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overwatch beta MONTAGE

17 November 2015 - 04:13 AM

had beta for about a week and downloaded this editing software and i wanted to try out what it could do and i got this

if you dont know whats goin on let me explain

my shift ability is a "dash", but if you hit a corner that dash bugs out and u fly like ur b-hopping in csgo.

my E ability is a "reflect" where i can reflect sniper shots or multiple attacks and if my crosshair is on them it damages back.

Legion: How to Fix WW by Balance & Venruki

08 August 2015 - 07:08 PM


Let me start off this post by thanking Venruki, his dedication towards the monk class is very inspiring and this post wouldn't be here without him.

The main purpose of this post isn't to tell a dev what to do. It's here to tell you guys - the reader's - what to complain about because changes in WoW aren't made by single complaints, if they see an issue being brought up enough times they will be more likely to make that change.

source post: http://us.battle.net...pic/18300188992


Now I know many of you have no intentions of reading all of this so I took the time to roughly explain this post in my stream and highlight it.


Glyphs: 0-3:27

Touch of Karma: 3:27-7:05

Damage: 7:49-26:32

Mobility: 26:32-32:34

TLDW: Changes I want to see going into Legion - 32:50-37:52


As for the textual post, since many of you are lazy like I am and don't want to watch, listen, or read - here are just a FEW of the many potential solutions that could be made to benefit our class so that it is designed properly.

Now, these changes will all make MUCH more sense if you actually read the post or watch the VoD explaining what is wrong so don't jump to any conclusions.

There are so many solutions to these problems you could go any direction and still accomplish the same goal. I'm not saying any of these solutions are the right ones, I'm simply giving a few of many possible solutions while explaining the major issue with these concepts.



Mobility: Windwalkers lost our glove bonus, Spinning Fire Blossom, and an easy way to cast our Fists of Fury, all have contributed to Windwalker's poor OFFENSIVE mobility, we can run away fairly easily but if someone is running from you - good luck catching them. Not to mention disable; the worst slow any melee has.

Solutions: Make a Glyph of Disable that removes the root but takes it off the GCD. Another option would to simply make it off the GCD without a glyph. Making Glyph of Freedom Roll baseline, or making it so when we roll through somebody it slows them similar to Flying Serpent Kick, or combining Disable into Jab. The solutions are endless, any would do.

Glyphs: Our old set bonus in MoP along with our glove set bonus were turned into glyphs when we already had 3 irreplaceable glyphs, this had a severe impact on WW monks mobility and ability to easily use FoF.

Solutions: Make Glyph of Touch of Karma baseline, possibly Touch of Death, possibly Freedom Roll, and depending on the change to Fists of Fury, possibly make that a 5 yard range baseline as well. There are so many solutions to this problem you could go any direction and still accomplish the same goal.


Touch of Karma: It can be removed lickity split by any paladin in arena by using Hand of Protection, a minor cooldown that completely negates our most valuable one. I don't believe this is intended or balanced in any way and it has been ignored for two expansions now.

Solutions: Don't make it physical, thereby making it so you cannot BoP it, or if you do BoP it, transfer the remaining absorption into a shield for the monk. Another solution could be making some glyph baseline and adding a glyph that makes it so ToK no longer does damage but instead is purely an absorb effect. There are countless solutions that could work, one just needs to be implemented.


Chi Explosion: Weak damage > Forced to take it because of our 4 set > Forced to use 4 set because of lack of passive defensives for Windwalkers > Forced to use it because of range because we are sacrificing mobility because of Chi Torpedo.

Solutions: Now there are many ways to approach fixing this, you can A. Increase it's damage (assuming you follow the other solutions for the other problems) B. Buff the other talents to increase their stack generation (for example: whenever you use hurricane strikes you gain X stacks of Tigereye Brew).


Chi Torpedo: Does too much damage and makes us sacrifice defensive and offensive mobility and is poorly designed.

Solutions: Take the damage out of Chi Torpedo and put it into something else like Rising Sun Kick or Chi Explosion (or Blackout Kick)


Fists of Fury: Is too hard to land and can easily be shut down resulting in massive damage loss.

