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#1755363 Queueing skirmishes in a group

Posted Revert on 22 January 2010 - 11:35 PM

if anyone's bored over the next week and wants to do skirmishes against friends or whatever, click the bracket you want to join and copy + paste this in the chat box, and it will queue your party for that bracket.

/script JoinBattlefield(ArenaFrame.selection - 3, 1);

#1614448 3.3 Basic rogue guide for RP + RMP glyphs and more

Posted Kalimist on 16 December 2009 - 08:31 PM

  Basic rogue guide for RP + RMP glyphs with some advanced insight on rogue racials added (patch 3.3)  
Removed the MMR part because you should be playing the same spec no matter what your MMR is now. (yes the change is pretty good)

Rogue Race guide to specing:

Ok you might wonder why I would spec differently depending on what race I played but you need to consider how much stealth detect/stealth levels you lose when playing nelf/human
Heightended Senses Stealth Detection Value: 6
Perception Value: 5
Elusiveness Value: 5

That is 1 point less you would have than other rogues not having 6 points as an other race might make a difference but if your a human or night elf you can really take advantage of this racial and convert it into more damage. The only time you may regret not having HS is when you face an other Human or Night Elf rogue  then you can just make up for it with the stupid amount of pressure you will put out compared to their joker 2/5 DW spec. You are still laughing at other races with 1 point less of stealth detection because it will not make any difference believe it. Take advantage of what you can you are just like Undead, Orc and Gnome rogues but with 20% more offhand white and mutilate damage. Once you try this out you won't look back on it.
As for Trolls they are pretty much jokers take the snare reduction meta gem run in with no stealth get opened on and win all the rogue teams you want as lojng as your healer is in line of sight.

You should take 3/3 Intiative for 3's garrote gibs are not the same w/o it. You have to choose between imp evis or ruthlessness depending on how many high / low armour teams are on your bg but I think imp eviscerates benefits is better than ruthlessness because of how much damage you gain against lower armour targets which you need when your lacking DW spec and other damaging fillers.

Ideal Weapons

1.8 One Hand x2 (both berserking)
You wan't wound and deadly on the 1.8 One Hands to swap the mainhands depending on what you meet.

1.8 Off Hand x1 (chain)
Wound, u will have this dagger on most of the time

1.4 Off Hand x1 (chain)
Anesthetic Poison trust me this comes in handy sometimes.

Some people may argue that instant poison can be effective when swapped to at the right time but I have not really experimented with it to say anything if anyone has please tell me how it went.

44/x/2x Glyphs: SPRINT, Mutilate, Vigor
41/5/25 Glyphs: SPRINT, Mutilate, ToT/Prep/Vigor depends on your play style.

Priest Rogue (Solace)

Spec: http://www.wowhead.c...ohuZ0hZebfbc0zb
Deadly/Wound Standard Wound/Wound vs Rogues and non plate priest teams.
Not that much to say here go on the plate and out last provide the pressure your priest needs to smash mana burns into the other teams healer or their partner dies. As for going against 2 DPS teams if you don't play like you are rambo with master poisoner you should have a very easy time with the  WOTF nerf being on your side here unless its Warlock/Shadow priest rogue teams which still imo benefits you more than them. Just remember that swaps are good as MP now because deadly stacking is much easier with the improved poison change, but of course you can easily out last the other team if your priest has Solace or the Emblem of Frost/ICC10  mana back trinket.

For the rest of the guide please visit www.hydramist.net > forums >Board index > Questions Questions > Ask Kalimist

I will try to get this on the first page asap

Feel free to copy this guide accross the web just please be sure to add a link back to my website, that is all I ask for thanks.

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