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Retri and Rogue are looking for Healer

06 January 2017 - 09:37 PM

Hi everyone!
Russian speaking Retri and Rogue (both have exp 2400+) are looking for healer for rated games.
Priority: tt-monk > rdru >> disc (but we are loving discipline priests!).
Expectations: russian speaking, overall exp 2200+, exp in legion at least 2000+. 
I know that there are many russian speaking people reading AJ and i hope you will see it.
Please contact by battletag: Sonnerion#2194.
Expected prime time: 22:00++ Moscow time (19:00++ UTC+0).
About us: 
- rogue has 2400+ exp in different comps and has exp as disc in ret-hunt-priest or rdru in lsd 
- retri has 2400+ exp in retarded comps and has some exp(2300+) as warrior