Solutions: Give us a 5 yard CAST range, not the cone range that the glyph gives, allow us to be able to use it further away. Also reduce it's damage and increase damage in other abilities that won't get completely shut down because of a charge or a typhoon.


Storm, Earth, and Fire: The problem is that it gives a false sense of damage and pressure. Monks who do respectable damage in PvE don't do respectable damage in PvP, just because monks may seem like they are in a good place in PvE doesn't come close to show how they are doing in PvP as we have seen from the start of the expansion (top of PvE, bottom of PvP)

Solutions: Reduce the damage the clones do and increase damage in spells like Chi Explosion, Blackout Kick, and Rising Sun Kick.


Multistrike: It is poo poo garbage for PvP and monks have been designed around it. (Battle Trance and Tiger Strikes)

Solutions: Relocate these damage increasing passives and buffs into something that profits PvP as much as it does PvE. Or make it that multistrike works the same in PvP as PvE specifically for the WW class.



Now, if you are curious about any of these changes or need an explanation, I would highly recommend watching the stream highlight for a vocal and visual explanation, if not here is the text brought to you by Venruki with assistance from myself.

There's been many posts about WW Monks and some of the problems they face. I'd like to represent the class from a very unbiased standpoint and bring to your attention why they're so bad, and hopefully some relatively EASY ways to fix them. This is going to be a long post but I'd really appreciate your input and feedback.



The problem: Two absolutely necessary glyphs needed to PvP - Glyph of Touch of Karma and Glyph of Touch of Death. Without these glyphs these abilities feel INCREDIBLY jenky to use in PvP combat. Without the Glyph of TOK we'd struggle to use our main defensive cooldown unless we were within melee range of our target. Without the Glyph of TOD it's near impossible to land a target to 10% and have 3 chi left over before they're quickly brought up in HP.

This has been a huge problem this expansion for WW Monks. WW monks had two key PvP set bonuses removed transitioning into this expansion. The first is "Freedom Roll", this was a crucial part of our mobility kit and we can no longer afford to take it. The second being Glyph of Flying Fists, increasing the range on Fists of Fury from melee range to 5 yards.

WW monks need glyph slots opened up and these glyphs need to be added into the abilities baseline. I feel a change like this would have almost no negative impact on PvE and could possibly save the class in PvP.


Touch of Karma

The problem: Blessing of Protection removes my defensive ability, why? This was sort of a cool counter-play back in the day when holy paladins weren't running rampant. Unfortunately, now they are... and it's a little silly that a healer's minor defensive ability completely renders my main defensive 100% useless. Used to be a little scarier for a paladin to just BoP all of my Karmas because of 45 second forbearance, now it seems like it's worth it 9 times out of 10 and because of that my defensives on an already fragile class is at an all time low.

I'd like for mages and paladins to keep the ability to bubble/ice block ToK because the cost of using those abilities if high enough to justify removing my main defensive cooldown. However, BoP needs to not remove it anymore.

A Very common theme in arena is Holy Paladin/Mage, they can either bubble or iceblock it as well as being able to BoP it, so if I want the slightest chance of keeping my karma I can only use my defensive on one target with the minuscule chance my Karma won't be removed which it almost always does.



Where to begin on this large list of problems... How about we start with our basic abilities?

In PvP we are almost exclusively using Chi Explosion because it provides us with ranged damage and the ability to increase stack generation through its 3+ bonus.

Why is it exclusive? What's wrong with Hurricane Strike or Serenity? Well you see, monks have been notoriously known for being "squishy", but with a change to our 4 set which allows a 6% damage reduction per stack consumed for 20 seconds helped with that issue, but it created another one in the process.

Without Chi Explosion, we are squishy, we are squishy because without Chi Explosion, our stack regeneration is drastically reduced, and without stacks, we do less healing, and take more damage. Simple as that.

So what's the issue? What's wrong with Chi Explosion? Well it does doodoo damage.

Our 4 stack Chi Explosion, get this - we spend 90 energy, almost a FULL energy bar to do a BIG Chi Explosion! It still does less than 1 Chi Torpedo.

This brings us to Chi Torpedo, our MOBILITY spell that we are FORCED to use as a damage spell.

