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2100xp Frost/Blood DK LF [A]-PvP Guild

28 May 2015 - 06:46 AM

Hey guys,

I'm an RBG'er on Zuluhed. The three PvP guilds on our cross-realm server have died, and I need a new home. I'm more so looking for an active server+guild than I am a steady group to run with, as I am quite busy at the moment. I'm simply looking for a bunch of like-minded people to chat/play with, and I'm more than happy to transfer servers if it comes down to it.
  • Death Knight is my main.
    • Frost is my main spec for years
    • Blood is my off-spec for flag carrying / PvE (occasionally)
  • I can TC and call strat.
  • I also have 100 MW monk, but he isn't geared yet.
    • I would love help getting him get geared so I can make good use of him in PvP.

PvP Fistweaving in WoD

09 October 2014 - 08:31 PM

I used my free 90 to boost a MW monk. I've always wanted to play a healer in PvP, so I figured I'd do the transition by playing a a class/spec that could kind-of do both. I'm sure I'll have to stance-dance, which isn't foreign to me as a DK.

With that in mind, how are MW's doing in PvP, specifically in WoD Beta? Any chance they'd be viable in 3s and RBGs?