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#3839292 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Braindance on 22 January 2013 - 06:35 PM

People here obviously don't know how the new rage system works - let me explain.

Rage is no longer free; the days were hitting one white hit meant you were rage capped are over. The days where getting trained meant rage are also over. Moreover, changing stances incurs a 3 sec cooldown which means stance dancing is not a real option.

IF in battle stance you gain 12 rage for every white hit every 3.6 seconds. Mortal strike every 4.5 seconds give you 10 rage. IF you get a mortal strike or colossus smash crit you get 10 rage.

What's the problem with that? That is 5.5 rage per second if in battle stance. With the new change, unless you charge on cooldown and have second wind up all the time, you won't have enough rage to even keep hamstring up, let alone use slam.

Now let's say you stay in battle stance. In battle stance you take as much damage as a rogue without feint, minus all that peels. Coupled with the warbringer and shockwave nerf (which are completely retarded abilities) we are nothing but a walking target. There is absolutely no punishment for training a warrior in MoP; we don't even get rage from getting trained (unless ofc if you stay in zeker stance and get hit for 100k every hit to get 20 rage).

I will be here, laughing at your face when no one is around to stop rogues and dks - you will enjoy it getting x3 100k obliterates in your face. Have fun in the next season.

Def stance was retarded yes. But most of you are also retarded because you don;t know how warrior's work in MoP. It saddens me to see people with many helmets on their avatars that don't even know the basics of each class. Go read some wowhead

#3823095 Battle Fatigue

Posted Sabyth on 17 December 2012 - 08:04 PM

Battle Fatigue is 30% less healing so you heal 70% of normal (0.7).
MS is 25% less healing so you heal 75% of normal (.75).

They stack, obviously.
Together you heal .7 x .75 = .525 or 52.5% of normal.

So with MS you reduce healing by 47.5% instead of 30%.

+rep cause I'm the first person here to understand how math works.

#3818918 Shadowpriests

Posted Chazzwozzer on 11 December 2012 - 05:49 PM

View Postsaffie, on 11 December 2012 - 04:59 PM, said:

There are so many shadow priests in this thread defending their class and acting like they are fine.

Sure you are fine, if other classes had the same kind of utilities that you did, you would be fine. Relative to other casters apart from mages you are far superior. Almost every team you meet in arena these days have a warrior/mage or sp in them.

If utility doesn't make a class op, only one shot damage does then lets give SP's ice block, shield wall, cyclone as well... Almost all of the warlocks posting on AJ knew how op demo was and wanted it to be changed, and eventually glad that it got fixed, that was also because playing demo was not fun, but so many SP's here defending their class when they are clearly in a much better spot than any other class out there apart from warrior and mage. Try not to be so biased about your class please it makes a horrible arguement.

But you are right about one thing SP's dont need a nerf, other classes need a buff that can enable them to compete with the support of an SP. But also MD has to be about 45 second cd if you are shadow, thats about it.

This comment that other classes should have the same utility as shadow priests is such a tired argument.  Why would anyone want there to be less class individuality in the game.  You even go on later in the post and describe in a sarcastic manner that we should give spriests other class identifying abilities (which would obviously be a bad thing). If other classes should have the same utility as spriests, then give spriests a port cooldown and spammable cc like locks have.  

It is true that most comps do have a warrior or mage in them - they have about 14% and 10.5% representation respectively.  But spriests are no where near as common (about 6.3%).  If you add all warlock spec representation above 2200, they in fact have higher representation than spriests (6.5%).  These stats are pulled from worldofgraphs.com - I do not know if they are 100% accurate, but they do seem similar to what I see on the ladder myself.

You're applying a blanket statement that everyone defending shadow priests is defending their spec based on class bias, however there are a number of posters that play different classes that also don't think that spriests are overpowered (myself included).  

If anything, it appears that you are suffering from class bias.  Yes I agree that shadow priests are in a better spot than warlocks, and yes they are the second best caster spec in the game.  But what are the alternatives?  Elemental is basically nonviable as a pvp spec, and boomkin has insane damage during cooldowns but is otherwise pretty weak.  So because shadow is better than two non viable specs and warlocks (first season I've been playing that locks haven't been amazing btw), then shadow must be overpowered? As an aside, I played both a spriest and warlock last expansion, and warlocks were clearly the better class (as I understand it, warlocks have been better than spriests in basically every season except the current one).  Yet I did not come posting that warlocks were overpowered just because it was the better spec.  

There are reasons that spriests have defensive utility at their disposal.  They don't have spammable cc like some other casters have, and they don't have the ability to kite like other casters.  Not every caster is the same, and nor should they be.  What makes this game interesting is the differences between the classes, and I do not understand why posters want to take away the tools that give spriests their identity.  And I am not saying that spriests are necessarily immune to needing nerfs.  If flash heal was still as strong as it was before 5.1, then it would be too good.  But as of right now, I don't really see it as a problem.

