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#4613194 Pre-blizzcon tournament live now

Posted by ottishen on 28 October 2016 - 07:07 PM

Minpojke with that clutch Light of the Martyr damage to score the kill!


...come on Lore, that's bad even for your standard.

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#4611238 New leaderboard change

Posted by ottishen on 17 October 2016 - 06:33 PM

I dunno, it seems to follow their general philosophy in legion: Improve the aesthetics but remove all the options.

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#4544979 Legion Druid Preview

Posted by ottishen on 26 November 2015 - 05:21 PM

Why would they make Cyclone Balance specific, it really makes no sense...
I fully agree that having spammable CC as Resto makes druids incredibly powerful but removing it completely takes away one of the most key aspects of good Resto Druid plays. Being one of the few healers that can help set up a kill opportunity is what made Druids fun to play. If Disc is not viable for PvP they will have reduced both of the currently CC-heavy healers into the standard "sit back and heal" - playstyle... and we already have 3 other healers that fulfill that role!
The change feels very targeted towards Resto and Ferals losing Clone too feels more like collateral damage. I see no reason why they would remove Clone from Ferals, has anybody ever complained about them having Clones (outside of the instant ones)?

If they really don't want Resto or Feral to have spammable clones, give it a cooldown (and preferrably something like 2 charges so that it can be used back-to-back if really needed) and let Balance have a PvP talent that removes the cooldown.
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#4543413 ....legion? :'(

Posted by ottishen on 23 November 2015 - 01:07 AM

From what I have seen the caster design looks pretty solid.

With the changes to destru locks we will see a much faster - but presumably lower damage - Chaos Bolt (2,5 sec baseline, 2 sec with pvp talents and up to 50% backdraft) which could be fairly similar to what they used to have before Chaos Bolt became a 3 second cast. Similarly, we see some pretty strong Mage and Elemental talents revolving around casted spells rather than instant procs. Hopefully this will lead casters in a direction where casted damage is the way to go but without making it way too inefficient to get off.

Similarly, some of the meele lockdown seems to be gone/nerfed with Asphyx being 1 min cd, Incarn no longer having stun on Rake, rogue lockdown being nerfed etc. I am always way too positive to new expac notes but it seems to me that they are finally taking a step back in the "instant cast vs lockdown" arms race that has been going on all the way since vanilla.

Finally, and quite possible the largest, they finally seems to nerf defensive cooldowns. It looks like the majority of the classes are losing out on some defensives, such as:
- Die by the Sword appears to be the only defensive for Arms warriors
- No more Nature's Guardian for Shamans
- Only 1 "Deterrence" charge for Hunters (they are also given a heal but it looks weak in comparison to a second deter)
- Ice Block not healing and on a 5 min recharge timer rather than 3 min Cold Snap (and no Cold Snap healing either!)
- Warlocks losing Soul Link as well as their regen talent (and ember tap for destru)

Can't remember the other classes but this in combination with the much shorter cooldown on many of the offensive abilities, like Colossus Smash, just might break up the scriptedness of the game. As somebody mentioned in another thread, cooldowns being of different lengths will go a long way to prevent the stale "he used x I use y" - gameplay of WoD.

On the other side of the spectrum we have retarded stuff like Survival mobility however. Who thought it would be a good idea to give them a 40 yd (!!) gap closer on a 15 second cooldown while at the same time allowing them to retain Disengage with the freedom+sprint talent on top of it? And as if that is not enough, they added a PvP talent that makes Disengage not trigger the cooldown if used within 6 seconds of Harpoon. And I thought that Monks rolling over the entire map was bad... I had no idea on what was to come -_-
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#4524135 Stormbolt. endless QQ

Posted by ottishen on 19 October 2015 - 09:26 PM

that is why i want less damage from warriors and more control.

similar to mop without being op. as you say its stupid, but what else can the warrior really do to you.

I kind of like it more when it boils down to good cooldown useage (and of course making damage in-between cooldowns matter as well).

For instance, if Stormbolt/HoJ/Asphyxiate etc was 1 min cd or more, using it at the right time would be more important as otherwise you wasted your kill setup for a long period of time. In this case the team with the better cooldown management would have the edge which is a LOT better than both teams just using their stuns off cooldown. Of course, this would require massive changes in the game overall, like increasing the cooldown on defensive abilities and reducing instant cast spells accordingly.
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#4524129 Stormbolt. endless QQ

Posted by ottishen on 19 October 2015 - 09:12 PM

Ranged 30 second cooldown stuns coupled with interrupts on every single class is what forces us into World of Instacraft. Trying to cast when every class has 2-3 ways of stopping you on a short cooldown is what makes every class with casted damage bad and is imo bad for the game. It's so fun to having to go through faking 2 interrupts just to realize that it doesn't matter as every class has enough lockdown to never allow you to cast even without them... I know that it is needed in the current metagame, but it is definantely something that needs to change if we want casters/healers to cast more.

