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Survivability, Trinket choice and Talent

25 March 2015 - 08:43 PM


Just wondering how resto shams are coping with the ridiculous amounts of melee cleaves this season. When I'm queuing (mainly thug and KFC) we barely come across any rsham teams and when we do its basically free win as they insta die.

What comps have you found to be the best in terms of peels and helping when we are being trained. RMP/RMD I dont find too bad but rogue/dk and TSG is so painful, often I have to link straight out of the first asphyx, second gets my trinket and third is normally death. My team mates try and peel but in the end its fairly useless. Are other people finding this or not?

Another question is trinkets I see most people using trinket(obv) and the the vers with int proc. Would the on use vers one perhaps be better as its on demand damage reduction as well as healing throughput, even is it is only10%.

Thirdly double link or NS. I see lots of people running with echo but I really fail to see how in most situations it helps. Sure if you're fighting ret/hunt then using more links provides more insta survives for your partner but in game where you are trained sure NS is better as it provides actual healing. Ive been using NS against god comp and rot comps (wls) as the NS ascendance can still crit for quite a bit but when fighting TSG or turbo to people think that double link is better?


InterruptBar2 in Arena

21 March 2015 - 04:20 PM


Just wondering if anyone has managed to get this addon working in arena. I noticed the project was inactive on its website however I'd prefer to use this addon then omni cc as you can skin the icons easily.

I use the settings, hide mode and arena mode. Works fine out of arena but in arena when testing and playing nothing lights up.


Pro Game X Tourney chat

14 March 2015 - 03:29 PM

Starting in 10 boys




pshero hype!

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Question Regarding PvE/PvP separate values

12 March 2015 - 10:20 AM

Hey AJ,

I just posted this on the offical forums however I'd like to have a discussion regarding the post and hear from a more PvP related view point. Link is here http://eu.battle.net...pic/13901371252

And it says:


I wanted to post this on the US forums as the devs are generally more vocal there, however it wouldn't let me so I was wondering if some mod could pass the question on.

With class balance changes there is always a lot of "PvP is ruining raiding" and "Feral buffs wtf raid balance wrecks PvP". I have always wondered why the devs don't balance the two different scenarios separately?

For example Polymorph: lasts 60 seconds on Npcs, and 8 seconds (w/o DR's) on players. There are also several spells and abilities which have reduced effect on players then npcs.

I would just be interested in hearing why this is not done will all abilities (that require balancing) For example you could slightly tweak various spells and abilities in order to achieve a balanced performance in both raid and pvp settings.

From a programming standpoint (something I know quite a bit about) I can't really see why this already hasn't happened. I just assume there are legacy systems in place which block this from being done? I would very much like to hear a response on this because its been bugging me for a very long time :)


I was wondering what AJ has to say about this? good idea? bad idea? I think although there are various other problems with PvP this would be a huge step in the right direction to the utimately unreachable goal of perfect balance.


A forum post I think you'll all enjoy...

26 February 2015 - 10:53 PM


Quite entertaining really, you wonder how it must feel to be Holinka and have thousands of people blaming you for ruining pvp and quitting.

I unsubbed to concentrate on writing my dissertation but after all the streams I've watched and the amount of friends that have quit I think this is the end for me.