#3222863 Noob looking for advice on 3s Arena

Posted Voksen on 05 May 2011 - 04:48 AM

Some of what I'll say might sound obvious.  Going to cut/paste the standard response here:

I would suggest any videos you can get your hands on (more recent and comp relevant, the better), as well as perhaps setting up some "skirms" in the actual arena zones such as nagrand to focus on your tactics and synergy.  And of course there is almost no substitute for spamming arena games and just disbanding your team if your win/loss looks embarrassing.

ATM it sounds like you have the general physics of arena down:  CC-rotations and calculated burst rotations, combined with proper balance of defensive/offensive cooldown use and aggressive/defensive positioning.  A lot of the game just comes down to looking for tactical openings, such as when they're out of position, behind on defensive cooldowns, and you guys are up on defensives (i.e. able to stop their burst cycle) as well as trinkets, etc.

There are also some websites that will give lessons/advice, albeit for a fee.  I can't advertise for them here on the forums but you can search for them in people's profiles and/or via google.  These sites have helped a lot of people accelerate their arena learning curve.  I would highly recommend them once you're in the 1900-2300 range.  Anywhere above or below that rating, the tips are still applicable but you simply wouldn't get the most out of them.  Below 1900 you still need to work on fundamentals (which I recommend people learning more-or-less for themselves), and above 2400ish you're simply looking to fine-tune for glad.

As far as theory-crafting strats within your team:
-Watching vids is great and reading forums are key.  
-Don't cloud your own rational discovery through easy advice...after each game, take the time to think things over for yourselves and rationalize through why you won or lost (like doing your own homework instead of copying someone else's).  
-Generally you should be approaching each win or loss with a small in-between game review, to understand what each individual did well, and what they could have improved upon.  
-Everyone must have voice/headset/reasonable lag.  Anything otherwise and it'll be hard to know whats up and where improvements are needed.  
- I also think psychologically it helps if you're using optimistic tone in post-game analysis, like: "it would probably help us if you call your CC more" rather then "dude your CC sucks balls".  "I think we could've gone on the lock harder or swapped to him more often...he was free casting all game"

At your rating, most scripted strats will work but its always good to have 2-3 variations of an opening, mid-game, and finisher (just like you would in chess).  You have to learn to play dynamically and in real-time.  Its fine to walk in as comp A vs. comp B and play the strongest theoretical openening, but if they're good they'll likely defend or learn to defend equally well, and thus you transition into a mid game or different variation.  You'll need to open with a plan that is generally sound or accepted, but follow it up with variations in execution in real-time, every time.  And when that doesn't work, try something radically different =)

Some other general notes on 3v3:
- Work on your "peripheral" situational awareness.  At top levels the players are juggling multiple cooldowns from all teamates and opponents (and the BEST do this WITHOUT mods).
- When you're going for kills, and things look really dire for them, expect interrupts or CC on your dps and take precautions to line-of-sight (LoS) it, pre-interrupt it, or juke it.
- When they're going for kills, or really any kind of 'pressure' (i.e. significant dmg per unit time and/or use of cooldowns offensively), expect lockouts/chainCC on your healer.
- Ideally you should not be panicking and overlapping too many defensive cooldowns between yourselves for each "pressure cycle".  Learn to coordinate, communicate, anticipate these push/pull cycles.

A lot of this will make the game sound boring and less interesting to play..but its the kind of stuff you'd have to get in the hang of if you're going to do anything professionally in life.

+rating if this helped.

#2527123 Cata Mage Suggestion - FrB and FFB

Posted Vilerose on 21 August 2010 - 01:39 AM

I sent this to Affix to pass on if he sees fit, but I figured I might as well ask opinions from others as well..

I've been thinking about the latest changes to Frostfire Bolt (no dot and 2.5sec base cast time).

The way I see it (unless I'm missing more info), not much differentiates Frostfire Bolt from Frostbolt in the current beta build except two talents - Piercing Ice and Brain Freeze, which only affect Frostbolt. Additionally, Frostfire Bolt doesn't seem to serve any real purpose except as a proc for ONE of the talent trees, which admittedly is a pretty weak role for one of the three abilities mages learn from 70 to 80. Finally, many consider the current Deathfrost final mastery to be somewhat 'lackluster'.

Given this, my suggestion is to make Frostbolt more of a frost-version of Scorch (utility+moderate damage) and to allow Frostfire Bolt to become frost's main nuke.


The way I envision it:

Frostbolt cast time would be reduced to something like 1.5sec base cast time and deal less but still moderate damage.

Frostbolt would then serve 3 purposes: 1) Frostbolt, though still longer in cast time, could serve as R1 frostbolt does now - for slowing applications and deliberate ranged debuff cover; 2) Frostbolt would still trigger the deathfrost mastery to give all other spells additional damage*; 3) Frostbolt could be used as a way to deal moderate damage when mages know they don't have the time/opportunity get a full Frostfire Bolt off.

*Frostbolt thus becomes a very unique version of say Scorch or Immolate. While all three of these increase the damage of other spells by a certain percentage, Deathfrost damage increase is 1) a buff on the mage (Blizzard can easily modify the duration of the buff to reflect balance) rather than a debuff on one target, and 2) modified by the amount of mastery stat a Mage chooses to wear. This adds depth (more on this later).

