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In Topic: Depressed I didn't make Gladiator once again :(

29 October 2014 - 02:07 PM

View PostNoxnoxnox, on 29 October 2014 - 07:59 AM, said:

why arent you dead


All of my R1 helmets not showing, AJ bug. DW, I have them.

In Topic: Depressed I didn't make Gladiator once again :(

29 October 2014 - 06:07 AM

If you are not rank 1, you are a scrub and you should definitely kill yourself.

Hope this helped.

In Topic: Suggestion on How to Stop Boosting

29 October 2014 - 05:10 AM

Basically what I suggested in the other thread, use the Warden to check for boosters. Their anti-bot system can be also used to identify boosting behaviors.

Currently, what Warden does is scan all the player movements, if the player is repeating a strict certain cycle (as in using Honorbuddy) it sends a message to the GM to investigate. Same can be applied for boosting:

Dynamic IP address accounts, or accounts played on several IPs can receive a special treatment with IP analysis. Players with fixed IP address get another. Allow me to elaborate. If an account that was primarily played from a fixed IP address suddenly changes IP address and gains substantial amount of arena rating/MMR - Warden sends a message to the GM to investigate. No player goes from being 2.1k to being 2.8k in a day.

As for the dynamic IP addresses and if the account is played on several IP addresses, you may gather resources as on how many IP addresses the account is played (Warden should be able to do this automatically), and if a sudden increase in arena rating happens, you send a GM to investigate.

The only way around this system is if you're playing 2s for the whole season and then just play 3s at the end to get a title. Warden can't really be of use there unless it identifies that the said IP address is not listed among many other IP addresses.

Downsides? I really doubt someone who travels a lot from hotel to hotel plays arena at high ratings.

That's my idea, my penis muy mucho groBe.

In Topic: Cheating, AJ & You

27 October 2014 - 07:56 PM

View Postjaimex, on 27 October 2014 - 07:50 PM, said:

i meant most people who complain about them are incapable of doing boosts / benefiting from them financially.

No, that's what sellers say as in the way "lol you too bad l2p I gud play so me kari pipl jes"

What you said is literally the most dumb shit ever. That's basically like saying "yeah, people are complaining about politicians because they can't be politicians and cannot benefit financially from it, not because they complain about people not doing their jobs". Namely, your job in WoW is not to share account with someone else, and it is a bannable offense. Read terms of use.

Also the fact that you're plaguing the ladder and the ladder isn't your playground. Not to mention that if a person is proven to be gaining money from providing services in WoW gets a 72hour suspension, and if that player repeats the offense, it goes into an unliftable ban. Same goes for botters, same goes for people selling boosts.

In Topic: Cheating, AJ & You

27 October 2014 - 07:44 PM

View PostEsiwdeer, on 27 October 2014 - 07:32 PM, said:

Regarding selling:

I can't think of any actual player who hasn't done some form of account sharing. I believe this issue is impossible to police. It's impossible to punish account sharing wholesale because you can never truly know the motives.

I am talking specifically about ladder manipulation, any third party program, and any sort of administrative manipulation(identity theft, GM tickets, anything dishonorable means of getting highly rated)

I believe boosts are too hard to prove/prosecute, and not everyone agrees on when/why it's wrong.


This post is only about cheating. Boosting is an entirely separate matter.

One can provide very clear evidence of cheating. Wintrading, for example, is very easy to prove.

Blizzard can solely see who shares an account with someone, especially if that someone is logging from another country. Their Warden can be used for this cause as well. Warden is there basically to say "This player is following the exact same path without any deviations for the past x minutes, investigate pls". Same can be put for arena "This player logged from another IP/another country/another MAC (what's the router address/number called?) and gained substantial amount of arena rating/mmr, investigate pls".

Sellers/boosters should be frowned upon as much as that person who is DDoSing. The fact of the matter is, DDoSing has an immediate impact on the player's experience, therefore, you cause grief. However, sellers/boosters do not have an immediate impact and your average Joes do not see the impact of it, however, it plagues the ladder and you do not have a clear representation of skill/reward/whatever.