Our hardest hitting ability is our roll. This seems unintended or if it was it is a major design flaw and significantly cripples Windwalkers in PvP for these reasons:

1. Sacrificing "rolls" aka Chi Torpedoes - requires us to jump and roll, so that we don't go flying off of our target, but what if our target isn't right next to us? Targets do not stand still in PvP, therefore by making us use Chi Torpedo for damage, we don't get to use it for it's intended purpose - mobility.

2. Mobility is key to PvP both defensively and offensively, being able to reach our target to do damage is crucial for obvious reasons, and defensively for being able to roll to safer positions or to kite.

Now that I've explained a little bit about our damage and how it relates to mobility, let's talk about Fists of Fury.

In MoP, FoF did not require a target to use, in combination with our 2 set (increased range by 5 yards) this gave us the ability to use fists of fury at a longer range.

For example, this is what Fists of Fury looked like in Mists of Pandaria. Let each underscore represent 1 yard.

Me _ _ Target _ _ _

(this allowed my target to be in any of the 5 yards available to my Fists)

In Warlords this is what it looks like:

Me Target _ _ _ _ _

(assuming you have the glyph on which you don't 90% of the time so in reality it looks like this)

Me Target _

Now (even with the glyph) you MUST be in melee range, even if you have the glyph, it is still difficult to land - a lot of the time I find myself pressing W for a second, pressing fists of fury to test if I'm in range only to find out that I'm not even though I can use all my other melee abilities. And every time I test if I can finally get it off, I lose a little bit of distance standing still.

Now that I've address the underlying problem with Fists of Fury, I'll address it's concept. It's a CHANNELED spell. Transitioning from MoP to WoD, the percentage of damage we do in small windows was drastically transferred into our FoF, instead of FoF being a minor damage boost, it is crucial to get as much damage out of it as you can in PvP.

So why is this a problem? It's hard to land and it's channeled.

Melee shouldn't have to cast or channel to do their burst - it's not the melee design.

Even with the amount of CC that was removed in WoD, there is still plenty to disrupt this damage, some favorites that seem to push my buttons are typhoon, explosive trap, the Warrior's charge talent (Warbringer), all of these cancel our fists of fury effectively shutting us down.

And we're not done yet, we still need to talk about our favorite crutch - Storm, Earth, and Fire.

This ability was made for PvE and has no place in PvP whatsoever. If you try to use this ability in PvP (which you are kind of forced to do sometimes) you will find that it is extremely clunky and obviously not meant to be used in a PvP environment. But why not? Here's why:

Mobility: They don't have any, they just walk, any class you put it on can easily kite it, don't even bother using it unless your specced chi explosion because chances are it will be out of range when you use your RSK or Blackout Kick and it won't even copy it.

Damage: In PvP unless you are specifically trying to kill multiple people, it is bad to split targets. This only really makes it good for a comp like Windwalker Affliction warlock, but if you look at comps like WLS, MLS, RLS, all these comps involve the affliction lock doing the spread pressure with the assistance of the other DPS's single target damage to focus pressure on to one target. With WWLS, you end up with minor pressure on multiple targets leaving you vulnerable from a confident and offensive team laughing at your futile attempts to kill them.

So the solution? Hopefully in the next expansion this ability will be removed, but for now I think a simple change of reducing the damage of the clone to make the total damage increase of using SEF so that single target and AoE aren't so widely separated in how much damage they are doing because if you compare windwalker single target to windwalker AoE, the difference is ridiculous.

And finally, the simplest problem of all. Multistrike.

What a lot of people forget is that multistrike is HALVED in PvP. When you make a class revolve around something that is halved you can't expect similar success in both situations which are PvE and PvP. Battle Trance and Tiger Strike's are bad for PvP because multistrike is bad for PvP. The only solution to fix this would be to reduce or eliminate how much multistrike we get from Battle Trance and Tiger Strikes and relocate this damage into something else.



WW monks disable is the worst snare of any melee.

WW disable: On global cooldown (severely affects your damage rotation), 15 energy cost.

