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In Topic: Rest in Peace AJOT

17 October 2017 - 11:48 AM

their eSport


Haven't you heard the news? Now they have Mythic Dungeons Invitationals as their "eSport".

Inb4 they are done with arena tournaments after this expansion, and they focus on MDIs with huge money prizes.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

07 September 2017 - 04:46 AM

What percentage of people do you think arena with actual everyday teammates? Well everyone who doesn't have a set team will jump into soloq and stay there, no reason to get a team that's going to play with you for 5 games then leave if you can just spam solo q.

And why is this a problem? Atleast the participation will be 5 times higher. And I think a big percentage will search for actual teammates, because they will have a big advantage queueing vs soloqueue people. Atleast they will find teammate so much easier because they already played with them on soloque.

Find it fucking hilarious how people come up with the idea "WELL WE CAN SOLO Q THEN IF WE FIND PEOPLE WE LIKE THEN WE CAN JUMP INTO 3v3". Haha you think solo q is going to single handedly change how the community treats arena? If you find people in solo you want to q with they are going to be MORE inclined to leave after that first loss like a twat now more than ever. Why would he worry about sticking with a team when solo q is right there? Normally the only thing holding them back from leaving so soon was the fact that they don't want to be stuck in lfg. Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you? If they are 1900 in solo q why the fuck are they going to want to start fighting premades at 0 rating.

Are you high? How can you say this? This is the definition of delusion. You are queueing with toxic people at any mmr in any game, you will always meet toxic people, get over it. Atleast toxic people that are also very bad at the game will stay at 1500 mmr, and the toxic people that are atleast good at the game will get to high mmr. Atleast with soloqueue you will have that "Queue again with the same team" button that you can press after each arena ends, and if you find a team that keeps pressing the button after some looses you will know they are not that toxic.

Anw the point of this post, and any post like this, is to find ideas to resurrect Wow PvP, if you think some rewards can do this then I have no reason to keep trying to reason with you. Maybe I cannot see the future to be 100% sure that soloqueue will help the game, but what I know for sure is that only a really big change can have a chance to do that. At this point the participation can not get much lower, I just want to take my chances with soloqueue and if that is the end so be it.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

06 September 2017 - 09:03 PM

some nice community in lfg :)
also http://www.arenastat.tk/ guy was never above 2.4 was just bored so i decided to check him out

This you fucking retard is exactly the reason we want soloqueue. Because unless you are in the rank 1 community where every rank 1 player has each other add on battlenet and they find queue partners instantly, unless you are in that community, you have to face this fucking shit you just linked every single fucking day for about 1 hour each day just to play the fucking game.

I work 8 hours a day on a job I love, i sometimes meet my friends, and I usually spend 2-3 hours on wow, why the fuck would I want to queuue arena if I have to get trolled for 1 hour in LFG before I start playing? I believe most people that play Wow anymore are around the ages of 20-30 with a daily routine really close to the one I just mentioned. (Unless ofc you have spend all your school years on geting gladiator in wow and now you work 4 hours at Mcdonalds or trying to be a full time streamer)

Gain a fucking braincell and realise that unless you are in that community with the 100-200 rank 1 people that have each other add on battlenet you have to spend more time getting trolled in LFG than actually palying arena.

If you go around and ask the people with 1800-2500 rating why they dont play arena that often, 90% of them will tell you that the main reason is because its so fucking hard to find partners.

As a lot of people mentioned in this post, soloqueu people will have no chance on reaching glad leavels. Soloqueue will help them instantly queueing around 2000-2400 mmr and give them a grater chance to find real partners if they wish to push for more rating.

You already have class balance issues, you always did, and you always will.

The only way to ressurect PvP at this point is if you make a really big change, like soloqueue, if you think class balancing or rewards can save PvP at this point then you are delusional.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

04 September 2017 - 11:04 AM

Surely what you're really saying is you want an easier time to find partners.


Could just allow the queue system to filter via:

Max rating

Achievements, e.g. 2k last season, 2k this expansion, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, duelist,glad etc.


No man, what I want is very simple, you can find it in LoL, Dota, Overwatch, CS go, Hearthstone. I want to press one button that will queue me together and vs people of my skill level automatically. I want to avoid boosted achievements or 10 year old achievements.


Surely the developers have to work for it, either add a mandatory filter option, or something like Tosan mention about banning OP combinations from the search system, or maybe something else. Also adding some kind of voice coms, and the queue again button, and maybe something else that can help, idk... there are a lot of ideas mentioned.


My point here is why I want this, and I am saying it for the millionth time, I want to press one button that will do the search for me and find me partners of my current skill level automatically, like in every other PvP game. Why is this so hard for some people to understand, I don't get it :(

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

04 September 2017 - 10:27 AM

Honestly, i dont think solo queue would do anything to the game atm. If people dont want to play a shit game with premades, they wont do it with solo queue. Can you just imagine a new player trying to heal through Feral/Ret/FrostDK/etc dmg? He'll try max 5 games, get shit on every time and never queue arena aver again.

Atleast he will not have to search for teamates for hours in order he get shit on later. With soloqueue he will just press 1 button and start playing the game, and maybe with this way he will have patience to play more than 5 games.

Atleast for me, the main reason I don't find the motivation to queue arena that often these days is not because I don't like the game, is because I don't have the patience to search 30 mins for partners in LFG so that someone rage quits after the first lost and i have to start searching in LFG all over again.

I want to press one button that will automatically do the search for me, like in every other PvP game.