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#3923779 Warrior number pass -Making warrior PvP damage more meaningful

Posted Braindance on 07 August 2013 - 05:58 PM

Warrior number pass -Making warrior PvP  damage more meaningful

Purpose: Enumerate the weaknesses of Arms damage-wise, and provide potential solutions.

I am convinced that Arms is bound to receive some PvE damage buffs, since we remain the lowest dps spec on the PTR, and the premier DPS comparison sites (worldoflogs, raidbots etc), SimCraft simulations and advanced theorycrafting sites like elitist jerks, point to arms being one of the weakest dps specs in the game. My purpose is to direct some of those potential buffs to being meaningful in PvP.

Posted ImageColossus Smash

Purpose: To increase warrior damage significantly and provide burst windows

Issue:  Arms PvE dps is designed around doing tremendous damage while CS is up. However,  this creates the following problems
  • Our PvE damage is condensed in the duration of this debuff, which is approximately an 80% damage increase vs boss armor
  • However since it’s only 50% armor reduction in PvP, this translates to 10-17% damage increase vs players of varying armor. Therefore, we do not reap the large benefit that it provides in PvE, and because our damage is balanced around this debuff (i.e. significantly lower outside of CS), our PvP damage is not as strong as it’s supposed to be

1)   Make CS 50% both in PvE and PvP – increase duration to xx seconds
2)   Make CS 50% both in PvE and PvP – recalibrate damage of other DPS abilities (overpower, mortal strike etc)
3)   Make CS a passive buff, similar to Tiger Palm for monks, with an increased duration and reduced effect (30-40%)

Posted ImageEnrage

Purpose: High uptime (PvE) buff that increases damage by a flat 10%

Issue:  PvE gear provides warriors with a high enough crit chance, that this buff has a high uptime. However, in PvP warriors can barely achieve ~23% crit chance (full crit gems, reforges etc), limiting the uptime severely. High uptime is also achieved with the use of berseker rage, which however cannot be done in PvP, since berseker rage is 99.9% of the time used as a fear breaker, and not as a dps increasing ability.


1)   Charge increases critical strike chance of Mortal Strike by 100% (similar to how it was in Ulduar tier). This way, the buff will have a significant uptime in PvP, and will only be a marginal DPS increase in PvE
2)   Make Enrage proc from other attacks with a lower chance of procing (overpower, deep wounds etc)
3)   Make enrage proc from non-crits of MS and CS

Posted ImageSwifty

Purpose: Three extremely potent cooldowns (recklessness, avatar, skull banner), binded into one macro, with the purpose of dealing tremendous (often lethal) damage


1)   If you do not manage to get a kill during the above cds your damage suffers greatly

2)   The long cooldown on all three of them, makes it hard for warriors to play in teams that rely on steady pressure (warrior/lock etc). Instead, it forces warriors to team up with a class that does similar burst (but almost always has superior sustained compared to the warrior like hunters/ferals etc), and hope to win in the first few seconds of the match

Solution: The only way out, is to significantly reduce the cooldown of the above abilities, and give them a reduced effect. Eg recklessness grants 20% crit on abilities down from 30% - cooldown reduced to 1.5 minute. Avatar increases all damage by 15% - duration reduced to 15 seconds from 24, cooldown reduced to 1.5 minute etc. This way, PvE dps will remain the same, but the PvP warrior will have a more meaningful role in the team, and he/she will be able to create more kill opportunities outside of once every 3 minutes

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImageStances

Purpose: Different stances for different modes of combat

1)   With burst being extremely high, defensive stance is the premier stance for PvP
2)   Berserker stance does not have a strong niche, and it’s not useful in PvP, since to have a rage gain comparable to battle stance you must be taking ~24k dps of damage, in which case you would want to be in defensive stance
3)   Our damage is designed around being in battle stance. However most of the time we are in defensive stance significantly crippling our damage in PvP. Dks (who have a similar playstyle to ours), do not have this problem, since staying in blood presence most of the game does not limit their damage as severely as ours