Rogue Crip Poison: Automatically applies on auto attacks. (doesn't affect your damage rotation)

Warrior Hamstring: Off global cooldown (doesn't affect your damage rotation), 10 rage

Feral Infected Wounds: Applies off your attacks (doesn't affect your damage rotation)

Ret Seal of Justice: Automatically applies on auto attacks. (doesn't affect your damage rotation)

Enhance Frost Shock and Frostbrand: 25 yard range on shock and frost brand auto applies on auto attacks. (slightly affects your damage rotation)

DK Chillblains and Chains of Ice: Chains of Ice 30 yard range, costs a global and a rune. Chillblains is easy to keep up as it's a main part of your damage rotation to keep frost fever up. (slightly affects your damage rotation)

WW's are the only class that have to use an extra global to apply a snare to a target. I'm sure that doesn't seem like a big deal but in an ever evolving world of freedoms, power shifting, root breaks, snare breaks and much much more. Having to use the extra global to apply your snare makes us much easier to kite than other classes.

WW's also took a huge hit losing spinning fire blossom, one of our only ways to catch a target running in a straight line away from us. Essentially our ranged snared was removed and it made it that much easier to get away from us. Major issue with this is our uptime on many targets is limited to only stuns.

These issues in combination with freedom roll being taken away from creates a huge issue where WW's uptime is far lower than many other melee.

I just want to conclude this post by saying I love the WW class. The design of the class is amazing they just took an ENORMOUS hit in mobility, snares and damage which ultimately lead to one of, if not the worst class of the expansion. Please send help, SoS.

I had Balance (Steven) help me come up with and write this post.


And that, is the work of Venruki and I. Please feel free to comment on anything you agree or disagree with but keep in mind - these are not all the solutions we want, these are just possibly solutions because almost all of them are related to each other so whatever solution there is for one thing will change the solution for another.

quick s16 success story

19 June 2015 - 07:31 AM

luckily ive managed to capture some of my proudest moments this season, hope you enjoy them as much as i did.

if u hate the game click this

27 April 2015 - 08:54 PM

so idk if you have noticed or not but for the last month or longer the front page of AJ has literally only been specific class questions or bitch threads about the game and for me that is not why i go on AJ.


i like the bigmoran posts, the xmog posts, the selfie posts, the WoW pvp video posts, the tourny posts, the glad mount posts, and other posts like that.

so i made this post, not a bitch post but something different for once.

please look at my beautiful graph and take note of which seasons have the big red arrow next to them.

they are all the first season of a new expansion, OP Dks, OP feral bleeds, OP warriors, and then what we currently have.

as the season for that expansion go on, the graph generally goes up, season 8 RMP i heard was good, BUT shadowmourne was bad, so it got a ok/fun rating. and season 11 was only OK because of PvE gear as well, a few exceptions.

so try to not focus on the bad but the good, funny moments in streams, tournys, transmogs, selfies, the important stuff because in a while im going to bet that this game will be good, but people wont admit it till the next expansion.

thx 4 ur time,
Posted Image


27 January 2015 - 04:34 AM

This post will cover what I believe to be the top issues involving Windwalker Monks in the current state of the game. Granted I am aware of other problems and fixes such as our glyphs but the main purpose of this post is to identify the problems that aren't talked about or people are unaware of.

Topics Covered:
  • Differences in DPS involing PvE and PvP
  • Survival
  • Mobility
  • The MoP to WoD Transition
Hello. My name is Steve and I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2008 and Windwalker Monks since the start of Mists of Pandaria.

Today I decided instead of sitting in my garrison awaiting the day someone decides to play with my shitty ass class I will type out all the problems I don't see anyone complain about on the forums, all I tend to see is that we lack defensives, karma gets broken, our glyphs suck! But what I don't see is all of this, I know 99.9% of you will not read this and it is more of something for me to do while I wait for my herbs in my garrison to respawn. But if you do happen to read it let me know what you think.

I'll start by listing the problems that involve both PvE and PvP which is mostly just how we deal damage.

What a lot of people don't understand is that the way we deal damage in PvE and PvP are probably more different than any other class in the game.

In PvE when you have stacks you use them, with fists, serenity, or just to use them.

In PvP you hold them until you see an opportunity whether it is landing CC or stunning with Leg Sweep.

