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#4609720 Destruction PTR Notes

Posted by Drizzilx on 07 October 2016 - 07:32 PM

Unless something drastically changes, affliction is looking to be trash tier now for 7.1 so I did my Destro artifact quest the other night and I'm going to start grinding AP for it.


Only problem is that initially it looks like you would develop your artifact in two completely differen't directions depending on if you want to play a shadowburn spam spec with Cremation or if you wanted to do a Chaos Bolt spec with Focused Chaos.


I can't imagine that Chaos Bolt is going to go live the way it is on the PTR now so maybe Cremation will end up being the better way to go?  I heard that the talent is bugged on the ptr right now though and it's not currently doing the extra 8% of someones health.  Sounds really strong if that 8% health can crit and works with the artifact gold trait conflagration of chaos.

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