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#4095223 WoD Druids 6.0 Little Alarming

Posted Lolflay on 07 April 2014 - 09:24 PM

Subterfuge allowing hard restealthing needs to go. Similary, FF needs to go.

Rogues need decent sustained damage outside of Dance they once had.

Hunter, Warrior, DK damage needs to get butchered.

Warlocks getting fel flame removed needs to reverted,

Mages need to revert to their previous playstyle ( casting 80% of time, jumping around throwing instants 20% of time ).

Priests need a few changes, Discipline needs to be the go to pvp spec again, needs to retain SWD and get Mind Spike back, Potent shields and moderate healing to promote the "shield to preserve momentum and keep being offensive, resort to healing when losing momentum only to regain momentum once shields are back again", Shadow needs to be fun again and have its own niche instead of being an elemental shaman in disguise.

Druids need to be in the same place they used to be before, aka their strongest form of defense should be the shifting+travelform as it was by far the most interesting defensive playstyle out of them all ( obviously the game needs to support such playstyle ), and they should continue to get heavily punished for not predicting HoT placement pre-swaps. Boomkins still need a place amongst the ranks of "real" DPS in this game, and Ferals I feel could use some tweaks too.

Monks 3 button death playstyle needs to go, Sparring needs to go, Karma needs to have a longer cooldown ( at least 3-4 minutes ), and they should gain an extra smaller cooldown to compensate for such a change. Their retarded mobility needs to be toned down ( roll losing one charge, flying serpent kick being lower range, tiger's lust having lower duration ). Their hamstring needs to be reapplied manually instead of being a fire and forget ability.

Destruction Warlocks are easily one of more retarded things ingame too, despite their representation. Just letting one chaosbolt through sometimes spells a loss.

Shamans are fucking ridiculous, tremor need to be heavily revamped ( possibly becoming an anticipation ability that shields the shaman from next fear, 10 second duration buff ( undispellable ), 1 minute cooldown )

Dispel system needs to be revamped too, and with that, protection abilities such as UA should act differently as well.

There's so much more stuff they should do, but alas, they will never listen. I hate that I started again and actually prepurchased WoD, these alpha notes aren't nearly as prime as they should have been.