1)   Allow some rage regeneration to continue in defensive stance for arms and fury only. Eg you gain 6 rage per autoattack while in defensive stance through Unbridled Wrath
2)   Make Unbridled Wrath, grant you will Enrage every time you are hit with a critical strike. This is in my opinion the best and easiest solution since it would provide 0 buffs in PvE, but it would significantly help arms in PvP since:

a.    Gives our old niche back of gaining rage and doing more damage while being trained

b.   Makes training the warrior for the entire game a less viable strategy. Even now, with the defensive stance buff, training the warrior is foolproof, since it forces the warrior to stay in defensive stance completely crippling his damage

3)   Make berserker stance the premier PvP stance, by adding bonuses such as the ones mentioned here http://www.arenajunk...rserker-stance/
4)   Give battle stance some passive damage reduction of the order of 10% (perhaps through the pvp 4 set bonus)

Posted ImageOverpower

Purpose: The most used dps ability of Arms

Issue: While overpower is a significant portion of our sustained damage, the fact that it does 105% weapon damage, even with a high crit chance (+60%) makes it hit like a wet noodle in PvP. This leads to damage that is not meaningful (i.e. cannot force cooldowns, cannot force casted heals, cannot force mana usage). This is a more complicated problem since Cataclysm, where warrior damage moved from a few strong hits and empty globals, to being completely global capped and spamming many small hits (mastery procs, deep wounds, overpower, auto-attacks).

1)   Move damage away from overpower to Mortal Strike
2)   Make slam consume thirst for blood procs for a lower rage cost and slightly increased crit chance, making slam and overpower interchangeable
3)   Buff overpower damage?

Posted ImageMortal strike

The last candidate that, unfortunately, no longer feels Mortal. It could use a damage buff and/or an increase in the Mortal Wounds debuff (only for warriors), increasing our usefulness and providing us with a meaningful PvP niche once again

Posted Image


Posted Z4muZ on 24 July 2013 - 01:57 PM

View PostSamyh, on 24 July 2013 - 12:27 PM, said:

hi guys, i think swifty can help a lot of us

in this video he teaches us how to use a mouse

i was a clicker before this


Posted Image

btw if your reading this swifty i really want to win your razer naga it will help me so much cos mine broke due to me being too good for it and also can i have a hotted signature on it

Posted Image

this will be me one day

p.s. where is paco?

also im missing cathy

hope this thread helped my fellow aj brothers with their mouse skills

merc out

Do you honestly think you're even remotely funny/clever? You're not. You want to know what's actually funny? Mediocre noobs getting all riled up from a guy who blatantly doesn't care about being exceptional in this computer game, but STILL makes more money from this game (whilst indeed not being a good player) than all of you little 2,2k tryhards, COMBINED.

Now that's, that's entertainment.

#3915964 Stormbolt in latest ptr patch notes

Posted kagan on 20 July 2013 - 12:18 PM

View PostGrahmenz, on 20 July 2013 - 08:28 AM, said:

Thing is everybody seems to beeg for utility and cc etc.

Dude. I just want some realy DMG. Greatest days when warriors did the highest consistant dmg combined with the fun of mobility.

CC & Utility? Why. Did everyone forget about wrath warriors, in my opinion far supiror in terms of fun playstyle.

What the real problem with warrior dmg is? Colosus Smash destroyed this class for pvp. balancing dmg around a random proc debuff.

they are pretending that they dont want to be mongs, when the truth is everyone wants 5.0/5.1 status back.

View Postkazuhmeer, on 20 July 2013 - 07:08 AM, said:

what game are you playing, my slams never crit over 80k

big slam crits on rogues and holy paladins, and thats about it.

#3837777 Season 12 Title Calculator

Posted Starcookie on 20 January 2013 - 12:31 AM

The season end announcement is extremely close (March 5th / March 12th).

Prepare yourself and your team by getting a better understanding of where your team currently stands and where it needs to stand in order to qualify for rewards.


EU, US and RU is supported including 2v2 (for reference), 3v3 and 5v5. For the best results please submit 0-20 teams that have a rank visible in the armory.

Good luck to all those competing for titles.

Click here for FAQ's.