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[Bug] Avenging Crusader?

10 August 2017 - 01:24 PM



(The target was a fire mage on a skirmish, i don't think he had damage reduction spells active for those screenshots

No MS effect on me too.)



Let's play a game.

11 May 2017 - 07:21 PM

Hello, fellow angry peoples of Arena Junkies.

I don't know if you saw it, but the last build from the PTR bring some new legendaries from Diabl..., some new legendaries. And the difference between the old ones and those new ones are that their special effect are just... a talent.


The legendary just give you a talent. Example : Soul of the Archdruid


As a man with a lot of imagination, i thought : "What if?". And i thought that it could change to have a normal post where people doesn't compare their big penises or insult each others (But feel free to do it on this one.) but theorize a bit.


So, imagine you can pick one, and only one more talent for your spec, in the PvE or the PvP tree :


- Which one would make your spec way too strong / OP?

- Which one would make your class more interesting to play? (It could be the same as the previous one, both are not exclusive, it could be OP and more interesting too.)

- Which one would help your class a bit?


I'll start :


- Blessed Hands, because having 2 BoP/Freedom/Sac with Melee wing would makes us as stupid as rdruids.

- Repentance, because it's an interesting cc.

- Vim and Vigor, because it would help us having no healing at all without CD's while keeping the dispellable mastery, would make the non-melee wings spec a bit more attractive (melee wings healing is not affected by that.)

Some annoying bugs. (HPriest and Demo warlock)

21 March 2017 - 10:46 PM



- Holy ward is consumed by Scatter shot, but you are still cc'd.

- Bursting shot, the "stun" (which sometimes doesn't stun you - the line on the floor -) from enhancement goes through greater fade, making 2 preemptive talents quite useless against fotMM hunters who abused it.

- (Not sure) Ray of hope seems to be affected twice by any healing reduction effect. (Once when you heal the effect, another one after). Same effect happens for the rsham, but i don't have twitter so i can't make it fix'd the next day.

- Do not use mind flay when you see an observer from a demo warlock. (The passive AoE thingy seems to be counted as one single spell for each target for the lovely demon, so... yep.)