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In Topic: Warlock Pet bug - Dalaran Arena

20 January 2017 - 01:55 AM

I always mount up and then run and jump off (not fall off, actually space bar jump off) the edge of the pipe on my mount.  When I land my pet warps to me 99% of the time.

In Topic: Counter Strike Totem Redirects UA Backlash

21 October 2016 - 09:16 PM

I just had a new first happen last night.  Other teams Rshaman was standing on our pillar being aggressive with shears/purges/hexes so I just started to UA stack him instead of one of his dps.  I get a good sized stack on him, the Rshaman leaps to another pillar across the map, runs behind it, drops CS totem, dispels himself and the damage from dispelling himself still gets re-direted onto our team who are all standing 50+ yards from the CS totem.


I guess this is sort of getting fixed in 7.1 since UA stacking and it's backlash damage is getting gutted anyways.

In Topic: Destruction PTR Notes

10 October 2016 - 09:18 PM

I really hope that people will go for the Chaos Bolt spec, the Shadowburn spec looks so dumb with just jumping around spamming nothing but instant cast spells all game.

I've been playing both on the ptr.  The Chaos Bolt spec is much more fun to play for me anyways. After watching Jah play that Greater Pyro spec in the tourney yesterday it looks like running some like Destro + Fire mage could be really fun and gimmicky to play to try to one shot someone with Greater Pyro + Chaos Bolt.

In Topic: Unstable Affliction damage explanation

10 October 2016 - 09:13 PM

It's completely changed on the PTR for 7.1 now too.  On the PTR currently UA actually each has its own spell icon debuff on the target and you can cast it up to 5 times on something (so shows 5 separate UAs on them each with its own timer)  Originally they were having it show a stacking number from 1 to 5 but that just got changed, for whatever reason, but they must have been having issues with it because Rot and Decay was not refreshing UA before.  The other good thing about the 5 separate UA icons is that each one buffs your shadow bite damage from your fel hunter by 50% each, so you get 7 buffs to shadow bite damage from corruption, Agony and 5 UAs.


Now on the PTR Rot and Decay is refreshing the duration of UA and you can let it drop all the way down to 1 second left and when you refresh it with Rot and Decay it still does 100% of its original damage per tick.  It also feels like Rot and Decay is adding 3 seconds per drain lift tick as opposed to 2 seconds like it was on live, it feels much easier to keep UA's refreshed to full duration now on the PTR.


I can see you being able to possibly UA stack two targets and keep them up now with the way UA and Rot and Decay is working on the ptr since you wont lose any damage anymore on your stacks if you are a bit slow on refreshing them (unless you let them completely drop off).  You have to work around people dispelling your stacks which will be less punishing for them to do now since they are lowering the backlash damage for dispelling them, but think that if you constantly keep stacking two targets that it will make it much harder for them to keep up.

In Topic: Destruction PTR Notes

07 October 2016 - 07:32 PM

Unless something drastically changes, affliction is looking to be trash tier now for 7.1 so I did my Destro artifact quest the other night and I'm going to start grinding AP for it.


Only problem is that initially it looks like you would develop your artifact in two completely differen't directions depending on if you want to play a shadowburn spam spec with Cremation or if you wanted to do a Chaos Bolt spec with Focused Chaos.


I can't imagine that Chaos Bolt is going to go live the way it is on the PTR now so maybe Cremation will end up being the better way to go?  I heard that the talent is bugged on the ptr right now though and it's not currently doing the extra 8% of someones health.  Sounds really strong if that 8% health can crit and works with the artifact gold trait conflagration of chaos.