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#4455791 state of deathknights

Posted by darklift on 19 July 2015 - 12:06 PM

Just give back Necrotic Strike to Unholy without the casting debuff and all will be fine. Unholy literally has no niche now. AOE sucks. Does less single target than both warrior specs and frost dk, and that damage comes in small numbers.

Soul reapers hit for 20k if the person has any form of passive damage reduction which most have while warriors spit out Sudden Death Executes for a lot more.

Worst is getting 4 death runes and 2 unholy runes and using them for Scourge Strikes and barely taking even a quarter of health.
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#4390354 Is DK actually the worst class right now? (high rated class representation)

Posted by darklift on 20 February 2015 - 12:02 PM

No one plays Unholy now since Necrotic Strike was removed and we don't have dedicated whiners on the forums like you see from Windwalker Monks and Demonology warlocks right now filling up the PTR discussion.

Half the DK community still believe Necrotic Strike removal was a good change, despite top DKs saying that was a bad change.

Frost is boring to play, Like I have no idea how people play it in PvP. It's that boring and braindead. Not to mention you can just play Warrior in 3s which is a more mobile version of Frost DK with the MS effect and has more team utility.

Dark Sim is currently the only good part of DK now.

Worst problem in PvP now is Blizz making the retarded specs like combat, Frost DK, Survival more viable in PvP than actual PvP specs like Sub and Unholy. Why struggle to play with Sub and Unholy when you can press one button and get better results.
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#3923790 Warrior number pass -Making warrior PvP damage more meaningful

Posted by darklift on 07 August 2013 - 06:30 PM

Great post. Repped. Hope Holinka is reading this.

Also, so much this.

On top of increasing mortal debuff, I honestly think that warriors should be the only class with the MS effect due to lack of cc.

It's something I've been arguing in the official forums. Best way to indirectly increase warrior sustained pressure while keeping the rest of classes the same is by increasing the MS debuff for warriors only. Nothing big, just a 10% extra would be enough. That or since the other classes with the debuff aka Hunter, Warlock, Monk, do more pressure than the warrior anyway, lower theirs to 15 or 10%. I always thought MS was a warrior niche kind of like how Necrotic is DK only, and that extra mana usage debuff was feral only. But then blizz just handed out the MS to every other class. Rogues can talent for an increased healing debuff if I'm not mistaken
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#3921701 Calling all warriors

Posted by darklift on 02 August 2013 - 12:54 PM

Time to reroll monk people. Just tried it and it feels like a new and improved version of warrior. If you don't mind casters, try lock. Each spec is unique and fun and viable unlike Fury/Arms.

I've never understood blizzard devs. When we ask them to make Fury warriors viable in arena, they reply saying arms is viable and that we should be happy with at least one viable class all while trying everything they can to make all lock specs, fire and frost mages perform better in arena.
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