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Double Spelllock from GoSac has to go

16 December 2014 - 09:37 AM

This is getting ridiculous now, I am a Warlock playing at decent ratings and whenever you meet a Warlock it's always a war of who is going to lock first and sac the pet so that he has another CS available (not to mention what happens when you meet Combat RLD).

It is a gimmicky mechanic that needs to be removed as it can be completely gamebreaking.

Maybe this is just my bias opinion as I am a sore winner, I hate winning with cheap mechanics and/or abusing bugs, it just doesn't feel rewarding.

Warlock talents questions and concerns

11 December 2014 - 06:40 PM

Greetings there, I'm currently playing at 2.3k ratings, going up and down.

Currently, I am playing with:
- Dark Regeneration
- Howl of Terror/Mortal Coil - depends if their healer is a viable kill target or I'm going to be trained
- Soul Link
- Unbound Will
- Grimoire of Sacrifice
- Archimonde's Darkness
- Soulburn: Haunt

The main concerns I have is between Unbound Will and Blood Horror, and Sacrifice vs Supremacy. Most of the Warlocks I meet are playing with Sacrifice and several Warlocks on stream are playing with it as well, along with Soul Link for that sweet passive healing and a major HP buff (plus the double Spell Lock abuse).

Blood Horror always seemed gimmicky and clunky to use, so I avoid it, while Unbound Will can be a bitch against Warlocks as most of the time I cannot even use it due to 4sec silence.

What do you recommend to use and why? Most of the top Warlocks are divided between Supremacy and Sacrifice, is the pet DPS that big of a loss? Also, against some comps, players just train my pet and I'm left with 2 useless talents.

Thank you in advance.

No Conquest gear or Conquest points pre-season Kappa

15 November 2014 - 02:42 AM

Well, Holinka stated that there will be no Conquest points or Conquest gear pre-season, however...

Posted Image

Posted Image

For all of you wondering what is all this about and if you are not familiar with Ashran, allow me to explain:

- Ashran is basically a blend of Guild Wars 2 WPvP and MOBA-style (you have one lane, flags represent turrets and finally, you get to siege the opponent's base).
- If you win an Ashran battle (killing the enemy boss) you get 500 Honor (if you are near your base) or 625 Honor (if you are near the enemy base) and a daily chest with Honor or Conquest (if you are lucky like me) piece.
- Currently, most of the people abusing this are players who are playing on imbalanced realms. On my realm, we were 60-80 Alliance players versus 3 Horde players, who never stood a chance of course. So we would just constantly farm their boss and get 500/625 Honor every 15-20 minutes.

How to win an Ashran battle:

- You need to capture flags towards the enemy base. Once you capture the last flag, the two Elite mobs that 1-shot everyone who comes nearby are gone, and you have 10 minutes to kill the enemy boss or the whole battle resets. (basically, you literally need to outnumber the opposing faction 1 to 20 to MAYBE kill the boss, as you aggro EVERY MOB from their base, and each and every one of them are tanky as fuck, especially since everyone is shit-geared, otherwise, no one gets anything).
- Your faction needs to gather 500 Artifact Pieces (which drop from all mobs on Ashran) to summon a Guardian. Your Guardian has 13mil HP and is a beefy fuck. Basically, you let him tank everything, while healing him and just DPS down the adds. You can also do the Ogre quest and get a less beefier Guardian (4 times weaker if I remember correctly). Or have a good PvE group with coordinated healers and tanks, but that is less likely.

Hope I made it clear ^^

Also note: tonight was a random server 6 hour shutdown. This kinda resembles the early Cataclysm Tol Barad days (2k honor anyone?), and they probably brought the servers down with all the shit that was going on since release and possibly to fix Ashran.

Bigger buffs/debuffs

25 October 2014 - 02:05 AM

After 3 days of searching, I give up.

I've tried various scripts, addons and nothing seems to be as it should.

Namely, I am just looking for an addon that will enhance buffs and debuffs on the target (not even sure why the fuck they are so small).

I just want to avoid x-perl as much as possible, but it seems inevitable, as it was the only addon that provided that, but I prefer standard Blizzard frames over those x-perl ones.

Edit: scrap that - x-perl doesn't work, gives out an error, can't even google it
xperl_int.lua:700:attempt to call global xperl_nofadebars (a nil value)

Anyhow, MoveAnything is just goddamn buggy overall, anything that just deals with the size of buffs/debuffs?

Danke mucho.

Ebola problem

15 October 2014 - 02:15 AM

According to the WHO - 10,000 new cases might be emerging every week by December. The disease was estimated to be fatal in 50% of the cases, but due to the rapid spread and lack of proper facilities, the death toll has risen up to 70%.

What's your take on this guise?