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Frost Mage vs Frost Mage - How do YOU do it?

10 August 2013 - 05:50 PM

Recently made my mage my main after playing melee since vanilla and so far things are going pretty well, looking for some insight on the best ways to go up against other frost mages... I feel like its just a war of cooldowns, who uses them most efficiently but I'm also sure there are probably a few things i could be doing better, maybe in regards to predicting what they will do next... everything is so fast paced and twitchy.

I usually never use deep a mage unless I CS him at the same time so he cant blink, usually takes him a second before he realizes what's going on and he trinkets or blocks, other than that I don't deep a mage until he uses blink. I get confused about when i should be using globals for damage and when i should be using them for spellsteal... if i should alter time defensively or gamble with procs and use it offensively (knowing they could just block my procs).

I also see alot of mages sort of instinctively put down a RoF around the mage's block, is that a good move? I mean i guess he'd have to blink to get out of it if he wants to move (which he doesnt always have to) and then it could be followed up by a deep.

All tips appreciated!

2v2 with Destro Lock... questions

12 July 2013 - 11:44 AM

I'm rather new at playing ret in arenas so I have a couple of questions.

Playing 2v2 with a friend of mine who's a try-hard destro lock and I'm wondering if mastery or stats buff would be best for us. He says he benefits a ton from the mastery buff and of course I get something out of it as well, but is it worth losing the 5% STR which helps me in multiple facets?

Question 2 - Trying to figure out best gemming method for this comp but also something that would work out once I start playing 3s as well. Is it still the "right" thing to do to take haste as primary stat after STR and then either choose mastery or crit as the 3rd option? If so, would you think mastery or crit would be better for this? I was going to go STR>Haste>Mastery but if we run with mastery buff would it be better to stack further on top of that or go with crit for better heals/judgements... then again its 2s so our games shouldn't be prolonged where I'm kiting a ton right?

Any general tips on ret 2v2 gameplay would also be appreciated, so far I'm enjoying this class/spec!

Edit: one more thing, If I don't have the conquest pts for a second weapon or the season total points to get the tryannical weapon chain, should I go with dancing steel or living steel weapon chain? I bought the weapon chain but now I'm having second guesses since the majority of teams we play wont have a disarm (because most teams include huntards).

Feral Survivability in 2's w/o a healer.. help!

10 July 2013 - 01:43 AM

Alright so I started playing 2s (only thing thats available to me since I just returned to the game after a long break and dont know any healers) playing with a friend of mine who has been rank 2 on his hunter in the past but we're running feral/destro.

I know it's not a great comp but surely we could get higher than we did... we managed to get to about 1815ish before getting farmed. Any team with a disc priest is rough, but our biggest problem seems to be double dps teams that train me. I'd love to hear any and all advice on what I could be doing better to survive.

What I've noticed about ferals is that when you're being trained, your dmg just plummets and you dont really contribute much to the game because you have to go defensive. We've tried counter-pressuring but that just doesnt seem to work. Hunters just deter and LOL away the dmg (then deter again just for kicks), and I die against any team that gets me in a stun without my trinket available.

I've had several games where I literally had no control over my character almost 100% of the game. DKs and Warriors wreck me, and double grip keeps me from kiting effectively (and if I'm forced into kite mode it usually means a loss to begin with). I've had games where I've gone through Barkskin, MoU, Wall, Healthstone, and HoTW+NS+HT full heal within the first minute or two and still died. The only teams we beat are the teams that go on my partner, if they go on me we usually lose.

Any general strats/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated....