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Bottom line is, WoW is not an MMORPG anymore, it is an instanced RPG.

There is almost no difference between queueing in League solo queue and whatever is going on in WoW nowadays. However, majority of the community likes this because they are morons.

I krie evri tim


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View PostCreptius, on 24 April 2015 - 05:41 PM, said:

What were the good seasons in Cataclysm and MoP? I haven't played much since wrath and most people make it seem like they were complete trash.

S10 Cataclysm, they fucked it over with half-season MMR change and lasted too short. Other than that, it was great.


21 April 2015 - 08:12 AM

View PostLolflay, on 21 April 2015 - 06:14 AM, said:

quoted mysef from other topic, thoughts ?

I would say it is fine for some classes to have several defensive abilities (like Rogues), as that kinda brings to the whole flavor of the class. But then again, Dispersion is one of the best defensive cooldowns in the game (proper "defensive", not "I popped shit so I can keep doing damage"), the dumb part comes when several cooldowns prove to be too much (for example, DKs), remove this, remove that, there shouldn't be any cooldowns like that in the game (apart from Tank classes if need-be for dragon slaying).

The main issue is that such changes never occurred mid-expansion, a few (Spirit-Link Totem comes to mind), but not to that extent. Game developers are not putting out something and then going "okay, let's fix a bit of this and a bit of that", no, their model of changes in WoW is "alright, we've came up with this stuff, there, play it for 6-8 months". And those changes are never too drastic, nor are they changing the way class feels, works or whatever, at least in PvP-sense (sure, you might pick a talent or two differently, but nothing drastically changes).

In the past, classes were branches filled with fruit, leaves and all kinds of colors. Over time, they have cut those branches down and made a huge pile of sticks. PvPers take 3 sticks and play with them, they are pretty much the same, maybe a leaf or two different. Every class has this and that, ranging from interrupts, magic dispels (no idea why Priests, Paladins and Monks still can't remove curses, but then again, only curse in the game is Hex) etc etc. They have homogenized the classes in such a manner that you can EASILY jump from one class to another and all you have to do is learn the simple rotation and read the passives, and that is exactly their intention. They want players rerolling because that keeps them in the game, it is a time investment, and that's what their general goal of WoD is and what is probably the future of this game.

As I have previously stated, the best thing they can do for this game is assemble voluntary "Team Leaders", PvP and PvE wise, have them gather information, play the class and try to give back the "feel" of the classes. In that sense, you are creating diversity in their toolkits and you would have a much more balanced PvP and PvE system where Blizzard still develops their game and then apply the feedback from their Team Leaders. They will never create a game to please their dedicated players unless they get off their dumb high horse and listen to what do players have to say.


21 April 2015 - 05:19 AM

Mages are so overpowered, they had at least one Gladiator representative in every season, take, for example, Monks. They went ELEVEN seasons without a single Monk being a Gladiator, since Mages are a direct counter to Monks, that's why we never saw them getting Gladiator titles, this is why Mages are overpowered.

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20 April 2015 - 05:27 AM


I laughed more than I should have.