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#4563795 Script/addon help

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on a completely unrelated note...

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#4296171 [Guide] Moonkin Warlords Season 3 updated

Posted Siuox on 12 December 2014 - 08:28 PM

So here we are again. I'm trying to explain my point of view of the current moonkin state.
I'm talking a lot with other fellow moonkin players to figure out what might be the best or just checking their arsenal profile.

These are:

In general just visit http://eu.battle.net...eaderboards/3v3 and filter moonkins.

At the end I really wouldn't consider this as a guide - it's more a gathering of informations.
If you are new to moonkin and want to know basic stuff make sure to check out this guys guide on the wow forums http://us.battle.net...c/14731003143#1 It's awesome.

I. Talentbuilds

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Displacer Beast: Using it in every game atm. A lot of mobility from other classes got taken away in WOD (e.g. double dk grip). It's nice for blinking behind pillars or getting away from enemies.

Wild Charge: This talent can also be pretty good.
You can jump upon the bridge in blade's edge against meeles. "The problem" is you need a lot of hotkeys for it. When I used it I had four buttons for it. (Charge @ Party 1 and 2, Charge @ Mushroom, Charge @ mouseover).
It is also pretty annoying that you have to shapeshift if you don't only want to use the moonkin disengage.

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Ysera's Gift vs. Cenarion Ward: Just specc Yseras all the time. Most of the times you wouldn't be able to get your Cenarion Ward casted anyway.

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I specced Faerie Swarm in every game so far. It's a must against rogues.

Typhoon: Good on Blade's Edge. Tell your Healer to stand close to the edge and knock e.g. meeles off the bridge. A problem is the 15yard range. It's not easy to stand at the right place to actually knock people. I rarely specc it. * In Season 3 I specc typhoon against WW monks to interrupt their fists of fury.

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Treants vs. Incarnation vs. SotF:
*Speccing Treants in 99% of the games. Sometimes Soul of the Forest but really really rarely; no pattern there.

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Roar vs. Bash: *Guess I'm the only one and currently not that successful, but I specc Roar against mages to stop deep/sheeps. In a lot of games there is also a rogue, so you can roar them during cloak of shadows. You also destroy Rogue/Mage/X openers cause most mages will trinket the roar and you can root beam them. Your healer doesn't have too use anything during their opener in most of the games.

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Why no Heart of the Wild? It was pretty solid in MOP. Your rejuvenation healed a percentage of its overall heal when you first applied it to someone. The initial heal is gone in WOD so you are not able to spam rejuvenation to heal e.g. your healer. You have to hardcast Healing Touch which simply takes too much time. Heart of the Wild also no longer provides % Intellect.

That's why Nature's Vigil is the talent of your choice. It really heals a lot during your offensive cooldowns and is a great support for your healer. The cooldown is really low that guarantees constant uptime.

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Euphoria vs. Balance of Power: *You always want to specc Euphoria for faster casts and a faster eclipse bar to get more dots off.

II. Glyphs

Posted Image
Major Glyphs: You can do nothing wrong with those Major Glyphs, but there are also quite good situational Major Glyphs. I don't see the value of the barkskin glyph. if you survive e.g. rogue mage goes it won't be because of your barkskin glyph more that you were able to kite/your healer got a heal off or something else. Most of the time I use the Challenging Roar Glyph.

Glyph of Moonwarding: Removes Moonkin Form's armor bonus and grants 10% maximum health. I would replace Glyph of Cyclone for it.
You can sse this glyph against caster cleaves (e.g. godcomp/lsd). *Prefering it over barkskin glyph.

Glyph of Stampeding Roar: I sometimes use it against meele cleaves (turbo/tsg/ebola etc.) to support my healer. Removing barkskin glyph for it in most of the games.

III. How to Gear

StatPrio: Mastery>Versatility=Haste>Crit>Multistrike.

Why Crit over Multistrike? Both stats are halved in pvp. So you have crap vs crap. But crit also grants you starsurge proccs. That's the reason why you should take crit over multistrike in my opinion.

You can also equip the versa offset shoulders and the set legs. there wont be any noticable difference.

The legendary ring and the pve ring from the auction house are BIS. IMO the necklace, too.

Posted Image

Ring: http://www.wowhead.c...-ring&bonus=618 you can reroll the stats with http://www.wowhead.c...e-recrystalizer

Neck: http://www.wowhead.c...ndant&bonus=618 you can reroll the stats with http://www.wowhead.c...e-recrystalizer

IV. What comps might work well? (sorted by viablity)

rogue disc/restodruid moonkin
mage paladin moonkin / warlock shaman moonkin

V. Damage Spells

It's hard to give any tips by just writing. I really recommend to watch streams and look carefully what other moonkins are doing when and how there positioning is. That's what mirror neurons were made for :D
Also ask yourself if your comp needs aoe pressure or single target + fair amount of cc.

Starsurge vs. Starfall: Starfall is useless I never press it.

Dots: You have a 5% chance to gain a starsurge/starfall procc on your most recent dot and a 10% chance if it was critical.

Wrath/Starfire: Try to cast them during the right eclipse: Starfire in Lunar and Wrath in Solar. You'll also profit from the 20% castspeed bonus the lvl 100 talent "Euphoria" provides. Sometimes you are not able to get a Starfire off during Lunar and you have to cast Wrath instead. Try to cast as much as possible because starfire really hurts.

Empowered Moonkin (Passive): Single Target attacks have a 15% chance to make your next Wrath/Starfire instant.
Use your instant proccs for warths and starfires, depending on your current eclipse state.

