlessly spam skirmish.

I reckon that it would only boost arena participitation, currently a large amount of players especially new ones don't even try arenas. There is no easy way for them to get in a team or find a teamates to start a new one. They just mindlessly spam dungeons or even LFR just because its a way for them to experience group content, but don't even dare to touch arena. With a solo rating people would be more tempted to try and play arena with them(if it was high), and it would be an easier way in then spamming chat channels and failing every single time because people lied about their ratings, just started, are boosts etc. etc. etc. And would be a fairer representation of their skill level (if you take the class and their rating into account)

You could argue that the toxic community and imbalance in comps don't allow for this kind of system, but in games like Dota and LoL with from my own experience as toxic communties there are also balance issues where people pick the hero they like to play over what is viable. However this stabalizes on higher ratings where people are more tempted to play to win.

the same goes for rbgs.
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#4244875 Cheating, AJ & You

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 27 October 2014 - 10:38 PM

I personnaly think that ddos'ing hacking and cheating is deplorable and a insanely scum act. However if you look at the final impact on the ladder (specifically from an eu point of view) it's by far not as large as the boosting practices going about.

I'm one of these duelist jimmy's thats been extremly close to cutoff every season but gets knocked out due to the insane inflation at the end of the season (mostly due to boost) and not having the time investment to get glad. Gladiator is supposed to be for the top 0.5% of the arena and apperantly i'm not one of them. this is with me. However i do not agree with the fact that currently its more the top 0.25%. With the top 0.05% playing multiple same class alts up to title range (which is their right, and i don't disagree with this) combined with the insane amount of boosting going on in the last couple of seasons, which causes insane deflation of the amount of places left.

Personnaly i quit because i just couldn't be bothered to play arena anymore and quit after s14, one of the reasons being missing glad. Yes i might be a duelist jimmy, but it would be nice to aim for a set target that is actually achievable for people, and not highly deflated by all the boosts taking spots.
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#4082542 Holy Paladin Want to assist to fellow holy paladins

Posted by DerpiousMaximus on 18 March 2014 - 01:33 PM


I have a question regarding the mastery vs crit discussion, you explained above on what comps we should go crit and mastery.
But I'm more of a "why" guy, can you elaborate on mastery is good? and why is that good for certain games/comps.
I know for a fact that crit grants Infusion of Light and haste grants shorter cds and more ticks to EF.
But what does mastery grant us except for a shitty absorb. What is it good for?

If someone can honestly give me a serious and detailed answer I'll appreciate it.
I quit ln 5.2 and reactivated my subscription around 2 weeks ago, 5.4.7 is new to me.

Personally i main difference is that mastery might be better if your going to sit in cc a lot (so vs spellcleaves). Mastery is pretty much a direct healing increase, and next to crit scales pretty well with your other stats(and is less rng then crit). So when you know cc is coming you can try to generate a huge buffer shield (up to 150k) on your main target for whilst your in the cc. so your shield will be up when during cc(wereas crit only works when your out of cc (which frankly isn't happening vs spellcleaves). I also figured it is better if you're playing against any kind of ele or lock team. Since you will want to have your entire team stacked with eternal flame all the time, which keeps stacking up mastery shield (which helps against a possible swap).

I still think that haste and crit are better tough (for beacon of light healing, which doesn't work with mastery) I personally feel beacon of light healing is underestimated. If you stack up your entire group with eternal flame (which is easily doable) you will have +- a 20k HoT/s rolling on your teammate. With the 1.5x HoT on yourself 1x on your partner 1x on their target and maybe 1x on your Pet. Even if the team is dispel heavy they most likely won't dispel your eternal flames on the off-targets. Which amounts to a HoT that equals that of a full lifebloom stack+rejuv or healing stream. The only annoying part is ofcourse the lack of dispel protection, because a good team will also dispel your teammates.

Tldr: Go mastery+haste if you feal eternal flame is your main heal, go crit if you feel like burst healing is your main heal. And go crit/haste if you love beacon of light healing and having eternal flame up on your entire team.

This is coming from a player that only played paladin for 3 weeks last season, and never played one before. I however did get to 2.2k+ rating but that was playing with alts of my main arena partners playing kfc, so i don't know what that stands for :P

p.s. i have another question, personnaly i really love to always keep eternal flame up on myself, due to the fact that it heals for 150% of what it normally would thus it is a 75% eternal flame HoT on your beacon target. Which most likely won't get dispelled. Do you guys think this is worth it or a waste of a possible eternal flame procc?
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