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Stand Up Against "DDOSers"! June 8th

06 June 2014 - 01:49 AM

As you all know, the introduction of "DDOSing" into this game has created a vile posion that has spread to all aspects of the PvP scene. This form of cheating has forced many members of the World of Warcraft community into hiding behind web browser and skype proxies in order to mask their actual IP addresses. Many of you have even been forced to put your hard-earned money towards investing in a proxy service in order to ensure your security vs these DDOS attacks.

I come to you today as a revolutionist. For too long have we been constrained to hide behind a proxy when interacting with our online friends. For too long we have endured threats from these spineless villains. I ask you all - friends, acquaintances, strangers - to band together with me against the scum of this community on June the 8th. On this date, I plan to stand up to these DDOsers once and for all and show them that we are not scared of their threats and attacks by turning my skype proxy off. I hope that you fellow brothers band together with me and turn your proxies off too. We need to stand up against these DDOSers once and for all before this vile infection spreads further within our beloved community.