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In Topic: warlock beta feedback & more

Today, 03:21 PM

What comps do you see Locks running?

I'm thinking, out of theorycrafting:
RLD - Druids are healing overlords and Rogues have insane control and utility.
Shadowcleave - DKs are retarded as every first season of the expansion
WLD - Warriors can help us tunnel damage and spread pressure overall, a Warrior that's not being peeled is a good Warrior.
Triple Lock - Because yolo

In Topic: Nympeu I don't understand

Today, 05:00 AM

Started as an indicative thread about the only female poster in AJOT (if we disregard the new guygirl) and is continuing with stories about boobs, sexual encounters and intimate masturbation stories.

Good job everyone.

In Topic: warlock beta feedback & more

Today, 04:38 AM

Good ideas, however, Silence was given to Priests as a compensation for the fact that they removed their baseline fear.

Bring the baseline fear back on 30sec CD and remove Silence. None of the Priests ever wanted a Silence (but it was annoying being the only healer who can't interrupt in Cataclysm).

In Topic: wod fotm

Yesterday, 11:58 PM

Triple DPS.

In Topic: How hard is it to learn a DK

Yesterday, 06:13 PM

These are the possible problems that a new DK player really needs to get accustomed to:
- Resource system. Runic Power is the easier part, however, runes are the most difficult part, especially their management requires a lot of failed tries. Also, runes have RNG factors to them, which can be a nuisance.
- With that, often times, new DK players tend to watch their PvE rotation 90% of the time and just disregard what's going on in arena. You could have done so many things as a DK, but you were too focused on your runes, that starts to be very visible once you get to higher ratings.
- Often times, players are frustrated with the DK pet management, as it does have a buggy/retarded AI, which can frustrate you to just leave the Claw on autocast on pet and don't care about his stun, which is, of course, a bad thing to do.
- Gargoyle is currently bugged, a player can easily LoS it and not take any damage from him, another reason why people dislike DKs, is that a lot of their burst is tied into the retarded AI.
- Once you get comfortable with the class, then you can try and do some cheeky stuff, maximizing your self-heals, reapplying the aura (not sure if that still works), etc.