So right off the bat you can probably figure out what the problem in here, since that general strategy of doing damage in PvE is why monks are able to compete with other classes who only use damage increasing cooldowns every 2-3 minutes, if they were to use the same strategy that we deal damage with in PvP you would see WW's very low on the DPS charts.

This makes Windwalker damage very awkward and pretty weak in PvP because we aren't having 100% uptime and aren't using those stacks as soon as we get them.

So these number tweaks are being based off numbers that don't match up with what we do in arenas.

Another damaging ability that is often overlooked is Storm, Earth, and Fire.

I don't really need to explain this because most of us know what it does in the end result, increase our total damage.

1 Clone = (100% - 30%) x 2 = 140% - 100% = 40% more damage.

2 Clones = (100% - 45%) x 3 = 165% - 100% = 65% more damage.

This is also a problem because I'm not sure if when the hotfixes that have been reducing WW damage have taken this into account. With either 1 or 2 clones out Windwalker damage is significantly higher. And in PvP you just cannot use them. They die, they get kited, and our end result isn't to pad meters, it's to score a kill on one target.

So what numbers they see in PvE don't come close to representing what actually happens in PvP. If you take into account both of these factors it is very probable that this is the reason why our damage feels so low in PvP.

I'm sad to say I cannot personally think of a simple solution to this problem and it would probably have to involve some math :( or a complete rework, maybe something along the lines of increasing single target damage but removing Storm, Earth, and Fire all together. But this would require lots of number tuning and tweaking so I don't have my hopes up it will ever get fixed I merely wanted to address it as a problem.


Now with those general problems out of the way we can move on to some of the new changes and what problems I foresee with them.

The removal of our current 2 set:

This is actually a good set bonus that is being removed what what reason I believe is simply to make space. I don't think the developers think it's overpowered or out of line but are simply removing it to add in new set bonuses which isn't really fair to nerf us to give us buffs. It's a + and a - and we both know a positive times a negative is a negative so you could understand my confusion on why we are losing something that is good without a reason given.

The new 2 set (100% Karma):

This is good, what I am confused about on this though is why is was ever nerfed to 50% in the first place, I'm assuming that it was a PvE reason but what I noticed going from MoP to WoD is that it does significantly LESS damage than what it did in MoP, last people were severely punished for attacking into this because the DoT could get pretty massive, but in WoD that dot barely does any damage. So since it does barely any damage, why was it nerfed to 50%? I feel like that if it were 100% baseline, and did allow a minor DPS bonus in PvE that DPS bonus would be so incredibly minuscule it wouldn't matter and it would give the Windwalker Spec a free spot for our old set bonus or implement a new one.

The New 4 Set:

Now I applaud the developers for realizing the need for a passive damage reduction that only Windwalkers seem to not have, there are some serious issues with it.

I'm afraid these 4 set is being based off of what they see in PvE, and like I stated earlier, what they see in PvE is Tigereye Brew being consumed FAR more than it is in PvP.

If you look at PvP and the total amount of time we have Tigereye Brew consumed it is pretty low.

Also another thing to note is that I very rarely use 10 stacks of Tigereye Brew, I'd say most of my burst ranges from 5-9 stacks, it isn't so much as how many stacks we have when we burst, but the opportunities that present themselves when we burst. Whether it's someone wasted a cooldown that they don't have if we burst then, if they are in a bad position (out of LoS), if they will have a cooldown to same themselves soon, or whether it's Tiger Strikes, Trinket Proc, ALL of these things are more important to take advantage of when consuming our stacks rather than if we have all 10. Because chances are, it's the opportunities and situations the players put themselves in whether they score a kill, not if they have 12% more damage on the 6 globals they get off during those precise moments of finesse burst.

So with that being said, if we have lower stacks consumed, we will have less damage taken, 10-15% instead of 20%. So it actually won't be 20% whenever we consume it, this isn't PvE where we wait for 10, we wait for opportunities.

And with that being said, if we were to look at the total time we have Tigereye consumed (which is low) and then apply it in times we actually need that damage reduction, you will notice they are often opposite of each other. Tigereye brew is extremely important offensively, we would never score a kill without it.
If you look at when we burst, (unless you are going for counter-pressure, which isn't that often) we generally burst when we are not on the defensive. So when we do consume those stacks and get that damage reduction, that is probably the worst time to have it.

