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A Cry for Help

19 June 2015 - 06:18 PM

I'm probably going to get some abuse for this but anyway....

The final week of last season I met two people on AJ and we played KFC from 2k up to 2450 CR at an MMR of 2700. We won by far the majority of games and I feel like if the season hadn't have finished we could have been considerably higher. I'm telling you this because after the season ended a lot of my friends quit the game and left me without partners to play with. I then quit the game to focus on my degree and started playing again only 2 months ago.

I now spend all my time in WoW looking through the LFG tool desperate to try and find partners to play with. Every single person I queue with either lie about the previous experience or are complete FOTM idiots who are incapable of playing at a higher rating.

I am by no means a rank one shaman but sitting at 2.2k for the past month playing with new people every week is so demoralizing. I constantly fight teams in which I outplay massively yet by team mates are incapable of killing or die without using any CDs. I'm consistency capable of playing to what I believe is a much higher standard. I have a good understanding of arena and each class's mechanics (I have one of each at max level, which I play arena on) and am very willing to try and improve.

I understand the end of the season is in a few days and I'm not asking for anyone to risk their titles to queue with me, but if any of you higher rated players would be willing to try me out next season I would be incredibly grateful. We could even queue alts on skype so you can judge for yourself how good/bad I am before taking the plunge.

If you do take a chance and queue with me next season and find that I am indeed the problem and the reason I'm so low rated then by all means feel free to reply to this topic and tell the community that I am actually fairly shit haha.

Finally, I feel like I should mention I'm not the type of guy who blames everyone else for there problems. If I mess up in arena I will be the first to mention it and am constantly trying to improve in every aspect.

Anyway thanks for reading, I play:
EU alli - resto sham is my main and the one I would most like to push rating on but I can also play disc priest, mage, afflock and warr.

By btag is Menzies#2414

P.S. please no hate?

Resto 3's Disscussion

08 June 2015 - 11:50 AM

Hey AJ,

Just had a few questions I would like some higher rated advice regarding certain play style choices. Most of these are just very specific and I was just wondering how high rated shamans are dealing with these.

Ok firstly, Cloudburst. Do you rotate healing stream and cloud burst on CD? Vs a ret/hunt team or similar once you exit CC you know you have around 10 seconds before it all begins again. In this situation its likely one of your team mates is on 40% maybe lower is it better to "charge up" a cloud burst totem with your 10 seconds of freedom or since they're low and you could get kicked is it better to drop a HS?

Generally I completely forget to use CB since I've just started playing again and its new to me however I could see the advantage of dropping it a few seconds before I get cc'd and trying to push out as much healing as possible so it pops for a good amount. Whats your opinion on this? do you generally just automatically drop HS out of CC or do you try and gauge how long you have till the next CC and if you can charge up a CB.

Secondly, Compositions. I've had some success playing with a ret but I haven't played much at all this season. I see a few WLS but fail to see how this comp really benefits the shaman. The main shaman killer comps to me seem like TSG, kitty, and jim jims comp (forgot the name DK/WW) How does a comp like WLS help counter these? most TSGs I meet I rarely last longer then 5 minutes. It seems I can fake every kick and they can fuck up there stun DR's and I still die to the dk's breath of death in a DR'd stun lol. When fighting comps like this do you play as offensive as possible and try and use there over aggressiveness against them or do you play as defensive as possible and ask your team mates to spam peels 24/7? (which is fairly impossible against DK's).

Lastly, Gearing. Majority seem to be going versa however, some seem to stack mastery. Generally is versa seen as the best because it reducing damage as well as increases healing. Even with stacking versa I'm still fairly low (7% i think?) this equates to 3.5% damage reduction which tbh sounds fairly shitty. Why has everyone moved away from crit this season? is it due to us only being able to gain a few % and still leaves us fairly low? Whats your opinion on gearing? or do you subscribe to the "doesnt matter" way of thinking.

Anyway I wanted this to be a discussion so if you have any other questions regarding rsham 3s feel free to ask away and I'm sure someone more qualified then me will answer.