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Why Multi/Crit/Haste is the best for WW

01 December 2014 - 09:58 AM

So, I had some free time at work today and decided to give some thought on the WW secondary stat options because I was doubting the Multistrike/Crit/Haste build and I was hoping that Haste/Crit/Multistrike will be best. But now I am 100% sure Multistrike/Crit/Haste is the way to go (atleast for the Chi Brew/Xuen/Serenity spec).

First lets look at what percentages we get from each secondary stat:
(the numbers below were taken in game by equipping items with that stat, which means stat modifiers like [Battle Trance:You gain 5% more of the Multistrike stat from all sources] are taken into consideration)

101 points of Multistrike = +1.61% chance on doing 30% more damage on 1 attack in PvP.
101 points of Crit = +0.92% chance on doing 50% more damage on 1 attack in PvP.
101 points of Haste = 1.01% Haste = 0.1 Energy Regen per Second + 0.03 Attack Speed - 0.04 Seconds on Fist of Furry channel time.

(Versatility sucks imo because you can't get large amounts of it. From an item with 145 versatility u get 1.11% more dmg + 0.56% less dmg taken. It might be worth gearing if you can get it up to about 15%-20% Versatility, but I am not even sure if thats even possible. If someone knows what is the max Versatility percentage you can get from Ashran + Vendor gear please feel free to inform us.)

       Ok, so what got me confused at the start was that, i could not understand why would anyone think that Multistrike is better than Crit. If someone told me for example, "I will give you a 25% chance to do 50% more damage, or 25% chance to do 30% more damage, which would you choose?" I would of course choose the 50%, which is Crit.

However, if some one asked me what secondary stat would you gear for? I would have said Multistrike.
       If you look at the percentages per stat value above, on how much chance for proc you get from Crit and Multistrike you will see that Multistrike procs 1.75 times more often for the same stat amount (+101 Crit or Multistrike), while Crit does 1.66 times more damage per proc (50% for crit or 30% for multi).
       Therefore, just from those numbers Multistrike does indeed more damge per item you gear.

However, Multistrike gets even better! Multistrike procs can crit independently from the attack that created them! In other words, if you Rising Sun Kick for 1000, in can multistrike for another 300 damage, and that 300 multistrike damage can become a 450 multisrtike instead (50% crit). Therefore, Crit and Multistrike work perfectly together!

You can even do a Rising Sun Kick which would normally do 1000 damage, but instead it crits for 1500 (50% crit), which leads to a 450 multistrike (30% multi), but that 450 multistrike can instead be a 675 crit multistrike(50% crit). And your normal 1000 Rising Sun Kick becomes a 2175 hit instead (1500+675)! (even better than the old crit chance of +100%) May the RNG gods be with you!

Now I finally get it why they implemented Multistrike in game, it is actually a really fun stat when combined with crit!

In conclusion:
Multistrike and Crit work perfectly together, the one improves the other and when you multistrike a crit hit, and then you crit that multistrike again, it can become even better than the old crit!
Haste, sounds like a really strong stat since in can improve Energy Regen, Attack Speed, and Fist of Furry channel time. However the amount of Energy Regen, Attack Speed, and Fist of Furry channel time you get for each item you gear is almost unnoticeable, and I am really sad for this because really like haste! But imo, even the small amounts of improvements that haste give you are more important that versatility. I haven't mentioned Mastery because you are already forced to get enough of it when buying items for the Multistrike/Crit/Haste build.

(Haste might be better than multi/crit if you go Ascension/RJW/Chi Explosion, but I have not given any thought in it because I hate Chi Explosion and I hope it does not end up being better. However, I do like haste, and I hope in the future they increase the amount of Energy Regen, Attack Speed, and faster Channel Time it provides so I can go haste/multi/crit!)

Blizzard plssss #buffHurricaneStrike