If you had a resto druid on your team you wouldn't Ironbark your teammate when they don't need it, so I don't understand why they are essentially giving us this damage reduction in the one spell where we wouldn't need it most.

It almost makes the 4 set worthless, but because it is actually worth something when we do in fact have nothing, it will still benefit you regardless of how little it actually does.

But because it is worthless it is necessary for a different type of defensive buff, there are much simpler solutions than putting it into Tigereye Brew.

Putting a damage reduction on Tiger Palm.

Making targets affected by Rising Sun Kick do X less damage.

Rework Fortifying Brew.

Implement a new glyph.

Eliminating passive damage reductions isn't an option, you will either have thoughtful ones like Feint and Ironbark or passives like Defensive Stance and Lightning Shield.

Refusing to give Windwalkers one is probably the biggest reason they aren't viable right now.

Now I will address some other issues that plague our class. Mostly other classes.

Hand of Protection: Negates our only defensive without sacrificing a major defensive for their team.

Burst of Speed: If I apply my slow, the rogue is out of it before I'm even off global. Not to mention their AUTO ATTACKS slow me for 50%, so if they are constantly moving 70% and I'm unable to apply a slow and I'm moving 50% slower, that means rogues can be moving 120% faster than me at all times. If I am able to hit them it's because they are allowing me to, not because it's actually possible.

Druids: Too many too list, silence on Displacer is a good start but there is so much more they could do. For feral, I spam my slow, they spam cat form, I do no damage, they do no damage, seems pointless and annoying whenever I do it.

Ret Paladins: Similar to rogues, they can auto attack a slow on me, have what feels like a permanent sprint, and freedoms / dispels to get out of my snares.

Hunters: Auto attack ranged slow that has 100% uptime along with being able to remove all movement impairing effects and give themselves a sprint for 15 seconds. Not to mention their knockbacks and freedom if I ever do catch up.

Warlocks: Not a big deal, but I think Soulburn: Teleport should have been purged with WoD, do warlocks really need a freedom + sprint? Seems like an outdated ability to me. Not too big of a deal though.

So, if you look at these classes they tend to be the most viable kill targets, the problem is they are slippier than an eel so we cannot stick on them, and most of the time they play with other DPS that aren't viable kill targets for us such as Death Knights or Warriors because of how little damage they take from us.

With WoD, we eliminated a lot of CC but we didn't eliminate a lot of mobility and we are really feeling the effect of it now.

A simple fix that they could do to us is to put Disable on it's own GCD, similar to how warriors Hamstring works. Which is a more likely change than the removal or reduction of mobility.


And finally, something that was never addressed and I haven't heard anyone mention is our CC and bursts correlation.

CC and damage are two very important concepts of the game, the more CC a class has the less damage that class should do to keep the game balanced.

If there is an imbalance of these two key concepts it will lead to the rise and fall of many specializations.

For Windwalker's that balance was better in Mists of Pandaria than it currently is.

Granted we have a lot of ways to stop our target, that doesn't really qualify as CC, for CC I'm talking about paralysis, traps, cyclone, fear, polymorph, those types of things.

So our CC didn't really change from MoP to WoD, 4s para, 5s stun, 4s stun, and that was that.

But what did change was our burst.

Mists of Pandaria, Leg Sweep > RJW > Tigereye > RSK > Fists of Fury > etc. was one of the most powerful burst setups in the game. 100-0 was a very plausible number for that setup.

But now what is it? 100-70? 100-50? With this lack of burst in combination of what CC we have is a major reason why we are struggling.

In Mists of Pandaria this incredible burst made up for our lack or defensive, the best defense if offense right?

Well with our offense gone... You know the rest.

Now, this is where my thoughts run out, how can we have a balance between PvP and PvE when damage is the #1 factor you need to keep in mind in terms of PvE balance.

With that being said I feel a little better putting all of my thoughts into a wall of text very, very, very few people are actually going to read but if they do I truly believe they would get a better understanding of not only monks but the game in general.

O nice I think my garrison herbs have respawned, time to go pick my flowers.