This is of course not Stormbolt specific by any means, but it is definately included in this category together with every other short cooldown uncounterable disruptive ability. The reason why Stormbolt specifically gets hate is because of Turbo I would assume. Gonna admit, it is incredibly frustrating as a healer when the only form of CC needed to set me behind on healing is a 4 second stun every 30 seconds.
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#4520790 WoD Season 3 confirmed, season 2 ending soon

Posted by ottishen on 14 October 2015 - 02:57 PM

inb4 the only changes are like 3 number tuning changes for some irrelevant specs that nobody plays.
"Marksman hunters now do 4% more damage with Chimera Shot."
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#4513845 what a joke joke joke of a company

Posted by ottishen on 04 October 2015 - 12:11 PM

The problem when it comes to WoW esports scene compared to other companies is that Blizzard only recently and (in all cases apart from Xonika) took action long after the offense was commited. I know it is a pretty shitty excuse, but if nobody has ever been banned from tournaments for boosting for 10 years it is not really something you are prepared for. Yes it is correct that in hindsight it was really dumb to boost if they were expecting to be banned from tournaments if they were caught but if you are "only" expecting a 72 hour ban and that's it, is it really that surprising that people will try to make money out of the game?

I am against boosting but on the other hand, since unlike most other games a majority of the people that is worth watching during tournaments has at some point done boosts, banning these people will lead to having to watch the second-best teams compete. Or, as in this case, the good teams that somehow managed to avoid the banhammer.
I dunno, it's msot likely because I don't care about WoW esports more than watching the big names of EU fighting the big names of US, but with this most of the hype for Blizzcon is gone even if the bans are justified :/
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#4512900 EU Regionals bois

Posted by ottishen on 03 October 2015 - 02:53 PM

lore is gonna get banned next... mid sentence probably

The only ban I wouldn't mind one bit.
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#4470890 7.0 pvp: no EMFH imbalance, no pvp gear, no conquest points. no pve vs pvp ba...

Posted by ottishen on 08 August 2015 - 11:31 PM

For me its enough to see Adaptation and to know that the trend "look mom, no hands" continues. I mean: "When you are afflicted by a Stun, Root, or Silence effect, you become immune to that effect for 3 seconds. This effect may only occur once every 90 seconds." (passive)
Seriously? Haven't we had enough shit abilities like these? Why are they always trying to force this trend of passive spells that play the game for you over player reaction to those certain situations? I mean, this is the main reason why the game shit. This passive ability is the same whether you face 1500 player or 3000 rated player...

Tl;DR: Holonko, pls, dont do this, again.

I dunno, all I could think of when I saw that was "thank God, this may prevent the RAKE RAKE RAKE whenever a feral pops Incarnation..."
Althouh, with a 90 second cooldown it will be very easy to play around. While the effect is the same for a 1500 and a 3000 rater player, the 3000 rated player will just laugh and toss a random stun on whatever target he wants 20 seconds before he goes ham. The issue with the Monk version in MoP was not the effect in itself, but rather that the 10 second cooldown did not leave any window of opportunity for the opponent to attack before it was up again.
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#4404822 What makes MW go well with DK/war/other melee classes?

Posted by ottishen on 25 March 2015 - 10:22 PM

The role of a healer in a meelecleave is to keep his teammates offensive for as long as possible until they can kill somebody. The main issue with this strategy has always been that the meelecleave burns through their defensive cooldowns pretty fast as they are forced to overextend in order to reach their target. Essentially, the game is over if the meelecleave has used up all their defensives before scoring a kill. By having a healer with a short cooldown defensive such as Life Cocoon, they can stagger their defensives more efficiently and spread them out over a longer period of time, leading to some meeleteams (turbocleave mainly) being able to spread out their defensives so efficiently that they can drag the game far into dampening before scoring a kill.

As I see it, mw cc is pretty much perfect for a meelecleave. Our cc is too short (both duration and range) to be helpful when it comes to landing cc chains in castercleaves, but for meelecleaves you are not really interested in landing long chains, but rather small, disruptive cc to make the enemy healer fall behind and not being able to keep up with the pressure. In this scenario, the instant, undispellable (being useable on the other dps for peels without having to worry about dispel is huge) cc of monks can really shine.
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#4399998 Destruction

Posted by ottishen on 13 March 2015 - 12:52 PM

Destruction definately has scary burst, playing with one and he can crit for up to 130k with his chaos bolts. We are playing mls at 2200 mmr and it feels like if it is played well, it can reach a lot higher. We are setting up kills basically the same way as in MoP, cc healer and double coil dps to let our lock get off 1-2 chaos bolts and then pray that our mage can finish them off.
Needless to say though, the problem is to get the damage off. Destru is one of the only specs (if not THE only) that has zero instant cast burst but needs to actually get a few chaos bolts off to do damage. The removal of Fel Flame was simply brutal for destruction. Unless you, like our lock, simply refuse to play the other lock specs out of principle I would suggest that you go either demo or affli instead to save yourself a lot of pain.
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#4365610 On the topic of Rdruids being 'too strong'

Posted by ottishen on 20 January 2015 - 11:17 AM

By looking at numbers it may seem like Resto Druid healing doesn't do that much, but I would say that it rather proves that it is not easy to create a realistic scenario by simply using theory. There are a lot of factors that are not taken into account when you are comparing healing to damage.

