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In Topic: Are most healers rerolling Rdruids? o_O

16 January 2015 - 08:03 AM

The second problem with flameglow right now is that it's too good versus teams with consistant pressure and not good enough versus burst damage (take that with a grain of salt).

You'd be surprised how much of the damage you take is below the Flameglow threshold. First, almost every spec in the game has at least 1 if not 2 DoT effects that deal 15-30% of their damage. Arms Warriors, UA locks, DKs, Spriests etc. DoTs are pretty obvious so no need to go crazy explaining. Auto attacks have gone back to what they were in BC and are accounting for a sizable portion of all melee class damage. These attacks pretty much never break the threshold. Next we have mastery effects. This isn't considered often, but most classes with damaging mastery effects have one that does small amounts of damage over time. Combat, Elemental, Arms, Frost, and Retribution mastery all do small amounts of damage that add up to 10-20% of their damage over time (except Frost because Icicles are bad). It doesn't matter if Flameglow isn't that effective against burst when a majority of the damage you take is small. There's really not a huge number of bursty abilities left either. Obviously nobody wants to play with the talent and it's boring and skill-less, but it's definitely worth about 20% passive damage reduction which is something Mages have never needed to survive.

In Topic: Are most healers rerolling Rdruids? o_O

14 January 2015 - 05:38 PM

I think the changes Shouri is suggesting would be best to fix the current issues. Genesis is interesting in theory, but it's just a weird ability in a PvP environment. It's OP when it works well and terrible when you're playing against people who know what to do about it. The amount of instants Druids are able to use combined with their mobility makes it difficult to give them a hard time while healing so reducing the healing of their Germination would be a nice start. I am aware that Druids do have to cast, but it's really not as often as it could be. Bear Form seems out of control against melee and shouldn't be as effective as it currently is. I'd argue that the NS cooldown feels just right and that the Shaman talent should be reduced to 1 minute to match it. Something may need to be done about Ysera's Gift because that's just as silly as Healing Stream Totem last expansion.

I still think a good Druid can separate themselves from a bad Druid. They have great potential with mobility and difficult cooldown management especially with Ironbark having a long cooldown now. They also have to hard cast a lot of Cyclones now if they really want to get CC for their team. NS Cyclone and SotF Cyclone was not something that was terribly challenging to pull off.

In Topic: Athlete and Bailamos exploiting

02 January 2015 - 07:38 AM

I have no regrets trying to lead RBGs vs that group. They were a great group and they beat us fairly and that was the best thing that's ever happened in RBGs. 10 top arena players arrogantly thinking they would win against a fairly unknown RBG team and getting stomped. I remember they all name changed to have bailamos in their tag, too. And no I won't be getting banned because I DON'T account share or cheat period for that matter. Saying I wintraded on ANY TR is baseless and simply incorrect. I was really confused when it said Flannelsoff made that post, but it made total sense when I got to the bottom...

It's funny how you'll be the first to attack someone who isnt in your circle of butt buddy friends, but since athlete is you'll hop on his dick and defend him to the end.

You don't know right from wrong if you think Athlete is a scumbag. There are few players that actively play RBGs that I would vouch for and he is one of the few. Say circle of friends all you like, but if you don't know anything about him then that doesn't mean shit. RBGs has been one sad place for competitive play during the last 2 expansions and that will probably never change.

In Topic: Athlete and Bailamos exploiting

02 January 2015 - 12:12 AM

Athlete is one of the nicest members of our community and is one of the few players who truly enjoys doing RBGs competitively. If there are unintended game mechanics then people are going to abuse them, so all I see is a river of tears in this thread. The fact that a known DDoSer made this thread removes all credibility in the first place.

In Topic: How I got screwed out of the tournament

19 September 2014 - 04:16 AM

I would appreciate if you didn't make long wided posts directed at my team without knowing anything about the situation. Dannycareys original post is bias, diliberatly leaves out facts and the entire backstory in an attempt to gain sympathy from the readers. Although your post may give good advice for some, it doesn't apply to this situation at all. Anyone who plays with me knows I look at my own mistakes prior to anyone elses. After playing a year and a half with him this was not an easy decision that we made on the spot. The decision had nothing to do with his skill or ability to play his alts, and that's all the detail I'm going to go into. We're keeping this drama out of the spotlight for his own sake and aparently he doesn't realize that.

I made that post because you guys haven't given a good response to anyone about it, but if it's somehow deeper and you don't want drama then I'm not going to make it worse. I'm really hoping it's not bullshit.