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Counter Strike Totem Redirects UA Backlash

03 October 2016 - 10:36 PM

How do I avoid this other than never stacking UA or just not playing an Affliction Lock?


Enhance shaman are dropping Counter Strike totems on top of me during their Ascendance and then coordinating with their healers to instantly dispel whoever has UA stacked on them so it redirects the backlash from the UA dispel via their Counter Strike Totem. I got hit for 1.1 million from my own UA backlash because now that UA backlash can only do max 50% of my health people can purposely let me stack it and indiscriminately dispel it.

There is no way I can react fast enough to either try to target and mele the totem to kill it or target and have pet attack to kill it before they can pull this off.