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#3910193 how to beat hunter/disc

Posted Nemix on 08 July 2013 - 11:26 PM

I would recommend focusing hunter instead of priest. a disc priest is to some extent vulnerable to necros due to the low healing output, but you'll pretty much only kill him while you're going ham on him while your mate spam dispels the shields off. and during hunter/priest cc chains, he won't have the globals to do that. another problem you'll have when going disc is that you will want to cross cc the hunter everytime you strangulate the priest to avoid peels, which doesn't really work well enough with bm hunters (since they have those nasty extra cc breakers, bestial wrath that is). so yeah, i would definitely recommend focusing the hunter.

apart from that, just a few little pieces of advice i can give you (from playing disc/punchmonk, which should be about the same vs that comp):

-remind your priest that he has to pretty much use spirit shell off cooldown. if you have shell, a shield and prayer of mending on you, you can just go offensive for quite a bit without even worrying about avoiding cc. if you try to avoid cc forever and never go offensive, you won't ever kill someone so at best the game will end with a draw, which i guess you don't want to happen. in that scenario he should be able to just sit the whole cc chain pretty much without too much of a risk.

-i would recommend psyfiend instead of dominate mind vs hunter/disc because with all of the hunter's instant cc which is in the game, you won't get a full duration dominate mind off on to the priest. also, psyfiend has its uses in avoiding traps which will help you go offensive because you don't have to stand on top of your mate to catch off traps. besides, you can still use it to land fears.

-don't stop dominate mind when the enemy priest uses it on your mate. if you're anywhere near a decent hp level, use it to counter pressure the enemy team. remember: the enemy priest cc's himself aswell for the duration of it. many priests overlook this when casting dominate mind and fall behind on healing a lot

-rotate your cc on to the disc priest to the best of your abilities without overlapping too much. you should pretty much always asphyxiate-->fear-->possibly refear with psyfiend whenever you have those abilities available while you keep dpsing and (VERY important!) dispelling the hunter. you can also grip the enemy priest into your own priest mate so he can reach him easily for a fear. but be cautious, if you don't tell your priest early enough this might get the enemy priest an easy fear aswell, so communicate as much as you can. also, have your mate use spectral guise when you asphyxiate the enemy priest, so he can connect his own cc onto it without being stopped by the hunter

the rest is pretty much about dealing maximum damage yourself and push your priest to use every free global he can afford for offensive dispelling.
hope i helped some! glhf @2s ;)

#3910184 how to beat hunter/disc

Posted Polygonzz on 08 July 2013 - 11:10 PM

hunter disc has to be the scummiest 2s comp. you can't win.

just turtle the entire game until you both lose points so that they rage