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Frost Mage vs Frost Mage - How do YOU do it?

10 August 2013 - 05:50 PM

Recently made my mage my main after playing melee since vanilla and so far things are going pretty well, looking for some insight on the best ways to go up against other frost mages... I feel like its just a war of cooldowns, who uses them most efficiently but I'm also sure there are probably a few things i could be doing better, maybe in regards to predicting what they will do next... everything is so fast paced and twitchy.

I usually never use deep a mage unless I CS him at the same time so he cant blink, usually takes him a second before he realizes what's going on and he trinkets or blocks, other than that I don't deep a mage until he uses blink. I get confused about when i should be using globals for damage and when i should be using them for spellsteal... if i should alter time defensively or gamble with procs and use it offensively (knowing they could just block my procs).

I also see alot of mages sort of instinctively put down a RoF around the mage's block, is that a good move? I mean i guess he'd have to blink to get out of it if he wants to move (which he doesnt always have to) and then it could be followed up by a deep.

All tips appreciated!