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In Topic: What to do as a noob?

20 December 2013 - 06:30 PM

View PostValkaneer, on 16 December 2013 - 02:04 PM, said:

It's really ok, I didn't need to know how to play I can read stickies and such for that. What I was asking can't be learned by watching it something that is experienced.   But thanks to all that helped I ended up for now as resto cuzI was begged to do so.  Also I didn't start  winning till I went resto seems I'm not so bad at it.   I will do a ele set soon after though.   Thx again for the help.

Resto is the worst spec to pick. You are just asking for a world of frustration and rape without lube. If you have set your mind to it, might as well change your shaman's name to "trainme/trainblue" around those lines because EVERYONE will train you EVERY game.

Also, you should take some screaming lessons, as it is very important for you to run around screaming at your team mates for peels all the time when in Arena. Sometimes your team mates might mistake you for another healer and expect you to live, which is not the case for Rshamans this season, unfortunately. Therefore, it is your duty to deepthroat your mic to make sure they are well aware of your class. This is just the tip of the iceberg, here are some briefing on what to expect when you play your resto shaman:

1. Expect to get 1 shotted by Mage/Rogue  at ANY time - which are pretty much in 99% of comps out there over 2k.
2. Expect to lose any time you see TSG.
3. Expect to lose 90% of your games due to you being instantly herp derp raped.
4. Watch all your cooldowns do absolutely nothing to help you survive.
5. Watch spiritlink bug out multiple times resulting in your death or your partner's.
6. Your only chance of doing good is running only 1 comp, which is MLS(with a destro lock) - unless if you are getting carried.

If you really want to watch streams of rshamans, this one is the best by far:: link below.


In Topic: Crit vs Str gems

20 December 2013 - 04:30 PM

View PostSpeedymart, on 18 December 2013 - 09:34 AM, said:

I was hitting 240k consistantly on players with full mastery. If it wasn't for fury being complete dog shit, it would be fun to play as.

Also doesn't help that if you hit more then a single target with roar, the damage is split. -25% damage per person you hit, down to a minimum of 25% to all targets. It counts pets and shit too. Had some hunter randomly drop a snake trap to ruin my one shot.

Edit: Played some games with a few friends in 1900s. Did both Fury/Destro/Rsham and Fury/Afflic/Rsham. Didn't use a PvP trinket either; probably should go human.

I'll just leave these here.


Dat motivation right Dur!!! Time to test out Fury, i definitely think Turbo Cleave compliments Fury extremely well, will have to try WMD as fury also. Will keep yall updated.

In Topic: Votlol Resto Shaman Guide (5.4)

11 December 2013 - 03:55 AM


By far the most detailed and sound advice that i have ever came across.
I will definitely take these tips in tonight's arena. I usually ran windwalk against any Mage team, but I will definitely try Earth Grab.

Also, regarding over extending, i have had that happen against Rogue/Mage, i gated and ran away with SWG, they quickly took advantage of that and killed my team mate as soon as i dropped link :(.

Thank you sir!!!


11 December 2013 - 03:37 AM

View PostLord Xar, on 21 November 2013 - 10:25 PM, said:

This rather dumb. The lack of insight here sprinkled with ignorance is amazing.

The top rogue/mage comps are with those who have been playing together for years. With the OP'ness that is mages and hpriests and druids is what makes the comp works. The Rogue is the icing in as much as you play an iconic comp you WILL HAVE adherents who know each other very very well.

The fact is, you take any mage/hpriest or rdruid AND warrior OR monk OR boomer OR hunter, it will be MUCH better than a rogue - given they havent' played together.

When people like you post, it is just more of the same one tracked ignorance that permeates these forums.

KNOW about the comps, who they are -- THEN you will understand where the power lies.

Rogues are NOT OP this season... when you remove a mage from the equation, rogue "op'ness" drastically takes a turn for the worse. Mages are the bread n' butter of the comp. You P.O.S!!!!

I had a pretty decent reply to your ignorant rant, but i will just say, you are wrong and need to realize that rogues are OP this season.

In Topic: Votlol Resto Shaman Guide (5.4)

10 December 2013 - 10:25 PM

Some feedback would be good on this.

I am a Rshaman and would like to get back to my rating which was 2064, this season. However it seems that it is quite impossible to get over 1960 nowadays. EVERY team has a mage/warrior or Mage/rogue above 1900+, there are times where i am getting killed through ALL my cds popped. The only way i usually survive their burst without spirit linking is if i have a lock, but in certain maps getting gate is very hard.

I ran various comps, it is quite weird but the comp that helped me get at my highest rating was warrior/ret/me. My ret had some RL stuff to take care off and the warrior is barely on. I have tried various comps, but it just seems that there is no hope healing as a rshaman... No one wants to take a rshaman for 5s or Rbgs, even disc is better in that scenario.

Lately i ran shadowcleave and that too was ok at 1900+ but after the mid 1900s it just falls apart. Here are my scenarios:

Warrior/Mage -

Warrior charges me, MS - > Mage Novas - > Bladestorm yolo - > deepfreeze, ice lance yolo(this puts me below 20% hp), if i dont have a lock --> i usualy spirit link, healing tide, spirit walker grace - > gets spell stolen from mage, healing tide gets 2 shot icelances and warrior kills link and i am dead..with a lock trinket deep take gate and hopefully it is not a short map so that the warrior doesnt leap charge and rape my face, i heal my self. But then they just stick on me like a glue and I am dead.

Rogue/Mage -

Rogue opens on me - i am down to 20-30% hp - > mage opens and I am either dead or 5% hp and have to link right away. Some times i get lucky and drop a pre cap totem and catch the rogue in it, but usually link goes out early and ofcourse the same thing happens it gets killed so does tide/healing stream and Swg gets dispelled and i am dead...with a lock I can only survive for another 30 secs till the next deep is up.

Is there anything else i can do? I had a lock that told me that i should easily survive with a dk and warrior on me by myself(we faced tsg). I don't really know how i can counter both of them classes training me non stop, would appreciate any feedback.

I am at my wits, I am slowly gearing up my rdruid, since it seems they are better off this season. I would really want to run without a lock but it seems that is my only option this season, any advice would be appreciated.