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In Topic: Russia's finest

08 August 2014 - 05:42 PM

I don't know why the fuck you are hating on russians, do you really think russians are only one cheating on this game? And there is no point complaining about here either.

People cheat, because they can get faster rating = faster money, so blame people who sell boosts. And you don't seem to understand, that in russia right now there is lot of people unemployment. So, why bother search for work when you can earn money while playing video games?

But it doesn't matter what country we are talking about, even in finland its fucking hard to find job nowadays. Not sure if you are Wallrikz cheating or not, don't care. Just don't go insta ham and start pointing fingers.

In Topic: Enough is enough #stopddos

01 August 2014 - 06:45 PM

Dreoras, check this link http://nakedsecurity...gainst-the-law/

''And just last month, 23-year-old Mitchell L Frost, of Bellevue, Ohio, was given a 30 month prison sentence for a series of DDoS attacks he launched against the websites of high profile US right-wingers Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Rudy Giuliani.''

‚ÄčI understand, he attacked against some people with lot of authority, but my point is people actually go jail for it. And also keep in mind every country has their own laws.

In Topic: Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament - Team List

27 July 2014 - 05:02 PM

down goes zeepeye


31 May 2014 - 03:44 AM

Posting for friend, because he isn't able to. (http://www.arenajunk.../238750-xaruth/)

Hey this is message from the guy who actually made the video like 2-3years ago. That video might have been little bit immature but thats the whole point of the video, to show how fucking childish you can be Aleksander Brekke (Neosaurfang). Im fucking glad i made that video as a joke, that video explains everything about who you were and who you still are. I doubt you never got any of your achies legit, example the rbg title which you got by getting boosted by russians you met in Day Z, yes i know about it. Also about how you got your first 2.4k in cata. You were abusing the mmr system that everytime you lost you wouldnt lose mmr. And looking at your 122 W / 124 L 2.4k seems so fucking legit. Im really wondering what are you going to do with your miserably life, you are literally using 70% of your days in AJ, what if you would actually go outside and try to find some friends (If you even find any...). Even if all of your posts are troll posts, so what, no one likes you. You used to be that silent guy in early cata and in icc that when ever you said something everyone started yelling and raging at you stfu youre a loser no one likes you. I guess you got so pissed off from that and now youre being so toxic asshole to everyone. And please do not reply to this post. Youre just wasting your time. -Xaruth

PS: So what if I hate you, who wouldnt?

Edit: Oh yeah and when youre saying people to get on your level, who the fuck wants to get on your level. No one wants to be a loser like you. Youre just a bag of shit.


31 May 2014 - 03:15 AM


Wasn't me who made that ''fanboy'' video, wasn't part of it either. So why don't mature up a little bit, and stop lying about things which has nothing to do with this thread.

Just for the record, he is referring on this video (keep in mind, I have nothing to do with this video):