Frostfire Bolt, as the main nuke, would be affected by both Piercing Chill** and Brain Freeze.

Given the choice, Frostfire Bolt should be the preferred method of choice for dealing damage so long as the caster has the Deathfrost buff. Thus, Frostfire Bolt should have the super damage per cast time necessary to make it preferable. Without the Deathfrost buff, however, the damage for Frostbolt would be maybe roughly 1.5/2.5 x Frostfire Bolt damage.

**Piercing Chill should no longer be triggered by Frostbolt because that would make it too powerful. Allowing it to still trigger Brain Freeze would be a balance decision based on whether Blizzard believes frost mages to be under/overpowered at the end of beta.



This adds significant depth in both Frost PvE and PvP without even requiring the use of additional keybinds (which Blizzard dreads). Mages of all specs have always been considered to have one of the easiest, and most monotonous, PvE rotations and this would go a long way to help vary it up. In addition, this would solve problems and provide further depth simultaneously in PvP..

1) The loss of r1 frostbolt in cataclysm appears to be devestating, and the implementation of frostbolt as proposed here would give mages the option of using frostbolt in the same way that r1 frostbolt is currently used.

2) This would lessen Mage reliance on haste stacking in PvP (something Blizzard wants to fix in cata). The reason Mages currently benefit from haste so much is because they have no way to deal moderate to significant damage except through the current frostbolt which has a long base cast time. My proposal would make it so that Frostbolt would deal moderate (not significant) damage on a shorter cast time. Though frostfire bolt would be preferable for damage purposes, this gives Mages a casting option when they are pressed for cast time in PvP and would thus lessen Mage dependence on haste.

3) Due to the fact that deathfrost is a buff on the mage (presumably undispellable), frostbolt need not be cast on the target you wish to go on, giving the mage the option to attain the deathfrost buff by doing moderate damage the kill target or using it for utility on another target (options give depth).

Anyways, looking for opinions.

#2429151 Focused attacks gone..?

Posted Literacola on 21 July 2010 - 07:22 PM

Razorscythe said:

mutilate is more dead then ever ;/


#1660571 Who the hell made the dalaran arena?

Posted makoplux on 30 December 2009 - 10:51 PM

Maybe the problem is that you're playing hunter ret and therefore can't lock anything down except with hoj. I'm just putting this out there but not every comp is going to work on every map ESPECIALLY if you play a comp with no spammable CC. You can bitch and complain about the map all you want but the fact of the matter is that those boxes suck dick for mages as well and aren't exactly the best for warlocks either.

If you want to play a comp with no real CC and then bitch about situations when you can't just chain your DPS abilities you're going to find little sympathy from me. To be perfectly honest given the nature of your team's abilities (All CC being instant and all damage being uninteruptable) what do you expect someone to do to mitigate your damage except abuse LOS?.

Also double healer warrior would be gayer in this situation than virtually any other comp and so while I agree that Dalaran boxes are gay getting double healer warrior on Dalaran is going to make the situation feel worse than it actually is (vs. basically anyone else).

#1582395 [Guide] Hydramist.net RP, RM ,RMP and 5's specs and basic all around strats...

Posted Kalimist on 08 December 2009 - 04:20 PM

<Warning this may not be the best option for 3.3 and I need to test it for my self before I say what I found better in this patch, since the changes are pretty big, I will update this post when something has changed>

Ok seems like I'm getting asked about specs quite a lot so I will post what specs I use for live play for ladder standings.
MMR chooses what spec you are going to play including what the majority of teams are on your BG in the top 1-40.
From how it was before 3.3 I would say these specs are what I found best:

RP (Rogue Priest 2v2 bracket)

Ratings 0-3000 MMR Talent Spec: http://www.wowhead.c...ohzZ0xZebfb0hdb
Weapon Choice/Poisons: Double Wound no matter what with a anesthetic poison weapon in your bags for weapon swapping to remove Berserker Rage from warriors.
For this comp you need to learn to get the best opener possible having your priest to nuke as much as possible as the Penance Smite priest spec as this set up you wan't to get enough pressure on the opener to put the other team behind on cooldowns then finish them off with yours. If you don't manage to do this theres always a pillar for 5 minutes unless its RoV. ;D

RMP (Rogue Mage Priest 3v3 bracket)

Ratings 0-2499 MMR Talent Spec: http://www.wowhead.c...RhuZ0bZebfbc0db
Weapon Choice/Poisons: Option 1 Deadly Poison on Main Hand, Wound on offhand for 2 1.8's or Wound Mainhand and Deadly offhand for 1.8+1.4, exception mentioned below.
I go mainly Master Poisoner for other rogue teams and go with double wound not deadly poison against them, unless its ret rogue priest. Also your mage would need glyph of polymorph when you are playing this spec. For other plate teams just go envenom and teams at this rating won't be able to out heal your damage unlike how it is at 2.65k-3k mmr.

For the rest of the guide which includes 2.5k+ RMP and 5v5 go to www.hydramist.net > forums >Board index > Questions Questions > Ask Kalimist

Please don't forget to +REP me if you found this helpful.