- While you are correct in that HoTs will not be able to outheal the damage when your opponents are sitting on a teammate 100% of the game, you have to take into account kiting abilities and peels. The moment your teammate (or you yourself) get away, your heals will heal them back up again. For instance, meeles will suffer from roots, slows and clones while trying to attack their target and during this time your hots will continute to heal your teammates back up again. They also continue to heal while you are put into CC which means that not only can you avoid CC fairly easy but even if you are put into them the effect is greatly reduced compared to other healers. Furthermore, hots counters spread pressure teams greatly as you can keep hots up on all 3 targets in an arena without losing too many globals to heal their main target.

- When it comes to NS you are forgetting the Living Seed passive which basically increases the healing of your crit heals by 50%. This means that, assuming you crit for 100k, the next time your teammate is hit he will be healed for an additional 50k.

- Of course a Resto druid will drop when being trained. The point is however that if your opponents are training you they are leaving your teammates free to do whatever they like. Sure, you will lose mana a lot faster than if they were on your teammates, but the other team is putting themselves on a timer as they will have to overextend to reach you and will have to burn through defensives fast. As a result, the increased mana consumption will not matter as healer training games are generally very short compared to dps training games.

- When it comes to your comparison to MW monks, their mobility is not better than druids. You are correct in that monks has 2 rolls, a port and a root removal that can be used about as often as a druid blink but you are ignoring the fact that druids can shapeshift out of roots which gives them a lot better mobility. Monks also has amongst the weakest instant heals in the game which means that they have to stop for a second every time they want to heal. A resto druid can continue to run while healing which is a huge deal.

- You also forget to mention Ironbark and Barkskin which are huge short cooldown abilities. If you are being trained you basically have a PS every minute, but with 5% more damage reduction and 25% less chance to be crit if you play with the glyph. Oh and they are both useable when silenced and Barkskin when stunned as well.

- As for offensive dispels, they are the only thing that keeps druids even remotely in check at the moment. The sad reality is that even if you ignore hots, Regrowth heals for about as much as any other 1,5 sec cast heal - more than Paladins and slightly less than shamans (if you don't count the Unleash heal ofc) - while at the same time having all those hots as well. And as for the mana part, Regrowth is actually the cheapest of all fast cast heals, with Flash of Light at 6400, Healing Surge and Flash Heal at 6624 and Surging Mist at 7520.

TL:DR- they have about the same healing from casted heals as other healers- but at a lower mana cost, better instant casts, better mobility, only healer with spammable CC that can't even be dispelled without MD, Bear form to protect them from meeles and strong, the ability to shapeshift to protect them from polymorph and hex (with no cd) as well as short cooldown defensives with Barkskin, Ironbark and NS (which is basically a LoH- quite interesting that LoH is still not useable in arenas when both shamans, druids and monks seems to have it these days).
So no, people are not overestimating Druids.
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#4364170 demon bolt stealth nerfed by 25*% in pvp

Posted by ottishen on 19 January 2015 - 07:28 AM

Oh look, more people whining about killing spree.
Top 200:

6 combat rogues (11 total)

30 warriors
18 locks
17 hunters
15 mages
13 dks

As you can see, combat is def horribly broken and running rampant throughout the ladder ruining arena.

Yeah combat rogue representation is truly terrible:
Posted Image
Demo representation is so low that it isn't even shown so I must say that it is interesting that they get insta nerfed while classes like rogues, mages and druids are left alone.
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#4359699 Tired of Huntards

Posted by ottishen on 15 January 2015 - 02:55 AM

Imo, the thing that makes people complain the most is when the skill of execution is not proportional to the skill of preventing it.

As an example, combat recieves a lot of hate because even though you outplayed them completely they can still just kidney you and press Killing Spree, then sit back and laugh, not clicking anything while you die to their unpeelable damage. The same thing is true for stuff like druid healing where they are outhealing everything with little to no effort, which of course is very unfair.

At this point, a lot of people would say that the difference between those classes and hunters are of course that they are extremely good even at the very top of the PvP ladders, but that has actually a limited effect on how people react. For instance people complained a lot about Blood Fear in season 12 even though warlocks in general was completely crap after the Demo nerfs (5 sec cd instant fear... 12 sec cd instant trap... anyone see a connection?). The thing that bothers people is that you see some classes do nothing skillful at all and still somehow beat you.

For hunters, this has been the case ever since MoP. They are not neccessarily the strongest in the game, but more the fact that with traps the way they are, the amount of effort required to land a trap is close to zero (at least before the radius range), whereas in order to avoid it you had to read the hunter perfectly and press your grounding, port or SW:D at exactly the right time.
The same thing for damage, with deadzones and disarms removed, incredible mobility, feign and camo to prevent cc and nothing to interrupt, it is very hard to prevent Hunter damage in comparison to many other classes (same thing can be seen in DKs and Ferals, which are both recieving a lot of hate for it).
All in all, it is the design that pisses people off, and even if they were to do horrible the fact would still remain that people would be furious when they are being trapped every X seconds with no way of dealing with it unless they completely outplay the hunter.
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