For players who are new to moonkin: There's an awesome guide on the US WOW Forums. He explains how the eclipse mechanics work etc. etc.

VI. What to do as a Moonkin in arena

I only play Warlock + Moonkin + Restoshaman. These advices might not be appropriate for other comps.

In General:

- Don't try to heal all the time! Your Nature's Vigil and Ysera's Gift heal enough. Put Rejuvenation on you/your teammates if it is really needed (also use rejuvenation against purge heavy comps to protect e.g. auren mastery of your shaman). I "never" use Healing Touch. Use Clone/Roots instead.

- CC enemies who are using their cooldowns or just run away.

- Put your/your warlock's dots on the enemie healer if your CCs are currently DRed and try to pressure them.

- Always rebuff Mark of the Wild! I got an addon called "Tell me when" that lets me know when MotW is dispelled from one of my teammates. Also protect e.g. Discipline Shields by putting reju an your healer / teammate / you if he gets tunneled and keep rebuffing! Really important!

- Don't let healers reg mana! Use Displacer Beast or Hurricane to stop them.

- In WOD it's very important to counter healer during their cast. Root Beam alomst breaks from the treant's wrath if you specc it. There are also a lot of freedoms/silence DRs/stoneform in the game that make the normal beam root almost useless. Therefore always try to counter them during their cast!

- Faerie Swarm people to slow them. Slows only have a 8 seconds duration in pvp, so you have to refresh faerie swarm if you want the slow again. Sometimes I'll just spam faerie swarm against ferals / burst of speed rogues and kite them forever -> Travel Form + Faerie + Fearie + Fearie; if the rogue/feral connects -> displacer away and repeat.

- If you want to win mindgames do some stupid shit like spam cloning warlocks even though they are already cloned. Most of them get mad and might play a bit worse because of their LOL WHAT A NOOB rage.

against mages:

- always prio their pet. it's even worth to kill it with starsurges
- if you are specced into bash, bash them after the mage has used blink
- try to stand close to your partners if the mages uses prismatic crystal (damage is spread between targets)
- displacer/run away from the crysal asap if you are the target of choice
- keep rebuffing because they spellsteal the shit out of you
- stop their deep/sheep attemps with clones / roar/bash

against warlocks:

- put dots on their pet (if they have one)
- clone them during their dark soul
- save your solar beam for demon bolts or haunts if your team is under pressure
- only interrupt destruction warlocks on shadow casts because Chaos Bolt is on the shadow spellschool (I guess, it is useless to interrupt fire at least)

against hunters:

- clone their pets before you root beam their healer so they cant use master's call
- if you are near your healer and the hunter wants to trap him use ur treants to maybe get the trap instead
- good kill targets

against warriors:

- root them with your treant's root if it's not on dr
- watch out for spell reflect

against deathknights:

- put dots on their pet
- try to only use displacer beast when they used grip or when you can LOS them by using blink
- root them with your treants if it's not on dr
- just DPS through ams, doesn't absorb that much especially not during your cooldowns

against rogues:

- always put faerie swarm on them
- root them with your treants if it's not on dr
- try to kill them. cloak has 1.5 min cooldown in 6.2 so it's fairly easy to kill them during that timeframe
- you can roar them during cloak of shadows
- always good to save displacer until they have used shadow step.

against shamans:

- kill all healing streams and other healing totems. they still heal for ~30% of the shamans total healing output. in WOD you can actually kill them quite fast as a moonkin
- pretty annoying healers to face, because they dispel your/your warlocks dots on cooldown
- try to keep your dots up on them, too

against druids:

- restodruids are pretty good targets to swap on with a bash and starsurges
- if the feral plays together with another meele and one of them already used interrupt on your healer, clone the meele whos interrupt is still ready (same advice for other meele cleaves) so you healer can free cast

against paladin:

- holy paladins are also good targets to swap on especially if their divine protection is on cooldown
- I kill them in turbo cleaves
- instantly cc ret paladins during their wings -> bash into clone
- you have to LOS ret paladins, it won't be enough to just displacer away from them. hug pillar until wings are gone

against monks:

- you can kill mistweaver monks in WOD since their "after stun immunity" is gone. as always: bash and starsurges needed
- clone touch of karma
- root them with your treant's root if it's not on dr
- knock their first of fury

against priest:

- Faerie Fire all the priests: they won't be able to fear that easily + can't use spectral guise
- kill light wells (Kappa)
- swaps on discs are kind of useless, because they get 30% less damage. But you should still put dots on them.

VII. Macros

if you want focus macros replace [@arena3] with [@focus]

Arena 123 (cyclone)

/cast [@arena3] Cyclone

Arena 123 (solarbeam root)

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/castsequence [@arena3] reset=2 Force of Nature, Solarbeam
/cast [@arena3] Solar Beam; Solar Beam

Dispel for you / your teammates

/cast [@“YourDPSMate“] Remove Corruption

/cast [@“YourHealerMate“] Remove Corruption

Macro for rebuffing MOTW (doesn't require LOS)

/cast [@Player] Mark of the Wild

Roar Cancelaura Macro

/cancelaura Displacer Beast
/cast Stampeding Roar

Celestial Allignment + Instant Moonfire

#showtooltip Celestial Allignment
/cast Celestial Allignment
/cast Berserking
/cast Moonfire

It will instantly apply dots on your target because its off global cooldown.

VIII. Streams


IX. RBG Guide


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