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In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

15 November 2017 - 10:04 AM

I think this whole Vanilla thing is gonna be a disaster. Not because of the game, the game was fine itself. Classes were dumb to play (Despite what Dizzeeyo vomits every day just to complain, classes were dumb and clunky) levelling was slow and easy and you need a tremendous amount of time to progress in the game. (There was a sentence in french, maybe you had it too back then was "Moins tu dors plus t'es fort." The less you sleep the stronger you are.
Don't get me wrong, i loved it. Every second of it, even if my social experience was awful. The game could be played solo enough to progress. And yes i stayed minutes to inspect people with t3 gear too.

I really think the community will destroy it. Between the retail one who likes Legion (Which i am, but i think it's because i don't compare my dick to other players to see if it's bigger, so i can enjoy what wow is, a game.), the one who hates it but still plays it, the one who wants honestly to try vanilla, and the real community, the despicable elitists who speak louder than everyone else. Look at all the forums, the streams, twitter. It's gonna be a cold shower for a lot of people.

Maybe i'm wrong. We'll see.

The vocal vanilla community is the SJW of WoW. Pretending to fight racism and intolerance while being worse.

Maybe it's only my personnal experience but i got way more friends after Cataclysm. Vanilla from Wotlk was extremely elitists and arrogants when the "pleb" managed to reach the same spot. And for PvE... well, it's probably less personnal and more "solo games with people around" but at least i can do it at my level (HM at max) without being rejected because i had the luck of prefering the shadow spec and not being dwarf.
The community is maybe more dumb but way more open on its way.

Tip for Vanilla : play an ud sp with your friend and you will be able to duo all the level 60 dongeon without having to wait 2h for a tank (Warrior.)

In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

06 November 2017 - 12:49 PM

Even if the idea is a noble project itself for people who wants it (Personnaly, nah, even now at 27y old with a job, i don't have that much time for this time consuming version), i think will be detroyed by the community itself.
For what i read on multiples forum, they are indeed the true Vanilla community. One part with candid people who really wants to see how it goes, and another one with elitists piece of shit like Alexensual or Kungen, spreading lies to influence the candid part.

The best example is about transmog, they don't want it on the vanilla server (Which is okay, there was no transmog back then, so, pure experience) but the reason is not the authenticity of the server, no no. The main reason is i quote "So i can see which player is a trash or not".

Nice example of the friendship of the Vanilla realms.
But props to them, this was exactly my experience.

Have you tried playing a young casual sp pvp back then?
People spitted on you all the time when it comes for PvE.

In Topic: Question regarding death knights in arena

22 September 2017 - 05:55 PM

Chains of ice are absolutely fine.

Maim cooldown is too long.

Mage is the worst class in the game.

MW monks are OP.

Sub rogue doesn't have enough stuns.

Plate armor are way too efficient against melees.

Rdruid have too much casted healing.

Pure of heart is a bad talent against assa rogue.

DH doesn't have mobility.

My transmogs are terrible.


Feel free to continue.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

05 September 2017 - 03:31 PM

wtf are you supposed to do with 250k split on 4?



Buy a good restaurant to your family.

That would be the first thing i'd do.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

29 August 2017 - 06:03 PM

I’m in favor of solo queues too.
I think it could be great addition to boost PvP. PvP has 2 parts in my opinion, one is having fun, the other is showing how big your bratwurst is. This is harsh, I know, but people wants their R1 to show their d***s to other peoples. PvP is like that.
However, as people in the videos and here said, it has to be well done. It has to be attractive enough (even for people who haven’t pvp at all, so they can try it.),  and not too much either, so the 3v3 organized team bracket still prevails. Basically, the rewards must be there, but always less interesting compared to the regular bracket.
Basically the same title thingy (Maybe not the r1 title, only a gladiator like title, be imaginative), with a different title for solo queue, and a different mount too. The solo queue mount would be a “Insert new mount”, the team queue would be the same, with armor and other fancy stuff in it.. And of course, a unique mount model. Not some recolor one of a PvE one. If you played Wotlk, remember the outrage when we get some Frostwyrm in S5, while PvE didn’t get something like that. Please, let us have unique things...
Of course, the same mmr system as in 3v3, so it can’t be like TBC, where a gladiator SL/SL | Rdruid, bored, disband their team, and start over at 1500, stomping people who wanted to progress at their own rate. Maybe the solo queue mmr can’t be lesser than your 3v3 one, I don’t know how it could work.
And, indeed, incentives. That’s the biggest part. Otherwise, it will be an enhanced skirmishes system.
We need incentives to play. And not only the last rewards at the end of the season. All the time. And many rewards. Useless one, like pets, tabards, mounts, title, toys, transmogs, everything. Some of them could be quite simple, and accessible to anyone. Some others can be more challenging, like enchant transmog, and elite set. And there comes the challenge. You can add Achievement to do (Win X games in a row in solo queue, win X games in a row as a team…), or the old Wotlk/BC system of “You need X rating to buy it.”. “You need 2400 rating in regular 3v3 and this achievement to have this”.
The elite set could be something like that, you can buy part by part, if your rating increases, the highest one could have the visual part of the set, helm and shoulders. Example with the current season, and the paladin set. Currently, the purple looking one is from LFR, the yellow, from Normal raid, blue/red from PvP, the green from HM, and the “improved” yellow one from Mythic. The “elite” set is brown/blue.
Imagine those were not PvE related. You could have the yellow as regular PvP gear, the purple/green as the solo queue “rating require” one, and the improved yellow/brown as the regular 3v3 “rating require” one. And this is only transmog.
Everything could be bought by some PvP currencies your earn by winning/losing game (Like Timewalking DJ). Let’s have some hypothetical numbers, imagine you earn 3 points by losing a game in solo queue, 6 in 3v3, you win 12 in solo queue, 30 for 3v3. So you can “farm” currencies all the time, buy your stuff, and play. And regular gear can be cheap to buy, while elite stuff and toys etc… could cost more, so, like in a MMO, you can invest and work for it, to show to everyone else. Have higher rating would increase how much you earn, so progressing can be rewarded too.
(If some toys or glyphs allows me to have a shadowmourne type graphical aura while I use wings, or a graphical aura like Warcraft3 paladin or the Val’kyrs fight in TOC (Wotlk), be sure that I will farm the shit out of it, even if it costs 100.000 things.)
It could have some “non useless” rewards too, for people not really interested in the toys thing. If the same “you drop your gear system” stays (Which is… not really horrible to be honest, even if I miss reforging a lot, you’re not the slave of your bad gear now – artifact is another story -, but vendors should have stayed, so you can buy your stuff, and still drop it. It’s still nice to see a good drop.), they can add the gear to another NPC,  so you can increase your ilvl in arena without hoping to drop the right part. And of course, add token like professions now “Increase the ilvl of one part of gear by 5, max 3 times”, with a tiny cost, so you can have your “warforged” gear by working for it. Not something which increase your outside stats too much (Because, hum, PvE), just for your ilvl.
And voilà. You can play solo, earn money, buy stuff, increase your gear, and the regular 3v3 would be still the main value of “skill” (Hrum.). And show how big your… rating is… yeeeeep.