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#3887503 DK Changes - May 14th

Posted Zaephyr on 15 May 2013 - 01:10 AM

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#3885488 Affli, Mage and holy pally changes incoming?

Posted Nightmonkey on 08 May 2013 - 10:14 PM

Look at this army of mages in here defending what is quite obviously one of the strongest classes in the game.

This thread is a joke, mages need nerfs and you assholes are asking for shit like undispellable frost bomb?

And Garrote is worse than Deep Freeze?  What game are you playing?  You don't take 400% increased damage from the rogue during a garrote.

The bottom line is that no class/spec should be able to kill anyone 100-0 in one or two short cooldown CC's.  Nobody should be doing 400k damage in a single stun.  Period.  Nobody cares that you can be peeled, because everyone can - that is not unique to mages.  What is unique to mages is their ability to annihilate a target of their choice every 30 seconds.  If they're going to do such retarded damage, it needs to be on a longer cooldown so that defensives are ready for the next one.

Seriously get this "L2P mages are fine" garbage out of here.  Mages have some of the best burst, exceptional defenses, exceptional mobility, exceptional control, and very strong consistent damage.  If you're not constantly peeling them off of whatever they are hitting, it usually dies - then they log on the forums and bitch about getting trained by mongo melee retards.

#3884318 SP 5.3 against melee setup

Posted Djandawg on 05 May 2013 - 04:01 AM

It's not priest vs melee. It is more like ele shaman, sp , warlock and possibly moonkin vs melee. The game is so badly designed, they balanced melee gap closers , interrupts , stuns around mage mobility. If you play a caster dps that is not a mage, it is extremely painful, you get locked down so hard and it is not fun to play and that is versus just one melee, it gets worse if the enemy shaman shocks you or hunter silencing shots you and so on. 2 melee actually there is actually no casting window, you finish the game with instants / procs.

#3877714 Reminiscing 5.1 - "Warriors vs. Rogues - Patch 5.1 vs. 5.2" (Video)

Posted Vexxius on 19 April 2013 - 01:51 PM

DISCLAIMER: In all truth, Warriors are certainly viable. I made this video just for fun, and I thought my fellow Warriors might find the content of this video comical.

(skip to 1:26 to bypass the Patch 5.1 crit montage)

Looking back to last season, Warriors were truly ridiculous in every regard. It's time to let Rogues shine for a bit.

Also, while we're at it, I recently uploaded a bunch of Warrior PoV matches at high ratings from S13, so feel free to take a peek.

Hope you enjoy.

#3873798 The sad, sad state of warriors

Posted hoodrych on 11 April 2013 - 07:10 AM

pretty much agree with all of this, nice post. obviously warriors were stupid at the beginning of MOP with gag order and swifty one shot, but now that all of that has been toned down you can really see the age of the class.

spell reflect and shield block that actually reduced melee damage are my two biggest gripes. warriors are so weak against casters inherently and a lot of that is spell reflect. no one ever complained about 10s spell reflect in arena, when the nerf happened people were scratching their heads. it's a well designed ability, you actually lose all your damage, have to manually switch 1h/shield and either get the spell you wanted or it could get eaten by a moonfire, but at least you had the option every 10s, and there was a penalty. now if spell reflect is used you pray to have leap or prepare to get blasted for 25 seconds.

i've hated colossus smash since the beginning, it adds so much more clunkiness to our rotation and makes bursting a joke. a lot of our play style is clunky now too, which just makes it not very fun to play (been that way for a while). won't even comment on shield wall since you covered that nicely. dying to physical damage faster then cloth is old, thats my second biggest gripe, armor pen or melee abilities that ignore armor just crush through warriors like nothing. it's a sad state when I die faster to a cleave then my warlock does, so much for armor.

ive played this shit forever and it's really awful to just not even want to play, i logged in to cap today and just got bored and didn't even bother, it's just not even fun because of zero utility and being forced to play a 3min slam machine, literally chaning a couple 90k slams every 3 minutes is our only saving grace.

lastly, i've never really played an alt seriously but ww monk is amazing. i know they aren't super well represented and our weak vs some stuff but so much more enjoyable then warriors. so similar to warriors in a lot of ways.. playing a class that has actual modernized cooldowns has really opened my eyes to how ancient warrior abilities are. perma mini colossus smash, baseline imp hamstring, more mobility, more useful defenses. idk...

#3870723 Shadow Priests nerfed

Posted Skizzlol on 03 April 2013 - 11:15 PM

Yeah braindeadly you're a fucking tool. Hunters are hands down the best class in the game, with shadow priests a close second. If you just look at all the different things a hunter can do instantly, its absurd and I really dont know how they haven't been nerfed yet.

A hunter can single handily shut down any opener against any team...every single time.

Hunters get 3 trinkets. Just absorb that for a minute. 3 trinkets in a game where you die every time you are stunned against a good team.
They gave hunters the best prep in the game on a 3 minute cooldown and its useable for any spec...
Your pets hit harder than most players do.
Pet sack makes anyone on your team unkillable.

Hunters have an answer for every single situation and they can do incredible damage at the same time. Joke of a class. Cant wait until they nerf the shit out of that mongo retard class.

And if you were good at the game, you would just run up to anyone trying to eat a trap, disengage for web, scatter trap healer, then proceed to rape the webbed target because its basically an 8 second stun that doesnt break and isnt disepellable.

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