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Destruction PTR Notes

05 October 2016 - 04:17 AM

These new changes look crazy for destruction. 100 yard chaos bolt with 200% increased damage, is that real?

iwarlocks.gif Warlock (ForumsTalent CalculatorPvP Talent CalculatorArtifact Calculator)

  • Chaos Bolt now has a 100 yd range, up from 40.
  • Shadow Bolt now has a 100 yd range, up from 40.
  • Thal'kiel's Consumption Thal'kiel drains 8% of the life from your demon servants and unleashes a blast of Shadow damage at your current target equal to the life he stole. 40 yd range. Instant. 100 yd range. Instant.


  • Contagion Unstable Affliction also increases all damage you deal to the target by 15% You deal 12% increased damage to targets affected by your Unstable Affliction. Affliction Warlock - Level 30 Talent.

PvP Talents

  • Cremation Immolate is now instant cast, and Conflagrate deals an additional 8% of the target's total health in Fire damage, but now consumes Immolate. Destruction Warlock - Tier 4 PvP Talent.
  • Entrenched in Flame (New) Conflagrate roots targets for until cancelled. This effect does not break from damage. Destruction Warlock - Tier 5 PvP Talent.
  • Fel Fissure Chaos Bolt creates an eruption of Felfire under the target, dealing Shadow damage every 1 sec and reducing all healing recieved by 50% for 10 sec sec to all enemies within 5 yards of the initial target. Destruction Warlock - Tier 4 PvP Talent. 5 PvP Talent.
  • Firestone Restores 2 Soul Shards and increases your spell critical strike chance by 100% for 7 sec. Destruction Warlock - Tier 5 4 PvP Talent. Instant. 45 sec