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In Topic: Videos, tips for my Holy Priest bud. Dies way to often.

Yesterday, 04:44 AM

Tbh, HPriest isn't the best healer atm but when you really learn how to play it, it becomes amazing for surviving almost anything 2dps can throw at you. The most important things when playing vs say warr/dk or any other double melee cleave as hpriest are:
1. Correctly rotating your instant casts
2. Knowing your limits (when you are fine/in trouble etc)
3. Correct cooldown usage

At first it may seem virtually impossible to survive warr/dk (I use this example because as priest its probably the hardest comp you will come against) but there are a few tricks you can use.

Firstly you want to take PoM/Renew/Shackle glyphs. Shackle is key here for dealing with the dks cooldowns as you can shackle gargoyle almost instantly. You also want to abuse the fact that you can bait out lichbourne by fearing on cd and when he does use it, abuse the shit out of shackle, if he's clever he will remove lichbourne after the first shackle but most dks are brain dead and will let you cc them for 14s for free.

Secondly, feathers are broken as fuck. You can have almost 100% uptime on an 80% speed boost, if their slow runs out for just 0.5s, you can spectral guise with feather up and be half way to africa by the time it wears off.

Abuse twisted fate and lightwell. If you have all your instant heals up, youre floating around 60% and you know they have no stuns, let yourself drop to 35% for the 15% healing boost, hit pom, holy word + divine star and refresh renew.

There isn't really a rotation of spells you should be using however there are some rules on when to use what.
Use PoM on cd, this is important for the Holy spark passive you get from it. You then want to decide what you want to use your Holy spark on. This depends on what procs you have and if you can cast.
If you can cast and you have 2x serendipity go for GH + holy word right after so it lands in the same global. This will top pretty much anyone from ~20% if GH crits.

If you have a fdcl proc and you are in danger of dying use the fdcl proc then Holy word. If youre not in danger then use the Holy word proc first then the fdcl proc. This is because if youre in danger of dying you cant really risk the chance of the FH not critting from the extra crit chance the Holy word provides, you will need the largest most reliable heal. If youre safe then go for the chance of a crit.

After PoM and Holy Word, you want to use divine star on cd and make sure you maintain 100% uptime on renew.
If your'e in big trouble you also want to use PW:S and CoH on cd but these two spells are a fast way to being out of mana so you want to avoid them as much as possible.

If he's human I'd recommend picking up the on-use and battlemasters, these are incredibly underrated in my opinion as using the on-use before you PoM + FDCL + Holy Word can completely top someone if you get crits and smart use of battlemasters when silenced/locked out can easily save your life or even save you using your PvP trinket/GS.

When the enemy pops cds you want to feather yourself, PW:S, use spectral guise and juke like a motherfucker. This alone can save you using swap/GS by gaining distance from your enemy then pillar humping like a faggot so they can't back on you.

Another neat trick you can use to maximize your healing is to go into Chakra: Sanctuary, hit PoM, Divine Star, CoH then go back into Chakra: Serenity and use Holyword/FDCL proc. This is because PoM, Divine Star and CoH all benefit from the +25% healing from Chakra: Sanctuary. I swear i'm the only priest that does that.

I hope that all makes sense, its 5:30am here and im drunk so it may be hard to read ahah

Good luck

PS: I know this is about 2s but a good tip for 3s is to pop on use, jump into Chakra: Sanctuary and use Divine Hymm behind a pillar. That motherfucker can top a whole team from ~30% through a row of dark souled alffi dots and a recking warrior at the same time. Shits cash as fuck.

In Topic: where there any rogues at blizzcon?

09 November 2013 - 08:40 PM

qualifiers were in s13 so no rogues and not as many warriors as there would be if it was s14

In Topic: Priest lvl 100 talents

09 November 2013 - 08:12 PM

If shifting perspectives goes through for disc/holy... bahahahahahaha gl every killing anyone ever <3

In Topic: Jahmilli's targeting

31 October 2013 - 02:36 PM

View PostThugjitsu, on 31 October 2013 - 01:58 PM, said:





OT: If you get used to clicking frames your reaction time becomes pretty retarded. I can click gladius and chastise faster than I can hit my arena1/2/3 macro then hit chastise.

In Topic: Blood Horror + Spell Reflect (annoying that it actually counters it)

25 October 2013 - 04:50 PM

View PostOwslend, on 25 October 2013 - 03:54 PM, said:

Warrior isn't your counterclass.... one bit... The fact that you use blood horror beginning of arena fights classifies you as a noob. I'm tired of casters not thinking out of the box and just rant out nerfs instead of learning to play. Maybe if you played other characters you would realize how to counterplay more.